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  1. Blinking heck Meg sorry to hear about your accident those injuries look horrendous hope you’re back to full recovery soon
  2. Usually if the works are below £250k the tender process is done by the council’s service provider which if I’m not mistaken is Balfour Beatty? But it says above that the responsibility delivering works to be carried out is by the Capital Senior Project Manager within the spend budget of the Capital Building Improvement Programme is this a new job title which has been created or has it existed for some while? regarding the contract it seems the decision was made in March 2022 over a year ago? Could this be why the cost has gone up due to increased material costs etc? in regards to who the contractors are are we really surprised they seem to win a lot of tenders for council works maybe they know something we don’t in regards to winning these tenders?
  3. https://apple.news/APi_c0XTeSn-dhGeiMp6L6Q
  4. It’s seems that there are private security personnel patrolling around the Mayfair…who’s employing them & paying for it…is this not the job of the police to do?….another question is could this be the future for our streets on a Friday & Saturday night where private security firms deal with the anti social behavior that sometimes occurs on city streets at the weekend instead of the police?
  5. If this is true? Then it is obscene that our government would allow this to happen… in my opinion given the rise in inflation due to the extortionate price rises in energy costs now, also along with those coming our way in October & January which will lead us on the road to recession if we are not already on it? https://apple.news/A1EctZ6jCRRW3X-uTJfxugQ
  6. Incredible to think that energy companies can increase their prices even though they are making huge profits…ofgem in my opinion are not consumer friendly & is well past it’s sell by date…it is in need of replacing by a quango that works in the interests of consumers as well as making sure energy companies can be profitable,without ripping off their customers. this article explains how you can claim a grant from British Gas to help pay your energy costs if you are struggling to meet them & you don’t need to be a British Gas customer either I believe https://apple.news/An1XTwul6QxyRIV39SdCLRA It is the failure of our politicians as to why our nation finds itself in a energy crises according to this article https://apple.news/Anu-THMDHQ--bbVgCm4f-8g
  7. Cambo


    I think this makes a lot of sense to use this area as a city flood retention area given that with climate change we need to be thinking how best we can utilize the water we get when we have flooding in regards to retaining it for future consumption during droughts etc instead of being too complacent with the abundance of rainfall we normally have given we may get less of it in future because of the changing climate I also agree this is not an area which needs housing development given the boreholes & flooding the COE whom I believe own this land? Should be ashamed of themselves for wanting to do so given the environmental impact it will have on the water coursing in this area
  8. The 13th biggest land owner on the scrounge again why can’t they use their own funds to do good? As they very rarely put their hand in their own pockets even to restore their own properties in that they receive generous grants & funding through the likes of the national lottery heritage fund..don’t get me wrong it’s a costly business maintaining all those historical church building but I’d feel more sympathetic to their needs if there hierarchical leaders were not so aloof but actually practice what they preach to their dwindling congregation that of the teachings of Jesus You would of thought they would of started this sort of good works long before the lockdown even began? In helping the homeless the needy the poor the disadvantaged of societies fallen in connecting & engaging within the local communities of the diocese or maybe they are actually doing these things? & in actuality I’m jut oblivious to the good works they are doing?
  9. Tell them you want to pay for it on a weekly basis & if your in credit with them get it refunded & keep it by in a separate account & pay an amount each month into that account to meet your costs. personally I think we are being scammed by the energy companies & the government the energy companies are making record profits & with those profits the government are raking in big tax returns also the increased energy fuel costs is the biggest causes of inflation to my mind too…I also thinks it’s a way of reducing carbon emissions forcing people to use less by increasing the costs of buying it so it becomes unaffordable to most of the population….you have to ask what is the point of ofgem they are allowing this to happen. also the taxpayers will be subsidizing these energy companies come October when the government hands out money to people to help pay the cost of the rising energy costs… it’s a win win for the energy companies
  10. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/20198864.drivers-targeted-raise-money-local-services/ now I don’t have a problem with people who contravene the Highway Code being fined but where I do have a problem is bring in unnecessary parking charges to raise revenue it’s tantamount to racketeering in my opinion Councilor Harrington “A further £100,000 will go on plans to extend Hereford’s on-street pay-and-display parking areas, both in the areas covered and the rates charged. This will be used to develop a business case, draft the legal measures, and potentially install new ticket machines. The council expects the plan to yield £41,000 over two years. But the council insists the parking measures will be to “manage demand”, with income from the scheme “a consequence and not the purpose”. Coun Harrington said extending parking zones “will prevent residential streets from being clogged with commuter parking”. sorry John that’s absolutely boloney & you know it it’s a scam….so tell me when did Herefordshire council becoming a mafia organisation? So my opinion is I totally disagree with this & find it disappointing that you are even considering milking the almost empty udders of the cash cow paying Herefordshire taxpayers once again maybe if you didn’t go wasting our money in the first place you’d have no need to treat us with utter contempt by rinsing us the populace of this fair county out of or own hard earned earnings time & time again to waste time & time again!
  11. This looks likely to be pass a application for 3 dwellings in Broomy Hill on ground belonging to mr & mrs B Bushnell’s home who are one of the main brethren families in Hereford…one thing about a lot of these church leaders is you find as well as being good at preaching the word of the almighty from the pulpit they are extremely good at creating business opportunity’s for themselves something to be admired in a way really it’s a shame they don’t do more charitable Christian works within the local communities they are based from the wealth they have created from their business ventures? Or maybe they do we just don’t get to hear about it? https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/info/200142/planning_services/planning_application_search/details?id=203335&search-term=203335
  12. Sad news for the loss of a worth Hereford voice contributor & indeed councillor character of Hereford RIP
  13. Are they going to demolition the building? As looking at the google earth photo it doesn’t match the layout of the drawing.
  14. So the planning application is for a change of use for another Brethren business spectrum products (UK) ltd which is run voluntary with all proceeds going to the regional brethren school which is a school for the members own children? Or does it except children from within the wider community? the wi
  15. Not a fan of Alastair Campbell but he has a point the question also arises how much of the PPE equipment supplied by companies associated with the Plymouth brethren was defective?…& why should we the taxpayers have to bare the cost for this as Alastair Campbell puts it criminal incompetence?
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