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  1. The press release is quite vague. Were these two separate incidents on the same night? because the wording almost suggests that the two girls were raped at the same time, very odd police statement, more details would help.
  2. Congratulations inspector and well deserved, keep up the good work.
  3. All very positive in the proposal, good to see.
  4. I am sure your comments were not set out to hurt anyone bobby and thank you for pointing that out. Can I ask you something, have you ever been to Poland? I am curious because I think you would be pretty impressed. I am of the opinion that a large percentage of people have this picture in their minds of a cold snow covered country dark and dismal with remnants of the former communists state. It is the exact opposite to this and if you were to take a trip I think you would be pleasantly surprised. The summer months are usually VERY hot (often hotter than here in the UK) last year temperatures reached of over 40c in come places yet winter can go as low as -25+ that said, this year has seen mild temperatures similar to us here. I do not entirely agree with your view although I can see where you are coming from to a degree.
  5. I completely agree with you Osmosis, I have many Polish friends and they all work very hard. I am not sure about this illusion that all Poles living in the UK send buckets of money back to Poland comes from? Some will of course but in my experience most of the people I know have very little money left at the each of the month and what they do have left they use for trips back home during the holidays. I am slightly offended by the term bobby47 uses "take poor Poland" I am sure he has seen to many old movies and has not visited this country at all.
  6. Unfortunately, this lot were voted in. I would also prefer IOC.
  7. It has been offline for hours I also tried earlier so there must be some technical issue I guess.
  8. I am sure all of the other woman from Cologne will come clean too eh... So blinkered
  9. You two must be joined at the hip!
  10. Asylum seekers will cost Germany an estimated €50 billion by the end of 2017, a new report has found. The Cologne Institute for Economic Research has found that shelter, welfare and integration will cost Germany €22 billion this year and €27.6 billion next year. Chancellor Angela Merkel is under increasing pressure to reduce the numbers of migrants reaching Germany and voters are increasingly doubtful that the state can tackle the refugee crisis, Finance Minister Wolfgang Schaeuble warned on Monday. The migrant crisis will be Angela Merkel's eventual demise, mark my words.
  11. The PM has nothing to apologise for in my view.
  12. I appreciate your apology. I am in the UK because my grandfather fought alongside British in the war and met my grandmother here. I am pleased that Poland became a member of the EU, it was long overdue.
  13. Yes my grandparents were Polish and were invaded by the Nazis and then by the Russians so please do not attempt to preach to me! Are you so naive to believe that all of thee refugees are just Syrain? This is a forum and we will all hold different views and opinions, I respect your views, although I may not agree with you but I will not throw my toys out of the pram and lower myself to name calling, that is uncalled for.
  14. I am shocked at this comment after what happened in Germany and Sweden. They should allow woman children and the elderly into the EU and give the single (frustrated) adult men a gun each and they should fight for their country like our grandparents did in the 1st and 2nd world war.
  15. ha ha the HT weeks behind HV again.
  16. You have taken a few stunning pictures, I love the lonely tree
  17. Thank you for undertaking this exercise again this year Colin, it is very interesting to realise that although some places open and some close the number of empty units hovers around 50-55 and that has not really changed, other than the same ugly units are still the ones that are empty. Something clearly needs to be done rather than let them just sit and rot. Numbers 3, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 26 and 41 stand out to me.
  18. Chris, I did not say have no pedestrian crossings I just think there are too many to0 close together. Having a garage here will make no difference whatsoever?
  19. Welcome to HV Andrew and I will look out for you tomorrow. Good luck with the garage
  20. Good idea if it helps catch criminals.
  21. RIP Brummie you were a legend among legends.
  22. How strange, we were only having a meal in the Glass Tandoori Christmas week and it was very nice too, service was good and nice clean surroundings. Looking forward to going back for another meal in a few weeks time. I can recommend the Chicken Jalfrezi.
  23. Mick

    Happy New Year.

    A very warm and happy new year to you and your family bobby47 and to all the other member here, lets hope 2016 is a good one.
  24. I was wondering that very question.
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