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  1. Is there any news when this place will be open?
  2. While some of the roads may of been resurfaced the stretch which is being used between Clehonger and Madley would be more suited to a mountain bike than the bikes they will be using, but in all seriousness it's good for the county to have these sort of events and I hope it's a success, there is also a marathon and half marathon on Sunday which I thought about entering but then decided my running days (if there were any) are way behind me.
  3. Well done Tracy, I know how hard you are working for your ward and the community centre.
  4. There is a saying "if you pay peanuts you get monkey's" unfortunately we don't pay peanuts but still get the monkey's.
  5. Yes I have sent 2 letter of objections, my first one isn't very good so sent a second much better letter in this week using my work address. If this SLR goes ahead then they have to 2032 to build the western relief road, in the meantime they will build a 1000 houses at kings Acre and the Grafton plus lower Bullingham is set to expand this will just turn Hereford into one big car park, at least the Belmont road will be a nice place to be stuck in your car with its new boulevard of trees while we wait for the 1000+ extra vehicles to come down Ross road and go around Asda roundabout.
  6. Sharon Menghini also cut children's services in Stoke on Trent then got a nice pay out of £174000.
  7. Another problem is the people that take these top jobs in the council very often don't live in Herefordshire and only view the job as a way to improve their CV and the job as short term. Once they are given the job they decide they need to make their mark and get noticed so they change everything in their department costing even more money and disruption, it's a never ending cycle unfortunately.
  8. According to the Daily Express, France and Germany are going to try and set the corporation tax for the country's in the E.U, if that happens the corporation tax rate which is currently 20% in this country and a lot lower than France and Germany will rise dramatically resulting in a loss of jobs and growth. if this is true it will change the opinions of the voters that are at the moment undecided and give the No vote a massive boost.
  9. This is a topic which will hear lots about in the next 2 years or so, Im undecided as what I see as best for the UK, both camps make quite compleling reasons for either staying in or leaving, I'm not so conserned with the GDP that we would lose or gain or how big the national ecomony is, I'm more concerned about the quality of life and if having a couple less quid in my pocket means that I live in a safer country then I will happily vote to leave the E.U. I guess for me I will give David Cameron time to negotiate a better deal for us then make my decision.
  10. Shouldn't committees have relevant professionals on them anyway? These people should be able to advise, it surely doesn't matter if they are elected or not.
  11. I believe that at least half of these houses are reliant on the western bypass which is of course reliant on the southern link road, hence why the current council is pushing hard for the SLR.
  12. Dazza has some valid points and in some ways it maybe a blessing that the IOC didn't take control of the council, some of us were late or last minute candidates and although we might if had the very best of intentions we might not of been ready to take control. This gives the unlucky candidates 4 years to prepare and get ready. As I understand it deals were tried to be done but obviously not succesful, I myself was a candidate long before the Green Party decided to put one against me as if my ward wasn't hard enough, honestly you could walk a Labrador around my ward with a blue Rosette on
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