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  1. I reported this fly-tipping to the very slow moving Council Twitter Account. The person(s) tasked with running it must be totally bored! Anyhow .... I got a reply .... It was suggested to me that I needed to report the issue. I was then given a link to the Organisation who had just replied to me! So I could report it!
  2. I spoke to Brian about Brexit as it was on my mind. Not a local issue at all. He wanted to promote the house building at Kings Acre. Which is nothing to do with the foot long grass already evident in his Ward! Neglected! Rather like the Blueschool Street budget! Luckily I have denied myself an opportunity to vote! I never do postal voting and can't make the polling station for the vote ~ I'll be on a bus returning from Gatwick Airport ~ having obviously been in Barcelona!
  3. He was very 'Political' in his exchange. Entirely pleasant. But devoid of substance. Other than his support for the pseudo 'relief' bypass which is really an access road for a shed load of houses that will clog up the City even more. My ears were virtually turned off anyway. He was back in my street last night (Wednesday). Trying to catch, I suppose, people who never answered the door last time he did his 'foray' into the small area he represents ..... I'm sure he drags himself out very reluctantly to try and get his votes'. But he is up against people who are toxic (UKIP + Labour) or unknowns. So he will cruise in again I think.
  4. I bought a vibrating c0ck ring off the internet for next to nothing. It does the job and the wife is very pleased with it! Morrison's has branched out, in a very small way, into the personal leisure area but the choices are minimal. But the condom/lube choice is ok. As purchases on my loyalty card show! Anyone can see how a specialist shop, with ludicrous rates to pay, cannot compete with other places.
  5. If something is more 'profitable' at Ernest Jones then you can guarantee that it's cheaper on the web. Unless it's an 'exclusive' unbeatable deal. People without knowledge of, or access to, the internet are dying off so these high street type jewellers are gonna continue to suffer.
  6. Had one Candidate knocking at my door so far (College Ward). Brian Wilcox. I told him he was not getting my vote under any circumstances. I think his visit was on, or about, 15.04.19. He turns up every four years in my street! I also told him that I thought he would get elected. We agreed to disagree over the topics I wanted to discuss! I mainly wanted to talk about the Tories failing to deliver Brexit (off topic) and the Blueschool Street overspend fiasco. I may very well abstain from the Local Elections myself. No independent candidate has bothered to speak to me in person. Labour is obviously a no go area for a vote because the Candidate is running under a National Leader who is a Marxist lunatic. A total Danger to the UK.
  7. Fly-tipping at Aylestone Park that has been there for a few days ...... Photo taken today ......
  8. The jeweller is a business. It's not a Charitable Organisation. So it's leaving. I've already got over it. Especially as I haven't bought anything from there for at least 20 years!
  9. Cambo ..... I've never voted in Euro Elections. I know they are Regional, as far as the UK is concerned. I have gone out of my way to avoid voting in that vote. If there is no Brexit Party Candidate in my voting area then I won't vote in the EU Election. But, of course, there might not be a vote ......
  10. I see Kath Hey is standing for my ward (College). She seems to be carpetbagging (loose interpretation) across town. She obviously doesn't fancy standing for Aylestone or Tupsley! Will she knock on my door? Or ring my bell? ~ that is not an innuendo by the way! She will have to make a visit to my house to even have a sniff of attracting my vote. If she visits (and I'm absent) that counts!
  11. If the EU Election takes place in the UK I will be voting for The Brexit Party Candidate. If he/she is standing.
  12. Do those two restaurants make that clear in their handout menu's?
  13. Apparently 9.6% of our local Electorate have voted to revoke article 50. If you believe the linked screen cap!
  14. It's previously been reported on this Forum that the rear structure was deemed to be unsafe.
  15. The Twitter is being bombarded with begging requests ..... Despite the winner NOT having a Twitter Account. As detailed by Wales Online .... A story oblivious to the HT!
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