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  1. I think a zero rating must mean closure until 1* has been reached. Zero must have to have a meaning. How can zero still mean it's business as usual? :shrug:
  2. That junction is a dogs dinner. The priority coming out of the railway station or from the Royal Mail side is basically a guess. The light phase is set for a collision as the green phase is simultaneous for both. There's been a major smash there already.
  3. I think Food 'Ratings' lose their meaning if a 'Zero' rating means a free pass to continue trading. You could write a book about the Jalsagor. More plot twists than a Hitchcock film.
  4. I don't want to be a damp squib but 95% of the people I've seen using these bikes are teenagers larking about. Riding about randomly on pavements. In pairs. I don't think Hereford is big enough to sustain this bike initiative. As a money making exercise. Who is the main target customer? There's a Beryl Bike Bay outside the train station. How many people are going to alight from a train and rent a bicycle? If this scheme is making money then I'm staggered. If it's a philanthropic exercise then fair enough.
  5. There has to be a saturation point for the number of hair cutting outlets in the City Centre. You can only cut so much hair. 'Overheads' obviously an issue. Pun intended.
  6. So what was so dreadful? You seem to have a nugget of really bad Hereford Police behaviour that has fundamentally upset your brother. What is it?
  7. I don't accept that there is a culture of acceptance of 'bad officers'' in Hereford. I was embedded in that pressure cooker in Hereford between 1995 and 2009. Any alleged dodgy behaviour was pursued relentlessly when I was there. I would imagine it is pursued even more now. I'm glad I retired as it became an unpleasant place to work due to unrealistic expectations about what you were demanded to achieve. As for the HT ..... My opinion on that remains the same. Lazy journalism. Can't be bothered to leave the office. Draconian approach to allowing, or rather not allowing, free speech. They are particularly touchy about criticism of their content.
  8. If you leave a load of vulnerable bikes in a dodgy location they are gonna get damaged or trashed! Or stolen. Or thrown in the river for a laugh.
  9. The Brexit Party, and their future, might evaporate under a 'no deal' outcome. My gut feeling is that there will be a fudge deal/unacceptable deal conjured up. Any half baked deal would empower the Brexit Party even more I would have thought. But this is all 'up in the air' stuff. I agree with Boris tho. If you rule out 'no deal' [or are forced to rule it out by Remainer MP's] then we have to accept some sort of deal. Which will be the worst possible deal for the UK. Any idiot can see that! Or it will be a 50 year extension of Article 50.
  10. I will add that my daughter is a fully qualified Midwife. Degree obtained. Plenty of babies delivered. She is British. Born in Shrewsbury. She has sacked it all off for more money operating an ice cream van. And less stress. The system needs to attract her back into her proper role. I would much prefer her delivering a healthy baby than a '99' cornet with raspberry topping.
  11. I fundamentally disagree that you need a degree to be a Police Officer. I did that job for 30 years without one [never in CID] and it all shook out as it did. If everyone has a degree then everyone will be looking for promotion. If you have a degree do you expect to be at PC Rank after 30 years? It's all gone crazy! If you want big/easier money then go into a different job. In the private sector.
  12. I've previously gone on record to say that I will never vote for Jesse Norman in any future Election. He has made himself too invisible over Brexit. Keeping a low profile so as not to upset anyone is his tactic. In my opinion. Well ... It upset me. And has done so for a very long time. Any future GE may not feature a Brexit Candidate in Hereford. It's all up in the air. Depending on the outcome of the next two months of political chess games. I anticipate I will not cast a vote in the next GE. At the moment!
  13. Probably several factors. Inadequate/unstable parenting. Unstable housing. Living in a household with little disposable money. Living in a feral environment with similar feral people in your school class or living nearby. Millions of reasons.
  14. I wanted to comment on this story [on the HT Website] but I'm still 'banned'. It's like North Korea at the HT! Any criticism and the ban button is pressed! Anyway ..... But Community bikes' are gonna get trashed in Hereford. Several [Beryl] are probably in the River Wye already. Hereford is not civilised enough to use this bike scheme responsibly. Too many 'yobs'' about.
  15. Roger


    Everyone recognises 'Art' with some thought behind it. A lazy teenage type 'tag' is just vandalism. There is a difference. Widely accepted in Society.
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