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  1. The expensive changes came and went. At vast expense. In Commercial Road.
  2. Update: Lone person told to remove themselves from a bench in Churchill Gardens today. No one within 100 yards of him. Churchill Gardens seems to be a focus of enforcement activity recently. This virus enforcement has gripped the imagination of the Police. What was unachievable a month ago is now the temporary 'norm'.
  3. Why is Michael Gove now 'isolating' for a few days? All of these important people should have been isolated from the very start.
  4. Boris has looked increasingly 'rough' in his isolated videos. I never saw the point in restricting NHS care to the PM from the moment he got ill. A PM should have had permanent monitoring. Due to his important status. But he may have had that. All of this is subject to 'spin' and 'secrecy' I think. Was he left to 'sweat it out' in his flat on his own? I doubt it.
  5. We've just had the grass cut twice in Churchill Gardens in just over a week. Obviously I will never complain about that.
  6. There has been some online chatter about the leaflets left on cars at Aylestone Park by the local cops. It's even made the HT. These leaflets say you 'entitled to exercise once daily'. They also say 'You should not be driving to a location away from home to carry this out'. Both of these statements are factually incorrect and I'm dumbfounded that some supervisor authorised this approach. This sort of 'inappropriate' enforcement has forced the College of Policing to rush out new guidance to the Police ~ some of whom quite clearly don't know what they're doing. The new guidance reminds the
  7. Another day ..... More random Police appeared on foot in Aylestone Park. Two together. Obviously not 2 metre's apart as they are 'invincible' from the bug in that Organisation. Probably got an eye on 'non essential' car use to take a dog for a walk. One said hello. One was ignorant. I should have asked them what they would normally be doing. I doubt it would be walking where they were! I may update tomorrow. But I might not!
  8. I'll also add that there is some noise about £30 fines for non compliance for 'social distancing'. Where will those new fine forms come from? This is enforcement that is very much 'on the hoof'.
  9. I actually saw a female Police Officer in Churchill Gardens today. Wearing a baseball cap. Obviously Police visibility is increasing as that is unknown in my area in recent times. She had no sense of urgency. She was, I assume, sent out on a 'visibility' mission.
  10. Unpersonable is my first impression. A factory. BIG. Designed to churn the patients' thru. Probably what we need. The local population has increased so capacity has to be found anywhere. It's a 'catch up' situation.
  11. I think this project stalled today because of wind. Just a guess. A similar method was used to build the cell block at Hereford Police Station over 10 years ago.
  12. I think a zero rating must mean closure until 1* has been reached. Zero must have to have a meaning. How can zero still mean it's business as usual? :shrug:
  13. That junction is a dogs dinner. The priority coming out of the railway station or from the Royal Mail side is basically a guess. The light phase is set for a collision as the green phase is simultaneous for both. There's been a major smash there already.
  14. I think Food 'Ratings' lose their meaning if a 'Zero' rating means a free pass to continue trading. You could write a book about the Jalsagor. More plot twists than a Hitchcock film.
  15. I don't want to be a damp squib but 95% of the people I've seen using these bikes are teenagers larking about. Riding about randomly on pavements. In pairs. I don't think Hereford is big enough to sustain this bike initiative. As a money making exercise. Who is the main target customer? There's a Beryl Bike Bay outside the train station. How many people are going to alight from a train and rent a bicycle? If this scheme is making money then I'm staggered. If it's a philanthropic exercise then fair enough.
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