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  1. Mick

    Morrisons car park

    Hi, Have a read at this discussion
  2. Credit where credit is due. I was in town only yesterday and noticed how brighter and cleaner it was in this passageway, huge difference for the good, well done to Hereford Bid
  3. These latest photographs are on the public highway and Balfour Beatty are the contractors responsible.
  4. This will be a very useful website
  5. We stopped to listed to the singers, good atmosphere and lots of pop up stalls
  6. I like the new layout and still having a looking at all the additional features. Thanks for keeping us in the loop during this upgrade
  7. Mick

    Bus prices

    Cant believe your moaning over 20p! Do you expect them to keep the prices the same all the time? The tram idea is probably one of the most sensible ideas I have read about in years, there are just 2 roads into the city centre from the south, massive bottle neck everyday, too many traffic lights and no bypass or additional river crossing expected anytime soon, so the train idea gives another alternative without interfering with pedestrians or cyclists in my opinion its a win win.
  8. I wonder if this is the same owners?
  9. Good morning and happy new year to you all
  10. Hi and welcome to Hereford. Which part of the city are you located? There are some really nice local pubs around the city, Saracens Head in St Martins Street is good and there are also some nice craft bars.
  11. 2 miles walk from Northolme? It is more like 3/4 of a mile at most just off the Belmont Road. It is only 2 miles from Tesco to the leisure centre. Vaga is a good pub though, good atmosphere.
  12. I only wish they would issue more of these particularly for littering and nuisance parking (on pavements)
  13. 25 years omg where did that time go? Congratulations and here is to the next 25 years
  14. Mick

    The oval rat run

    Regardless of whether this an A or B road or residential area, I have paid my road tax which entitles me to drive along these streets. I never mentioned any road works? What I did say was that THESE houses were not there a year ago. And, "if they put roundabouts back and reduced the amount of traffic lights things would run a lot smoother, this is evident when the traffic lights at Asda breakdown" and I stand by this statement.
  15. Mick

    The oval rat run

    You are now to to defuse our conversation..Yes I do think it is okay to use these roads, I pay my car tax so I am entitled to drive where I choose, that is the first thing, secondly I have used this run for years, these houses were not there a year ago and already I see complaints, when really the complaints should be aimed at the highways agency, if they put roundabouts back and reduced the amount of traffic lights things would run a lot smoother, this is evident when the traffic lights at Asda breakdown, so I support Colin and HV with their lights out campaign. It would also help if they staggered school times.
  16. Mick

    The oval rat run

    Glenda, I am not going to get into an argument with you but what I will tell you is that I use the route everyday and everyday I have absolutely no problem getting out onto the Belmont Road. I understand what you are saying is that the cars do back up into Charlton Ave but that is down to just numbers and all the building work that is going on around you, if they were not being let out onto the main road the queues would be up around Brampton Road.
  17. Mick

    The oval rat run

    You are wrong Glenda, they let me out at the Oval with very little effort and this is why local people use this rat run,it saves quite a lot of time, think about it, if it wasn't effective no-one would use it.
  18. Mick

    The oval rat run

    I agree with no speeding but what difference is not blocking your drive going to do? You cant move anyway if there is a traffic queue?
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