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  1. I recon lpusseycat may well be right, it will be chaos. With Christmas shopping, weekend shopping, rush hour traffic be prepared for a jolly good traffic jam. Thank you Hereford Council. More congestion, more traffic fumes and pollution. Abergavenny will be the place to go shopping, or Monmouth.
  2. I am afraid lpusseycat, is right it will be double double chaos.
  3. In the minutes of Belmont Rural Parish Council for 8 September 2016 item137/16, Belmont Community Centre are to get salt bin, very diserving as it can be dangerous to elderly going to library or to Tesco. I have also noted that at the bottom of 137/16, the Parish Council are going to consider other places. I recon if you want a salt bin now the chance to make a request, and if you are in a hilly area of Belmont in get first. Remember they have over £114k
  4. I looked at the minutes of BRPC for 8th September 2016 it is now £114,018.01, note the .01. How long will it take for BRPC to get tp the £200k, ?
  5. Tracy, I whole heartedly agree with you, but very little will be done because if you are the only one that attends as an non parish councillor, and no other members of the public attending, to voice there opinion, then nothing will be done, because the parish councillor's don't know what the residents want or demand I feel, and say you all, want it done, then attend the parish council meetings, and demand it done. That will wake up the parish council.
  6. We will see what happens 2017 to the library at Belmont Community Centre. With the library in Hereford being re organised to do other things as well as lending books, and the Council wanting to save millions in one hand and wasting millions with the other hand. The future in Hereford looks bleak.
  7. I found this article very interesting also I have had a little chuckle. None of you have considered the computerised self drive car, eg Google’s self drive, just tell the car, just tell it where you want to go, and with luck it might get you there. That would give OAP independence.
  8. There no community weekly entertainment. It nearly all hire of halls for private functions. No entertainment offered to the general public.I am sorry to say that this is how I feel.
  9. I see Ex. Councillors. V-Powell has been badly criticised, but I feel that she may have spoken some truth. I don't support her but I recon she keeps up to date from her old Councillors coligues. Libraries are asking for second hand books. I bought an ex library book which is in fabulous condition for .50th from local charity shop. I believe that libraries should not sell off books, but put them into storage. I also suspect that libraries do waist money. Only time will tell if G.V-POWELL WAS RIGHT or the or SWCC Committee. I also would like to know what does SWCC do for the resident
  10. I recon it will close. I have lived in Belmont now for 20 odd years, and have never been there. I don't know any of my friends that actually use the library. In days of old when computers were expensive, libraries were useful. But now with most people with computers all the information is there in seconds, at your fingertips. With your hands on your heart, when did you last use the library? Ah! you may have gone in to get some green bags. I think this is where Hereford Council could save some money and close the library. If I want a book I buy them from a charity shop, and when I finish wi
  11. Seeing the sign is in between Ladies & Gentlemen, I wonder if Mr Edwards is not sure, Ladies OR Gentlemen um!. So as any politician he has backed it both ways. Middlesex.
  12. I have read all your comments with lots of interests. I thought we were not prejudice against religion or ethnic origin, race, colour or creed. I must have lived a sheltered life, as I haven’t heard of Freedom church.
  13. The real question by the time it is compleated with the new road down to 2 single lanes and a pedestrian crossing from 2 duel carrage ways. I can see horrendous traffic jams and peeps will go else where. I think Hereford is dieing slowly. We need council officials with some brains.
  14. I only hope that its Our County Gets in so my friends lets vote for OUR COUNTY and save Hereford from the idiots that run it. Good luck Our County Independents no walk over for Bridges
  15. How would you like someone parking on your drive. I also see there is a notice re parking. I hope they are taken to court, or bring the bailiffs in.
  16. Obviously Amey again. Where are the district Cllr's Bridges and Edwards to put things right. But they will write in the local paper about Amey yet they do nothing, only to get their names in the paper.
  17. Try to complain to Cllr A. Bridges, and see what he will do for you.
  18. Lpusseycat I think he thinks himself as God, and knows what is best for us all.
  19. I must say that I agree with Cllr Powell. It is every man and woman’s duty to vote out Cllr Edwards and Cllr Bridges who works full time and does not appear to do the work for the constituents. Yes he wrote an article in the paper about Amey but what has he done about the supervision of Amey nothing. Cllr Powell is very active and helps her constituents she works relentlessly helping the people of Newton Farm, Belmont and Hunderton, but what have the dynamic duo done for Hunderton and Newton Farm? We must all do our best to support Cllr Powell who lives in Newton Farm and very close
  20. The question is ASDA will appeal the council have no money to fight it so it will be granted. The same happened at Sainsburys.
  21. I bet the application is granted, because you know who wants it.
  22. I agree with you, watch out for the antisocial behaviour
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