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  1. Nothing really but if the candidates mindset is for remaining in the EU then I just don’t feel that I can vote for them.As silly as that might sound to you Tom it all boils down to my lost faith/trust in politicians after witnessing the last six months of the Brexit debacle. but having looked at the candidates I don’t believe that the con trickster has a cat in hells chance of getting in...my money would be on Sharon Michael as she is the standing being run closely by Diane Toynbee with the Lib Dem,Stephen Williams as a dark horse possible? if I do change my mind then I guess I will vote for Sharon Michael
  2. Had leaflets from only two candidates so far Diane Toynbee & Sharon Michael as it stands I will not be voting as I can’t vote for no con tricksters,Lib Dem’s I will not even entertain them, the greens are a anti Brexit party so they too have got no chance of gaining my vote,Sharon Michael ind not sure of her Brexit stance? as I could not be bothered to even read her leaflet...as the way I feel about politicians at present is not printable!
  3. Diane Toynbee & Nigel Ely are two names I recognise who are both standing in the locals & EU..so what will they do if elected locally then the EU elections are held they both get elected for that? havent checked though to see if anybody else is standing in both.
  4. Roger you are not alone in not voting in EU elections the turnout is traditionally low...in the UK the lowest turnout was 24% in 1999 in the last one in 2014 it was 35.60% which given the turnout for the referendum of 72.2% so say for argument sake that of the 48.1% who voted to remain there must be at least 12.5% of those remain voters who did not take part in the last EU elections? Which I find incredible that people who what to stay in are kicking up a fuss about a second referendum when they can’t even be both to vote in EU elections! http://www.ukpolitical.info/european-parliament-election-turnout.htm
  5. & who will you vote for if they do not have a representative standing?....do you think whoever is standing that they will knock on your door Roger or even campaign in this area given that they will be hoping to become one of 7 mep’s representing the West Midlands which is the region Herefordshire comes under. out of the 7 one comes from Herefordshire I can’t say I know anything of this person I’ve never seen them,spoken with neither can I ever recall them writing in the HT or even heard them speak on one of the local radio stations? heres a link listing the others who I’ve also never heard anything about? http://www.europarl.europa.eu/unitedkingdom/en/your-meps/uk_meps/west_midlands_region.html
  6. What was agreed? ■ A Brexit extension "only as long as necessary" and "no longer than 31 October" to allow for the ratification of the withdrawal agreement ■ The UK "must hold the elections to the European Parliament" and if it fails to do this, the UK will leave on 1 June ■ The European Council reiterates there can be no reopening of the withdrawal agreement negotiations Read the EU's conclusions here. so if we fail to hold EU elections we must leave on June 1st....we the people should attempt to sabotage the elections by peaceful means in order to make sure these elections do not go ahead as it is a complete waste of time & money in my opinion.
  7. I’d like to wish Amanda Martin & John Harrington all the best as I hope both can get elected as I feel they both will do a good job even though they are not in the same party.
  8. First point I respect your opinion however that does not mean I have to accept your argument as I do not & I would suspect you do not accept my side of the argument either? yes it is as anyone of voting age has the opportunity & right to do so except those I believe that are incarcerated? So those that decided not to vote for whatever reason should have no complaints at the outcome of any election or referendum as they unlike yourself did not take up there right to exercise that vote but you in doing so you should except the result regardless as you where happy enough to take part in the referendum. you say you except the system but yet you do not accept the result? So why take part in voting if your not willing to accept the outcome or is it just when it’s not to your liking? i did say that & the proof I have is every time one of them opens their mouth a lie pops out you even said it yourself that both sides lied during the referendum campaign where they not mostly all politicians? well more fool Cameron then isn’t it for calling it in the first place regardless of his reasoning but he did call for it & you willing like many others took part in it with no complaints at the time from yourself or anyone else for that matter I suspect? happily in the knowledge no doubt that it would be a landslide for the remain camp but shock of horrors the British people turned round & stuck two fingers up to all the arrogant remainer’s & the EU who all thought they’d never lose the vote...but they did & that’s democracy whether you like it or not? if they are called I will try to organise protests outside polling stations but if you wish to exercise your right to vote then that is your free choice to which you have ever right to do so as I do too have the right to peaceful protest against. again your 100 people in a room argument is floored as those 100 people in a room who do not exercise their free right to cast a vote that is there own fault so should have no complaints at the outcome neither those who voted against the result either as it just shows that they where unable to garner enough votes to swing the outcome in their favour.
  9. Do you use the same formula for general & local elections? Because it is pretty floored in my opinion....Also did you vote during the referendum? No the Brexit situation has come about because people on the remain side along with those remain MP’s have refused to except the result...you saying you don’t respect the vote because both sides lied is a very weak argument as all politicians are known liars & do so when there are votes at stake in any election...which I’m sure you are fully aware of?...unless of course you are saying that it came as a complete surprise to you that politicians are able to lie at all??
  10. Well the Westminster gangsters are doing all they can to prevent us leaving so a no show at the EU ballot boxes with protesters outside would send a clear message to them that we want out in my opinion
  11. Yes megilleland I agree but I feel it is pointless voting in EU elections given we are supposed to be leaving?
  12. That is your right but given you are a remainer I’m not surprised that you will vote in the EU elections I however will not because I do not recognise the legitimacy of it the EU that is given we should of left on March the 29th but far from stopping anybody physically from voting im suggesting a peaceful protest against voting so please do not try to insinuate that I am suggesting to forcibly stop you or anybody else for that matter from voting as I am not but I do feel it is a waste of time voting in that particular election.
  13. If the PM IS GRANTED A EXTENSION to leaving the EU then the UK will more than likely have to take part in EU elections...but I would urge folks in the UK not to take part in but rather boycotting with the setting up of picket lines to peaceful encourage people not to take part in them so as not to give them legitimacy so as to send a clear message to our corrupt politicians & the EU itself that we have had enough of there shenanigans in trying to keep us in the unholy union which is contrary to the referendum vote in 2016 But the big question is would people actually take part or just act like sheep in excepting their fate?
  14. Thanks SOG it was...she’s gone up in my estimations that’s for sure...never expected a reply let alone a polite one! Who is her pugnacious husband?
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