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  1. Our thoughts are with the victim and family. I have my own words to describe this criminal but I will probably get banned if I use them.
  2. We were in here shopping this morning. Car park was okay but I agree with Martin this could become an issue but I can only assume that there was enough parking allocated in the original plans for this retail site.
  3. Unattended and near gas tanks! Fire service should send them an invoice!
  4. I saw this on another social media page today and thought I had seen it before. This is a brilliant project
  5. As long as people are sensible and listen to the government advice I don't see a problem. We may even wonder over in the next week or so for a few hours exercise.
  6. Nice to see people celebrating, it is indeed a special day, 75 years, I was not born then but my mother members this day
  7. To be fair hats off to PM Margaret Thatcher for being gutsy enough to give the final order for the SAS to go in, Home Secretary William Whitelaw could not make the decision so sent it across to the PM for her approval, of course she gave it in an instant, the rest is history as they say
  8. These people do an incredible job, braver than me for sure.
  9. Merry Christmas to one and all and let us hope that we all have a fantastic 2020
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