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  1. Merry Christmas to one and all and let us hope that we all have a fantastic 2020
  2. I 100% agree, good luck with your business
  3. The advertising signage planning application has been approved today
  4. Yes just read about it again here
  5. Soon there will be no shops and then wait for the moaning, personally, I do not think change of use of many if these shops should be granted, it is a shopping retail area, there are plenty of places around for flats, this will end up being bedsits, you mark my words
  6. I walked across the common this afternoon, no litter anywhere near the memorial seat. I made a point of sitting down on it and credit where credit is due, the monument has been restored beautifully with all the names of the fallen in nice clear writing, really nice to see a nice project like this, well done to all involved in restoring these heroes names.
  7. I understand that this is very painful. I hope that you make a speedy recovery my friend
  8. Same Iraqi/Kurds, this is clearly a front for many other things
  9. I am away this weekend, I was at the last couple so I hope I am forgiven.
  10. Well done this does look a lot lot better, we were in town yesterday and noticed the difference.
  11. I could not see the reason for the refusal other than what you have written, I agree, this is will probably go to appeal
  12. This is a narrow opening but I am pretty sure the height restriction shows the maximum height, what was the van driver thinking.
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