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  1. Roger


    Everyone recognises 'Art' with some thought behind it. A lazy teenage type 'tag' is just vandalism. There is a difference. Widely accepted in Society.
  2. A Western route, to facilitate a massive housing estate at Kings Acre, would just cause chaos on Whitecross Road. It would also cause a massive Carbon footprint in that area.
  3. What the topic start post underplays, or never mentions, is the established Pedicargo influence/oversight here. Start post also failed to mention that the Council have a 'dedicated and committed team' all over this bike stuff.
  4. I saw one of these bikes parked up [unattended] at the junction of Folly Lane/Church Rd/Mount Crescent today. Several also in a marked bay near the cheap tobacco shop on Commercial Road. Only time will tell if this initiative will prove to be successful. My own personal guess is that it will be a system that will not work in Hereford. Because of misuse. Or theft. Or bikes ending up in the river. How much time is there to investigate a bike theft these days? Probably not much. Punishment for a bike theft is also zero for someone who doesn't care about his/her/LGBQT actions. Whoever is operating this bike scheme will have to manage the scheme/losses themselves. Rather like shops. Who now have de facto security all over. As Police have fallen short in various areas. Not entirely their fault. Obviously.
  5. The car park is always chocca in the daytime. Tumbleweed in the shop aisles tho. The car park is definitely abused. It can only get worse with the 178 bed student block being built opposite. With zero parking space for any of those people.
  6. Is anyone else bemused by the ongoing refurbishment of this store [Hereford]? Centre aisle removed ~ that ran horizontal to the shop frontage. Kiosk reconfigured to end up at a right angle to the shop frontage. They may have maximised some more selling space. But the shopping experience is through the floor. A total fail in my opinion.
  7. I agree. The Council do try and engage with a 'direct message'. But engagement Publicly on Twitter is better.
  8. I think the existing 'reward' for info is £10k. Up the reward. £10k is a derisory amount compared to wages spent investigating. The Police may know the identity of the killer but are short on evidence. Who knows?
  9. Keep digging ..... I expanded the debate. To demonstrate a wider issue. Environmental issues are widespread in the City Estates. The grip has been lost (by the Council) on necessary environmental housekeeping.
  10. Obviously you are trying to make a cheap 'forum' and pedantic point. The 'ongoing' grass problem is widespread. Not confined to an area represented by a certain Councillor. You knew what I was saying and tried to be clever. You need to get a grip. I will add, as you need it spelled out, that I contacted Kath Hey about problems 10 feet from my back gate. Problems connected 100% with the sentiment of the topic title above. The #1 post. No reply from a Councillor after a month has passed is 'failure' in my book.
  11. Why are important documents being published by The Council that are unclear or wrong? Or that miss facts out? The same happens at the HT. No 'proof reading'. Clearly people are making mistakes. Where is the supervision or accountability? These errors are 'public'. The useless people who publish them (and they probably have a degree) should get some remedial training.
  12. I emailed my Councillor about this ongoing problem. 4 foot long grass etc. Email dated 06.06.19. I have had no reply. The name of the Councillor is Kath Hey.
  13. I'm not sure what that means. How many persons is this new complex catering for? But it has to be welcomed as that space needs to be improved.
  14. RT (formerly Russia Today) is Putin propaganda for consumption outside Russia. It is financed by the Russian Govt. In case anyone has forgotten ..... Russia carried out a nerve agent murder in Salisbury fairly recently. A reason to take the poisonous RT Channel off air I would have thought!
  15. My Hereford Times 'comment' ability has been 'banned' on their website. I only noticed today but my 'banned' status may have been activated at any point in the last couple of weeks or so. I did explore the ban with the HT Editor. In fairness he was decent and replied. It was quite evident he had never banned me himself. He did explore the HT 'trash can' and quoted 3 comments from my recent history which he describes as 'offensive and unreasonable'. I never asked for the ban to be lifted. But he said it would stay in place 'for now'. .......... Obviously Mr. Wilson has to maintain the ban to back his co-worker decision. Or lift it and undermine his organisation decision. My 'questionable' quoted posts' [in the email reply] were generally taking a pop at the poor quality journalism at the HT. I'm not aware that they broke the 'house rules''. But the HT has become incredibly sensitive to criticism of it content. Which we all know is at a very low level. The HT seems more sensitive to criticism than Donald Trump!
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