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  1. I have not posted in here for a while as people are in cloud cuckoo land and that is being polite. @mick, 20p may not seem a lot, but since the price of bus fares are over the top in the first place it adds up. going from town to the College Green is £2.30 and going the other way whiich I don't, is now a tour to Bobblestock, due to the councils over priced road to nowhere, since traffic now have to turn left out of barrs court road. Our bus service is overpriced and unreliable, because Yeomans miss out busses if they are late due to the fact that our council seems to love traffic lights
  2. £22k was spent on this already, so where did the money go? Yep, that money could have been used for something that makes sense.
  3. But you also see how many bins and containers people have in some of these counties. i have heard of places that have four bins or more and nowhere to put them. do we really want that here? At least now you have a choice. If the council did a subscription service like Biffa, i am pretty sure that would be the only option. i prefer buying the bags as i do not need to use them every week and a couple of rolls of bags will last me the summer.
  4. since i do not have a green bin or recycling bags, it makes no difference to me.
  5. I noticed it says on that note, not at property boundary, So they have to go to where the bin is to put the notice on and yet they will not take the bin to empty. i remember years ago they used to pick a bin up from around the back of the property, now they complain if it is a couple of feet from where it should be. Gets worse, we pay more each year and get less for it.
  6. I pay my monthly, I got rid of the credit meters a few months after i moved in, too much hassle, but i can understand why some people think they are better even if you are paying more for using them. i must admit the smart meters came in useful last week, clearing out my Dads bungalow and we could not get into the electric meter, I never realised he had smart meters until I looked at the bill and it made it easier to close the account down. The problem is that even if people refuse to have them, they are still going to pay for them in the long run as our bills go up to pay for these
  7. With it now working maybe the council will stop bugging me about getting a green bin, they can chuck all my rubbish into the incinerator.
  8. Sure smart meters in the UK may one day be able to do what you linked to, but as yet they do not, they are just simple things that send the meter reading to the energy provider every now and again and even then you have control over that and only allow them access once a month. The ssart meters that are available at the moment are pretty dumb and they are not final anyway as some time in the future they will have to be changed again as the government have not even sorted out a standard yet. That shows how naff it all is and as normal in this country the whole process have been done badly.
  9. There are mini trees growing out of the side of the College Bridge, and on the sides of the roads, it is a disgrace. I wonder how long it will be before we see weeds growing on the road to nowhere?
  10. And people said i was negative about Hereford.
  11. He is not wrong to be honest, I have no idea what they are using in France but the so called smart meters that are being used in the UK are not that smart at all, they are pretty basic and just send back to the provider how much energy you are using, either gas or electric. They can not really tell what is using that energy. Ok in theory if all of a sudden they get a very large spike in electric they could guess you are having a shower, but then you may have turned on the washing machine, a kettle, an electric cooker and a toaster on at the same time. so the only info they are really going
  12. Maylord is awful not all Maylords fault, but with Argos gone, there is even less reason for me to go there, the pound shop and Wilkos are really all that is left in Maylords. TBH, I now do more of my shopping online apart from food, get it from amazon, and it is delivered even to Morrisons or my post office, cheaper as well.
  13. Grow up, people have the right to have their say and if you do not agree with so what? I do not agree with what you say, but I do not go and throw my toys out of the pram, you sure you are not part of our council as they seem to do that when they can not get their way. Accept it, Hereford is awful, roads falling apart, pavements with holes in so big that when it rains you get huge puddles, a stnech from Sun valley, #~Traffic jams that puts fumes into the air that people like myself have to breath when we walk around. A town centre that is falling apart, with few shops worth bother
  14. nah, only if you agree with other people on here, if you do not agree you are in the wrong. you have to love Hereford, you have to be positive about Hereford, you have to say how great it is. Not saying it is a mouthpiece for trolls, but i do not think it is a place where they like you having your say.
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