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  1. Hereford Times would enjoy this story. Independent Veterans eh Glen!!
  2. Nothing to shout about. I'm sure the likes of Mr Bramer and Mr Price etc. will all now be inter-elected to some brand new appointed position. Folk like them don't go quietly!
  3. Be interested to see what the farm holds!!
  4. Maybe we could get Ade Goodchild onboard. I'm sure he could spare £2m (he's made that in interest already!) To kick start it off. At least it would be Fully funded and named in his honour, as a little contribution to his adopted city. Just convincing the council first and gaining application. Hypothetically, should Mr Goodchild agree, under no circumstances would we the consortium, let slip to the council that cash is available!! I think you may be surprised how many people would actually use it. For the record Mr Chapell, it wouldn't be a money maker, it has never intended to be; merely self sufficient, efficient and affordable for the people, not to line our pockets like yourselves. With the new technology of EV it would be even more viable now than previously. Mr Chapell, would you care to enlighten us on the current stats for automotive travel within the city limits now? I am led to believe that a bus from NF RTN is £4+ and most I see are empty - I can see why! I can dream.........
  5. Is there no Cons, LD or IOC standing for southside? We need some young blood in our area, not those that are retired from retirement! We need action now not words of what has been done! That's great but that was then, this is now. Someone who is not afraid to tread on toes and upset the applecart. See the community for what it is, what is required and actually live in the community but also gets around it. (Like me - but with two kids, wife, dog, full-time job, university and clubs etc I've no time to give - family comes first). Personally I believe that the majority of Herefordshire problems stem not from central government but internally at Herefordshire Council itself, the corruption, backhanders, the cloak and dagger secret meetings and failure to listen to the public. It's all about cutting spends for public useage buildings etc. and lining their own pockets instead; then when the sh@t his the fan they just walk away, no questions asked and no accountability.
  6. I'd go as far as to say Tudorian!! Hence the reason the hospital cannot be extended or built upon upwards; hence all the new plywood buildings! (Inside info)
  7. As long as your bike has 4x4 capability! You might also need search and rescue stored on the mobile, when you disappear down a pothole! No cycling provision at all. The GWW is Southside cycle provision!
  8. It does seem this way. As far as I'm aware there is no longer any intention of building a hub or anything else infact, nor is there the funds! The proposed area will become a carpark area one the council have finished with it. I do still intend to badger my new councillor until the works are completed and satisfactory; or until I receive a restraining order!! I've been extremely patient and waited long enough now the developer has cleared off and wiped their hands of us!
  9. As far as I can read it, there is no definitive answer on provision of a "community hub" on the old site office. Maybe someone could clarify. There is also no secure cycle parking anywhere! Something about a biomass boiler also??!!
  10. No but he is now VC of council coffers!! Vested interests. Where can I find full approved plans TWG?
  11. I believe both Phil Edwards and Jessie Norman are both fully aware of the ongoing situation and incomplete planned works. I haven't actually seen the full approved plans but would like to, so I can stamp my feet!!
  12. Don't get me started! There will be no 'urban gym' no community hub and no further upgrades! HH and BBLP are taking over the Keepmoat compound for materials storage for the rejuvenation of the oval block. As far as I have been informed the oval is only going to be "Faced up" to incorporate it's surroundings. No further redevelopment of lorry loading area at the rear etc. as previously outlined. I have been told that EVENTUALLY the compound area will be additional parking places. Hopefully this will also entail double yellow lines around the back of the oval also and a no left turn at the front near the chipshop. Too many times have I nearly been taken out by reckless drivers, whilst I try to exit opposite the chipshop. I very much doubt it! Too much opposition from businesses; god forbid that their customers have to walk 50yds to the shop or bookies! The window vanman and astra estate man also need some advice on parking, do they get taxis to the curb? TIMESCALE = 2025+ probably, going by previous track records.
  13. I recently placed an old metal tri- spotlight fitting in my green bin. No different from a tin can! All bulbs and wire removed just leaving the metal carcass. Subsequently it was removed and slung on my drive!
  14. I have finally had replies from the powers that be, and the pavements and road surfaces surrounding the redevelopment are going to to be resurfaced. After a long battle with Keepmoat, Engie, highways and Hereford council. Liability has been accepted and work will commence in May. Keepmoat have stated that the contractors will letter drop residential properties in the coming days. Needless to say if the work is not up to standard then I shall be persuing further with all parties. I have been without a pavement and raised drains outside my property for FOUR YEARS. This is not acceptable by any means. Keepmoat should be ashamed; but they're not; they've had their money!
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