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  1. This is disgusting and I am very shocked at how lenient the judge was, no deterrent here and this will just encourage others. Good to know that the tax payer is now paying scroungers mortgages too
  2. Yes diving boards are going to cost £60,000 to replace so Halo have decided they will not be replacing the diving boards and the pool will be used as another pool
  3. This is disgusting and I hope the catch and prosecute the culprits, make an example of them at the same time.
  4. Thank you for this information, these calls are a real pain and I will register with TPS now.
  5. Mick

    Newton Farmers

    I agree BB should be doing this work but you cannot fault Phil Edwards if he is doing this in his own time also, fairplay to the bloke.
  6. Congratulations Mr Kenyon a good choice of Mayor.
  7. I like your thought process lol this will be interesting.
  8. Congratulations to the Belmont Community Centre for all the hard work put it, recognition has been granted with this award, well done indeed.
  9. I was there and a fabulous surprise it was too. Robert sang a few songs, a really good night and Robert Plant turning up put the icing on the cake.
  10. This is good news and moreover it is good to see that old building being used by a popular business.
  11. 40,000 visitors wow that is some going, keep up the good work and good luck with your nomination.
  12. Had dinner here yesterday, perfect pork shoulder with potato and salad, it was lush. Restaurant was very busy all tables taken at 2.30pm. I learned that they offer a take-away service too, there were people waiting to take their dinner home, good idea.
  13. Shut the front door for me.
  14. No but they can refuse to give yet another licence waiting to be abused. The name of the shop has nothing to do with the licence application, it is more about who owns the stores and I think you will find the owners are still Mr Zardashit Karem Salh, he has just enrolled a new business partner to front the application. The name used in the case is legit national company in Poland. Kubus is a branded carrot juice in Poland, they have even stolen the logo!
  15. I agree and I will be visiting here for sure this week.
  16. I might go to this, sounds like it will be a good night, nice to see something different.
  17. I agree with you 100%, but I know at least 2 families that allow their 15 year old daughters to sleep over with their 18 year old boyfriends and visa versa because both parents agree, but thats okay? I just do not put this guy in the same category as Gary Glitter for example.
  18. Personally, I think the girl played a part too, believe me some girls who are 15 can pass for 18+ so it is not always that black and white. I am not suggesting for one minute he is innocent but next year it would be legal wouldn't it? Yet he will be on the same sex offenders lists as Gary Glitter and I don't think that is right, do you?
  19. Good to see the roadworks have been completed.
  20. 2 years suspended sentence. Meanwhile Johnson gets 6 years. Source
  21. They didn't signed up to take thousands upon thousands of migrants or refugees, Angela Merkel has shot herself in the foot by allowing far too many of these people into Germany and has lost huge votes and is no longer as popular as she may of once been. She is trying to distribute these people throughout other member countries. I think every country has a right to refuse entry to anyone and protect their borders whether you are in the club or not! The initially agreed to take only Christian refugees, they have now refused to take any, their call not ours or anyone else's for that matter. Hungry and a few others have taken the same stance.
  22. Your photographs speak volumes, who was it that said no bin is required here? I can see and imagine how bad that would be with ice on the ground. I reckon you need more than one bin down there.
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