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  1. Cambo ..... I've never voted in Euro Elections. I know they are Regional, as far as the UK is concerned. I have gone out of my way to avoid voting in that vote. If there is no Brexit Party Candidate in my voting area then I won't vote in the EU Election. But, of course, there might not be a vote ......
  2. I see Kath Hey is standing for my ward (College). She seems to be carpetbagging (loose interpretation) across town. She obviously doesn't fancy standing for Aylestone or Tupsley! Will she knock on my door? Or ring my bell? ~ that is not an innuendo by the way! She will have to make a visit to my house to even have a sniff of attracting my vote. If she visits (and I'm absent) that counts!
  3. If the EU Election takes place in the UK I will be voting for The Brexit Party Candidate. If he/she is standing.
  4. Do those two restaurants make that clear in their handout menu's?
  5. Apparently 9.6% of our local Electorate have voted to revoke article 50. If you believe the linked screen cap!
  6. It's previously been reported on this Forum that the rear structure was deemed to be unsafe.
  7. The Twitter is being bombarded with begging requests ..... Despite the winner NOT having a Twitter Account. As detailed by Wales Online .... A story oblivious to the HT!
  8. The evidence seems to suggest we have too many shops. We either have empty shops or they are turned into a barbers or charity shop. In contrast we have a housing crisis. So I'm never gonna put up too much of an argument to defend change of use planning applications in most circumstances.
  9. That newsagents (closed for some time) has a very low ceiling. It is not very fit, in it's current state, to reopen as a shop. I would sooner it was turned in to housing as opposed to it opening up as a dodgy tobacco outlet. SuperSam is next door tho so I suppose that might be why it has been vacant for ages ......
  10. The Twitter account is now 'suspended'. I would guess that it was a totally rogue account. I obviously never 'followed' or retweeted the content!
  11. EU blinked tonight and took their 'condition' off the table. However how has TM's deal changed from when it was last offered up for a vote? The Speaker is against offering up the same deal for another vote. The EU offering up a new carrot to vote for a deal does not change the deal on offer. I hope Bercow is consistent in his approach.
  12. We have the highest employment rates (no surprise as the population has increased) and the lowest unemployment rates for ages. So this knife situation is existing in a sub culture. Outside of the mainstream. We've had 3 years of 'navel gazing' over 'Brexit'. We should leave with 'No Deal'. Then get onto knife crime. Obviously we then have multiple years trying to do trade with the EU whilst trying to eliminate the Elephant in the Room. Which is the Immigration/Free Movement issue. Not to be confused with someone trying to have a two week holiday outside their own Country. Or even a 4 day break. I've just been bought return flights to the EU for April. So I have to watch all this stuff!
  13. There was a landslide in The Commons by MP's to trigger Article 50 to leave the EU. As per their Manifesto's. I'll just park that there.
  14. Half of my street never read the leaflet. They put the green bins' out today. They may be puzzled why they weren't emptied.
  15. The lottery winner seems to have opened a Twitter account in March 2019. Maybe even today or yesterday. Purporting to be offering 10 x £1M prizes via Twitter, on a random basis, for following/retweeting his prize offer. He has attracted 7605 followers ~ 15 of which I know. The account is unverified by Twitter. I don't know if the account is genuine.
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