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  1. This story caused confusion as the HT wrongly linked a photo of a nearby [unconnected] shop to their story. The booze application is for the old electrical appliance shop which is bang next door to the Asda entry road. A small number of comments got added to the story [including one from me] and one pointed out the exact picture error. There was also a hint, in a comment, that the HT could be guilty of defaming the wrongly pictured shop. The story then got edited to show a 'stock' google image of the proper premises. Subsequent to that all the comments were erased and the comment facility closed. So the 'freedom of speech', for that story on that site, is closed to anyone who has a view on the subject! Probably to minimise damage to the people responsible for the fiasco!
  2. Boris got a decent job done in London as Mayor. No other candidate has got any traction with the Tory Membership. So he will be the next PM. We all know it. I'm sure the only thing on his mind is delivering 'Brexit' before the next General Election. Corbyn is a bigger problem than Brexit in my opinion. An Iranian apologist. Marxist. His deputy condones civil unrest. Insurrection
  3. There were no major gaffes or major winners in the bbc debate tonight. Which I watched. Rory came out with his tired pragmatic approach of fronting up the TM deal for a 4th go. I really think he should defect to the Lib Dems as he's not a last resort 'no deal' man. Boris was singled out for his 'letterbox' comments about Muslim female attire which would not, I imagine, cause any Tory Members' to rip up their support for him. The remaining campaign, I suggest, for four of them, is just a race to get into the final two so as to lose to Boris in the Member vote. I seriously doubt that Rory Stewart would get a seat in a Boris Govt. Anyway ..... One more to be knocked out tomorrow. Tactical voting is now fully in play. Those votes include the 30 from the Dominic Raab camp. Those are 'hard' brexit votes. They can easily be used to wipe out Rory Stewart.
  4. You are 'out of touch' with reality. That court case never got off the ground. Anyone could see that!
  5. So ignore the f8ck off sized supermarket car park 10 yards' away! Or Lidl? Just Political speak again. Ignoring reality!
  6. Have you got the percentage of the British Population [to hand] who voted for Corbyn to be the next Prime Minister? I'm obviously referring to the Leadership Election he won. People need to recognise the difference between Party Leadership Elections and General Elections.
  7. A bit of a luxury with the housing squeeze. Especially if it's quite a relatively large garden.
  8. They loved them as it was a roof and what they were used to. The structures were past there sell buy date. I don't know the age of the residents' but if they are old they probably don't need disruption.
  9. Who is the least worst Candidate standing for South Hereford in the next General Election? Too early to say. The Election may be called earlier as well. I agree with the FPTP electoral system but it is heavily skewed against Candidates without cash.
  10. I use this shop virtually every day. The car parking is an ANPR camera system. Third party operator. I have never bought a ticket in that supermarket car park. Only had one penalty ticket which alleged I had parked overnight. I got let off as I was innocent. The store is getting serious parking abuse from casual parkers' tho. It's bound to increase with the student accommodation being built on the old Rockfield site opposite.
  11. Go to customer services. I got a fine through the post alleging I had parked there overnight! It got binned in 3 seconds!
  12. 'So the next British Prime Minister will be elected by just under 2% of the population.' ~ The method for selecting the Tory Leader is up to the Tory Party. I'm not a Member so I don't have a vote. If people don't want a Tory Prime Minister then don't vote Tory in 2022.
  13. I will add that every excuse in the book has been used to thwart Brexit. The Remainers are dredging up that we never voted to be 'poorer'. We voted in ignorance of the consequences ..... (insert: we were too stupid). It's been 2 or 3 years of Political manipulation to reverse a result the Establishment doesn't want! Vote Brexit!
  14. I'm voting for the Brexit Candidate.
  15. I'm very happy with FPTP. You get a most popular winner in an area. We had a vote on this recently. We decided to retain FPTP.
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