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  1. But of course, just more of the council expecting everyone to do the work for them while they reap in the money from the public for not doing their job
  2. Clearly the council haven't heard of the Broken Windows Theory
  3. It's probably like the figures for the OLM, they're just counting shoppers whether local or not. I know when the OLM released a statement of success the footfall count was a CCTV head count and included high town workers, repeat visits, browsers and every person passing back and forward whether they shopped or not
  4. Really? I would love to see a breakdown of this
  5. I see people are at it with their "murals" again. I don't mean to be spiteful, but they always look very amateurish and, in my opinion, have the opposite effect of what I assume is intended.
  6. heh probably, we'll find out next time Google does a pass :P
  7. Same **** every time an election pops up. I'm surprised there's no valentines special or meal deal going on with them this week. If they put as much effort and passion into doing the ******* job as they do the spin, marketing and bullshit, we'd be a lot better off.
  8. I just thought it was funny how it had all this old history, there's a big long timeline down the room with key dates, all this information and greatness over nearly half a millenium and it ends with "council sold if for a quid" :P
  9. Instead we got even MORE lights. Some of which have caused ridiculous traffic issues, ie Wall Street
  10. I think maybe they had bought some hot food inside play - maybe a burger - and taken it outside into a cold food zone. That's just asking for trouble!
  11. Outside the Model Shop? They mean the Lunchbox then. Sorry Roger, this cant be true, they only serve cold food at the Lunchbox and we all know that violent crime only occurs due to hotfood
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