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Hereford Fire Station Planning Application

Aylestone Voice

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Councillor replies to Fire Station e-mail (post 40):


Received 18th September 2014


19. Morgan, Patricia (Cllr) Conservative


I do not sit on the planning committee but this application will be determined by the current planning process and policies as per all other planning applications.  I am sure that the planning officers and those cllrs on the committee will, as best they can, balance up all the competing and often conflicting  considerations for this application.


Kind regards,


Cllr Patricia Morgan

Frome Ward

Cabinet Member, Deputy Leader and corporate services



20. Phillips, Roger (Cllr) Conservative


I would support the building of the new fire  facility




21. Norris, Jon (Cllr) IOC


Perhaps I am wrong in asuming that Councillors not in the Cabinet let alone the Planning Committee will be any way involved in this decision? 


Personally I did follow up your letter (thank you, by the way!). I understand that the present fire station is unsuitable for the new fire engines coming in. I find this odd, is it a nationwide problem?

I find it odd that moving a few hundred yards makes any difference and that there must be better sites such as the Old Market/football ground area.

The Bath Street building looks good from the outside but would cost millions to make usuable for almost any purpose, I am advised.


Can you tell me please is Herefordshire Council acting lawfully in determining full planning permission for an application in which they themselves have an interest and fully support, especially in view that the new location is in a conservation area and involves the "swapping" of public assets?


As for legality, I will await others to respond to this, and will enquire further.


Jon Norris, County Councillor for Pontrilas Ward.

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There is not much in the replies from Councillors that is surprising. Those on the Planning Committee are properly reserving their opinion until they have a report at the meeting. Those not on it are really washing their hands because they really cannot influence the decision.

If planning permission is granted then there would still be a slim chance to scupper it by the Council backing out of the deal which would be a Cabinet decision

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Tories closing ranks!

I did give tony Johnson one of my flyers tonight

& told him I was against it & that 500 had so far be distributed in the area.

He tried to tell me that the fire service, had chosen bath street? I replied that the 2010 feasibility report had suggest two sites & not one of those was on bath street!!

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An interesting read so far and good to see so much public interest.


To confirm the Council's solicitor's comment on the 17th, the planning application will be referred to the Council’s Planning Committee for determination. Therefore the current application will be determined by Councillors, at a meeting which is held in public. This is in accordance with our constitution and the statute in which we operate, much of which has been nicely summarised by earlier contributors to this topic.


Members of the Planning Committee are quite correct in their assertion that they will reserve their judgement upon this until all matters are presented to them. Please be reassured that this will be through a balanced report drafted and presented by one of our most experienced Principal Planning Officers, Ed Thomas.


I for one will be at that committee and will be very interested in the outcome, having worked in this building for some 15 years, with knowledge of just about every single room, loft space and cellar to boot. As with many applications, there are many angles here and the correct balance in debate to reach the final decision will be essential and something I will personally strive for from the committee.


If not already done so, I would urge readers to exercise their democratic right and make a representation to this application, whether in support, objection or merely in comment. The consultation period closes on Thursday 25th September.

A date for the committee has not yet been set.


Marc Willimont

Head of Development Management & Environmental Health

Herefordshire Council

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Afternoon Marc!


Thanks for taking the time to contribute to this thread, your comments are always appreciated.


Personally, I have been quite overwhelmed with the amount of support for saving The Working Boys Home. If this can be achieved, I will be delighted.


Most folks who post on this forum, myself included, care deeply about this city of ours - to see the plans for this industrial eyesore, and try to imagine in any way, shape or form that it will improve or enhance the conservation area, is  beyond comprehension.


I too, would urge everybody with an opinion to take this opportunity to make their feelings known.


The clock is ticking people!!

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Councillor replies to Fire Station e-mail (post 40):


Received 19th September 2014


22. Lloyd-Hayes, Marcelle (Cllr) IOC


I tried phoning you at about 2.20pm . I am , in principle supportive of a new Fire Station and need to tell you that several sites

 were considered before the†land swap†proposal was put forward.


I am very familiar with John Venn and the work he did for Hereford citizens and his generosity regarding land and buildings .


I am not impressed with the design of the new Fire Station and will make my views known, however, I do not want to see Hereford  without –or with a reduced fire service .I do believe the link to John Venn needs to be established and have contacted the Fire Service regarding this point.


The Government’s recent idea to centralise blue light services is timely /untimely depending on your view.


Kind regards  


Marcelle Lloyd-Hayes
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I'm sure when HWFRS had there consultation day they said that they would not be using central avenue to gain access to & from site? But reading through Cgms document I saw this.


In order to satisfy the Fire Service's requirements, there will be a secondary access at the rear of the site, which will be used on an infrequent basis. This access point will be secured with gates and will not be open at all times.

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This is my objection which I will be submitting to planning


The proposed design for fire station on Bath street.

This building should not be allowed to be built on bath street on the site of the old working boys school with that building being demolished. because it goes against the grain of the conservation area.

the material that will be used to create wot I can only describe as that resembling a industrial building with lots of plastic coated metal sheeting being used! The roof of the brick structure part is a half round design with a plastic coated metal tin sheet covering!

It's design is not the same as any other building which is set within the central conservation area. so I feel its look & appearance will not enhance the conservation area but only diminish it!!

The training tower which is constructed as a steel frame is three stories high will overlook neighbouring gardens & homes gives a feeling of being intrusive also it's construction, use of materials & appearance is not within keeping of the conservation area.

The road is a serious issue @ that point. as it is rather narrow often congested & I feel unsuited for the big fire appliances which will be entering & exiting the site on a daily basis. It is also partially unsighted from traffic coming from the junction on St Owen street into bath street & for traffic entering bath street from symonds street. There is also a busy car park opposite.

The loss of the mature pine trees is not good either as this will also affect the enhancement of the conservation area!


I'd like to add if I came & applied to demolish a building which was structurally sound,set within a designated conservation area,so as I could build a industrial unit, then this simply would not be allowed!!! & quite rightly so!!



Planning application details - Herefordshire Council

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The objection from Hereford Civic Soc is now on the PA website if somebody who has not already done their letter feels the need to add a bit of guts to their letter. Or if so minded you can also do a 2nd objection. I did mine this morning prior to reading HCS's .

Well done Denise

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Tomorrow is the 25th of September which is the last day of consultation on the planning application.

which has me wondering how many of us on the voice have actually lodge a objection to it?? Are there many or just a couple or have people just simple given up & not bother??

This is not the time for apathy if we want to stop this crazy idea? as the more object lodged the better chance we have of getting it thrown out?

So come on guys! if you've not done so already nows as good a time to do so as any!!



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Im given to understand the total number of objections is just over twenty. Bloody twenty! After all the thousands of reads, pages and pages of comments responding to Dippy's topic, only twenty odd people could be bloody bothered.

Apathy ain't the word I'd use to describe this. It's a bloody disgrace. That's what it is. A disgrace and its no wonder 'they' feel they can do whatever they like to us because we can't be bloody bothered.

Me? I thought collectively that we were better than this. Clearly we ain't. They say, in life you get what you deserve. Well if that's true, and I suspect it is, we've got exactly what we deserve because 'we' can't be bloody bothered.

Oh, it's fine and dandy to sit behind a keyboard and tap out a message that says, 'I'm with you brother', but when shove comes to push 'we' can't be bothered to lift a finger.

Well I'll tell you now, if this 'do' this Saturday evening confirms to me that 'we ain't bothered' my reaction is going to be, 'I can no longer be bothered with you'.

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Mine is not showing up yet.....so there is obviously a significant delay.


That said, there are now 31 representations made when I checked the website 10 minutes ago.


Although today is officially the last day for objections, I am given to understand that letters received after this date still have to be taken into consideration.....si it's not too late to make your feelings known!

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Further to my last - I know nothing about Planning Objections - what happens next - will somebody come to my home for a cup of tea and a chat or is that it , they have my objection and it's taken into consideration when deciding what to do - approve or disapprove ?

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I have submitted a written question to Cllr Bramer for tomorrow's Council. Basically I asked why all the options for another site were not investigated, why Cllr Bramer did not look at a site close to the access road or southern relief road, and does he realise that Bath Street, St.Owen Street site and the ambulance site equals approx 300 homes, thus saving on green belt.

Hopefully I will be able to give you his answer and my supplementary question tomorrow or you can come to hear for yourselves!

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Further to my last - I know nothing about Planning Objections - what happens next - will somebody come to my home for a cup of tea and a chat or is that it , they have my objection and it's taken into consideration when deciding what to do - approve or disapprove ?


Ha, ha, yes, two suited planning officers will call with a packet of biscuits and flowers for the wife (or vice-versa) and will carefully dissect and discuss your objection, whilst sipping Darjeeling from your finest china. Or probably not. No, the sad reality is that it will have the key points picked out and added to a list of all the key points raised by other non-statutory persons, with something like 'there have been 468 letters of objection of which key points raised were ...' in the agenda. Statutory bodies, the councils own departments and societies and groups tend to have larger chunks quoted in the agenda (if it suits the agenda, so to speak, some might say). The Officers report will have taken into account all objections when drafting his report and making a recommendation. The Committee will decide whether to approve or refuse (not disapprove).

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