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  1. Superb community spirit here at its very best, congratulations to everybody who has helped this project
  2. Cycling on pavements can be inconsiderate and may cause inconvenience or fear for pedestrians, contributing to a hostile environment which reduces the mobility of vulnerable or disabled people such as the elderly and visually impaired. Such behaviour may ultimately cause injury or death, though such extremes are very rare and the risks exaggerated. Bicycles are considered vehicles under British law and is illegal to ride a bike on a pavement which has not been designated as a cycle way. Cycling on pavements is therefore illegal, punishable by a fine. The maximum penalty is £500, but it is often dealt with by a £50 fixed penalty notice.
  3. This must be a real nightmare, imagine if you just walked out of your house without really looking but causing a cyclist to swerve off the footpath to avoid you into the path on an innocent motorist on the road. I wonder who the authorities would try to blame?
  4. Google is your friend A cyclist who was warned about riding on a city street has been jailed after knocking down a woman who died later. Darryl Gittoes, 21, hit Mary Evans, 73, in Hereford city centre last July and she died in hospital nine days later, the Crown Prosecution Service said. Gittoes, who pleaded guilty to causing bodily harm by wanton or furious driving, was jailed for 12 months. The defendant, of Homestead, Hereford, was riding a defective bike recovered from a scrap metal lorry, the CPS said. His bike was examined and found to have had no brakes, a deflated rear tyre, a cracked front tyre and no bell. Gittoes was jailed at Worcester Crown Court on Monday following his guilty plea on 18 May. 'Tragic consequences'The court heard he had been warned a number of times about riding his bike along Commercial Street, where a Traffic Regulation Order prohibits cycling between 10:30 and 16:30, including on the day before the collision. Emily Lenham, senior crown prosecutor from West Midlands CPS, said: "Darryl Gittoes was fully aware that his bike was not in a roadworthy condition and he knew of the prohibitions which were in force along Commercial Street, however, on 30 July 2014 he disregarded the previous warning he had received from the police and rode his bicycle along this street and in doing so, he collided with Mary Evans, knocking her to the ground. "Mrs Evans would later die due to the head injuries caused by the collision. "This case clearly highlights the dangers of riding a cycle in a pedestrian area and the tragic consequences of Mr Gittoes' actions should serve as a reminder to cyclists to take heed of prohibitions in place within such areas, which are necessary to preserve the safety of pedestrians."
  5. I agree AV however, I do see many cyclists riding on the pavements, riding across pedestrian crossings without getting off their bikes and ignoring traffic lights. I actually saw a lad today on his mobile phone while riding on the path, the law should be applied to all road users, I also think cyclists should have some sort of insurance.
  6. Indeed Bill. The stone mason has done some nice restoration, well done to all involved and for Cllr Stevens for actioning it all.
  7. I love this its brilliant and explained in such a good way.
  8. The photograph speaks volumes.
  9. Ragwert it has been pretty obvious and somewhat overwhelming your support for Corbyn of the past few weeks, this is just another example imo. Using this terrible disaster as a vehicle for political gain and credit for me is beyond disgusting! and I agree with Colin's last comments entirely.
  10. Mick

    Police Visit

    This is unbelievable are you really serious or is this a joke?
  11. She is a very strong lady and lets hope that Teresa May ends up as strong, so far I am impressed and she will be getting my vote next week.
  12. We had a meal from here last Wednesday night, very nice again. We have been using this Indian now as our first choice in Hereford since last year, highly recommend if you have not been already.
  13. Love this, very refreshing, looking forward to learning what Jim's policies are this week when he completes his term as Mayor.
  14. Why is there no work being done at the weekend in order to get this completed as soon as possible?
  15. Another river crossing should now be a priority for Hereford, I don't know what the councillors who voted against it were thinking.
  16. A lot more than the budget set I expect. I still cannot see how this will improve things, money would of been better spent on another river crossing
  17. The CITY OF HEREFORD TWINNING ASSOCIATION (HTA) was constituted in 1987 with the aim of promoting international friendship and understanding and of fostering the mutual exchanges at all levels between the peoples of the twinned towns. Each year the MAYOR OF HEREFORD is invited to be President of the Association. Hereford has been twinned with Dillenburg in Germany since 1989 and with Vierzon in France since 1994. Over the years the Twinning Association has maintained lively and interesting exchanges with many groups in Dillenburg and in Vierzon which have contributed to a mutual understanding of each other’s cultures. In addition, the Association has, often ‘behind the scenes’, provided encouragement and support to groups in Hereford who were keen to establish links with similar groups in the partner towns. In summer and winter each year the Association publishes a newsletter for its members with reports of exchanges, events and visits between our twin towns. The Twinning Association hold a variety of social events for their members throughout the year and organise regular exchange visits with Hereford’s twin towns.
  18. Happy new year Colin and keep up the great work with HV
  19. Loving the Instagram photos, please can we have some updates?
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