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  1. Behave!! Who said this was a Polish food shop anyway?
  2. This makes a nice change, very creative of you Colin and although it is still a little early for me it looks very festive indeed
  3. I hope there is another river crossing included...
  4. Fair play to the BCC they always have something going on and always have wonderful Christmas events for the kiddies
  5. Mick

    Tram Talk

    I do not agree ragwort, in fact we should step up the pressure to make these things happen! Never had you down as a defeatest.
  6. Mick

    Tram Talk

    I do not believe the council will found this good idea either but private funding may be the way forward.
  7. Mick

    Tram Talk

    Where are these comments Denise? I cannot see them on the topic put up this week, so a these comments from the original discussion last year?
  8. Why didn't they collect the grass? Those piles will stink in a month
  9. Well done Tracy and Colin, this area has not been cut for a few years by the colour of that grass or is it straw?
  10. No need for the traffic light and cones by the oval yesterday at all then! What a cockup
  11. TWG, I am not having a pop at you but the council cannot seem to win, when applications for houses are submitted people moan. When a garage on a site that was going to have a block of flats built on it people still moan.
  12. I have just walked home at 6.30pm and there is nobody working on these roadworks at all now. Why don't they have 2 shifts and get this job done sooner rather than later.
  13. Completely off topic. I see Angela Merkel has changed her tune here, a bit late now though I feel.
  14. This is interesting, any update?
  15. Yes it will most definitely get worse, particularly in Germany I feel.
  16. I tend to agree with Alex last statement, this is more about the people that have been allowed to enter Europe. (As for Blair and Bush were acting upon the advice and intelligence that they had received at the time, easy to criticise after the event I guess when no WMD were found, it would be a different had they of found WMD's, to be honest Saddam Hussein was a loose canon anyway, so it would only of been a matter of time, the dictator needed removing and the same with Gaddafi imo. This is for another topic though).
  17. Lessons need to be learned here Angela even though it is too late.
  18. Omg how lucky was this lady to have such a good neighbour, well done to that man he deserves recognition.
  19. I only just noticed this yesterday. That tree has been there for as long as I can remember a shame to see it gone but little choice by the seem of it.
  20. Than he should do the right thing and move aside, he has not been popular since day one
  21. I agree, I have read the comments on the HT website, clearly either Mr Davies or a close friend trying to defend him, unbelievable it really is. The judge should of made an example of these people instead he has basically given the green light to others to do the same.
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