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Found 11 results

  1. I have been a member here for a long time and I think it only right that we give credit where credit is due. As a collective HV and the members here have achieved many good things over the years and I think we should start to list them in recognition of all the hard work put it. Please forgive me because I can only think of a few that stand out, notably the hot food campaign and the cctv on the gww. Then there was the grass cutting petition and the working boys home and off course the keep clear road making on the Belmont roundabout. Let's all start listing these results. Successfu
  2. I was out bright and early this morning doing my bit for the community, cleaning more road signs. Before After
  3. Why are our beautiful Medieval City Walls being left to ruin? I have mentioned this in the recent topic about a number of increased weeds in our city but I do think this justifies a unique topic. Just look at the weeds growing from the top of this section along Gunners Lane. Hereford Voice is highlighting just how bad this has become in an attempt to provoke some action and possible restoration from the Council. Hopefully, we can encourage them to put a maintenance plan in place going forward. The Herefordshire County Council need to look at having the weeds removed and also l
  4. Well I have some good news :) I have managed to secure funding to buy some decent Hammerite paint for the fence and aerating pumps for the pond. I will have a chat with the other guys involved and we will agree another day here to finish off what we started.
  5. A few months ago we were walking past the duck pond and noticed how dirty and full of algae it had become and I commented at the time on how it had deteriorated over the years. A few days later I noticed a new Facebook group that has only recently been set up by local chap Keith Marston called 'The Duck Pond Hereford clean up' and I thought what a great idea, I joined the group immediately and said that Hereford Voice would help out and publicise this idea as much as possible. Cllr Jim Kenyon is also doing what he can to raise awareness. I took this photograph today, the pond is abs
  6. I attended the BRPC Meeting last night at the Northolme Community Centre. During the public participation I asked if we could have at least 3 salt/grit bins for Glastonbury Close. One to be situated at the top of the close near Sydwall Road, another at the bottom of Glastonbury Close situated in the turning point on the final bend and the 3rd positioned near to the open space at the very end. Last Winter I drove to Tesco and collected grit on a few occasions and gritted the whole of the close from top to bottom as it is like an ice rink when the temperatures fall below zero. Over
  7. Well I will be the first to put up my hand and say that BB have done a fantastic job of clearing the overgrown bushes in Glastonbury Close once and for all. I spoke with the guys doing the work just before 8am on Friday morning and after a chat they agreed that just a trim was obviously not going to be enough and if you going to do a job at least do it right! This teams whole attitude was spot on to be fair and now we can see around the corner again. I believe in giving credit where credit is due and to be honest I cannot fault these guy's, 100% better than it has been for man
  8. I have been asked by several people if I would create a petition about the lack of grass/verge cutting in the County due to severe cut backs in Herefordshire Councils budget. #cutgrasshfd You Can Sign The Petition HERE
  9. As a daily user of Haywood Lane, I have been concenced for sometime at the lack of warning signs about Ducks and Swans crossing the road between the Belmont Pools, So I was delighted to here that some New signs had been installed... Please forgive me for complaining but they are useless in their current position! This is the view travelling from the Callow towards Belmont, I am now driving at a legal spped of 40mph and less than 20 metres from where the pools are...Can you see the sign yet? Ok, now lets get really close and move my position over to the opposite lane and yippee!! now
  10. After two years of asking for yellow boxes at Belmont Tesco, following on from Colin's original suggestion I met on site with Amey last November, I was advised we could not have yellow boxes without traffic signals, I ask for an alternative and we compromised on 'keep clear signs' at the entrance to Northolme Rd, Abbotsmead Rd and Southolme Rd. I am please to advise that these will be put in on 20th March weather permitting.
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