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    Hello all, A few colleagues and I are organising a private outdoor weekend event at the end of June (hopefully) for our hospital department staff to let off some steam and relax after the terrible year we've all experienced. We are looking for unsigned and upcoming musicians, singers and bands that would be able to perform on stage and showcase their talent, close-up magicians would be a bonus too; either Friday 7pm-11pm or Saturday noon-night to accommodate. We are looking for around 15 different acts. If you would like to be involved please could you send me some details, or even a promo and enter into discussion with us. On behalf of the team, Thankyou.
  2. It is believed to have been started by an unattended campfire! Hopefully it can recover.
  3. Apparently it is a extremely hard lake to fish so I'm told, but the prize is large! Well stocked and good sizes and plentiful food supply -probably why they don't bite. Have fun.
  4. Originally penned by Mr James himself. However it has also been noted that many of Hereford Voice inceptions have been hijacked by HC and recently be re-aired. Not a bad thing but credit where it's due please.
  5. Body found in search for missing Hereford man Officers searching for missing Hereford man John Jenkins have found a body. The body was discovered in Burghill earlier this morning (Sunday). Formal identification has not yet taken place but it is believed to be that of John Jenkins, who was reported missing yesterday (Saturday). His next of kin has been informed and have requested that their privacy be respected. The death is not being treated as suspicious at this time. We would like to thank the public and the media for their help in sharing an earlier appeal. Issued: 12pm, Sunday 4 August, Laura Maltby, Corporate Communications
  6. Please share and help find Lyndon. Big into RC community. Also a friend. Thanks https://www.westmercia.police.uk/article/62770/Appeal-to-help-find-missing-man---Hereford
  7. How do we go about getting this off the ground to happen on our side of the river? JimmyK has been heavily involved with picnic in the park on his patch on the quarry with great success. Any suggestions welcome.
  8. It appears now that you need to go public and direct with these issues; ie social media with hash tags so that everyone can see them. I find Twitter is very useful. Except when they reply with a DM and you reply publicly so everyone can see too On a side note I have contacted Bblp with regards to unsafe play equipment. They said it's HC issue!! That was a week ago - it's still unsafe and in use!!


    Too many people nowadays living a champagne lifestyle on a lemonade budget. Then plead poverty when caught!


    Yesterday on my travels I noticed not one not two but three vehicles clamped and stamped by the DVLA for tax evasion - this was South Side only. One chappy looked rather miffed that his 16 plate was clamped right outside the school. Well done DVLA. This should become a weekly occurrence. I'd be more p******ed at the sticker they slap on the windscreen - damn it makes a mess!!!
  11. Hereford Times would enjoy this story. Independent Veterans eh Glen!!
  12. Nothing to shout about. I'm sure the likes of Mr Bramer and Mr Price etc. will all now be inter-elected to some brand new appointed position. Folk like them don't go quietly!
  13. Be interested to see what the farm holds!!
  14. Maybe we could get Ade Goodchild onboard. I'm sure he could spare £2m (he's made that in interest already!) To kick start it off. At least it would be Fully funded and named in his honour, as a little contribution to his adopted city. Just convincing the council first and gaining application. Hypothetically, should Mr Goodchild agree, under no circumstances would we the consortium, let slip to the council that cash is available!! I think you may be surprised how many people would actually use it. For the record Mr Chapell, it wouldn't be a money maker, it has never intended to be; merely self sufficient, efficient and affordable for the people, not to line our pockets like yourselves. With the new technology of EV it would be even more viable now than previously. Mr Chapell, would you care to enlighten us on the current stats for automotive travel within the city limits now? I am led to believe that a bus from NF RTN is £4+ and most I see are empty - I can see why! I can dream.........
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