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  1. Somebody might like to ask a Con candidate about the Blind College - Council spends £6.25m on campus purchase You are viewing content from Sunshine Radio Herefordshire and Monmouthshire. Would you like to make this your preferred location? News Home More from Local News Monday, April 15th, 2019 6:51pm By Carmelo Garcia - Local Democracy Reporter Share on Facebook Share on Messenger Share on Twitter The total cost to local taxpayers to help rescue the struggling college for the blind in Hereford amounts to more than £6m. Herefordshire Council’s contracts and assets cabinet member Harry Bramer made the decision in February to spend £5,395,000 on purchasing the Royal National College of the Blind’s southern campus. The total capital cost amounts to £6.25m which included stamp duty, land tax and other purchase costs of £635,000. Extra costs to cover legal valuation, project management consultant fees and contingency costs are anticipated to total £220,000. Council officers say the project finance will be drawn from the development partnership capital programme bringing forward budget allocated for 2019/20. This is funded from capital receipts reserve. They also say that the RNCB will continue to occupy some of the buildings in the very short term with the view to moving their entire provision to the northern campus by 2020. Hereford College of Arts occupies the main building on the site while having access to other areas and will remain in the building for the long term providing an income stream to the council. The council will be considering growth opportunities with its development partner in the near future and will continue discussions with its key education partners. Chris Jenner, technical services acting assistant director, said in a report: “In the short term the property provides an income stream for the council under an existing lease to the Herefordshire Arts College which is due to expire in 2023. “This income could be deposited in a sinking fund to cover liabilities. “There is potential to increase the income stream through further letting of accommodation to the RNCB, effectively a sale and leaseback arrangement in the short term.” The site comprises a number of buildings including a grade II listed red brick Victorian building which is currently used by the arts college under a lease. Other buildings vary in age and use and includes a café. The property has parking areas at different locations across the site. The proposal was circulated to all political groups at Shirehall but no comments or questions were received leading up to the decision.
  2. This from Jim Kenyon Jim Kenyon for Hereford & Herefordshire South 8 hrs · Kath has worked with me in the Tupsley ward for the last 4 years she is hard working intelligent and trustworthy, she is standing in the College ward for the county council please if you live in the area Vote for her if you don’t tell a friend who does if you need another reason to vote for her when she wins she will knock out an absolute idiot of a Tory who is quite possibly the most self serving prat I have ever met “and I’ve known a few”
  3. She wanted no lusted after the post of Prime Minister apparently since her Uni days when she proudly announced she would be PM one day - heavy is the cross and all that. Nobody knows just how many people she had to stab to get that job. They are all as bad as each other.
  4. https://t.co/1jX5hcDU2u NEWS: County council bosses say they are reviewing the status of a dangerous building in #Hereford.
  5. Could be coincidence but surprise HT have this now - they should pay you Megielland a consultancy fee!
  6. would that be a promotion?
  7. https://www.herefordshire.gov.uk/downloads/download/1969/statement_of_persons_nominated_-_district Here's the list then
  8. well that is a good job then there is Ian Duncan Smith too and that Truss woman
  9. You have not got Esther Mc Vey and Jacob RM in your list
  10. £100/week - that quantity of scaffolding never in the day of this Lord - surely
  11. https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17526715.civic-society-to-host-hustings-ahead-of-elections/
  12. About time a forum was opened for this. It is fairly public now Jon Johnson for Wormside is not standing again. I do not think David Harlow is standing either.
  13. Peri Peri or whatever it is called that is scheduled to move into the Matabeaux premises is all Halal apparently -
  14. From Sunshine Radio Herefordshire Council does not rule out criminal investigation Thursday, March 21st, 2019 8:29pm By Carmelo Garcia - Local Democracy Reporter Herefordshire Council officers are not ruling out that a possible criminal investigation is the reason past accounts at the local authority cannot yet be signed off. A leading councillor resigned from a committee last week over growing frustration surrounding the enigmatic issue preventing external auditors Grant Thornton from issuing a certificate of closure for 2016/17 accounts. Auditors say the matters related to a single issue which they cannot disclose due to confidentiality requirements. This matter is preventing them from issuing the certificate, but they said it had no direct implications for the current audit of the council. Monitoring officer Claire Ward said in a report to the audit and governance committee on March 19 that the council cannot say what the matter relates to. She said the exempt information ‘falls within many of paragraphs 1 to 7 in schedule 12A’ of the Local Government Act 1972. The authority would not rule out if the issue relates to a potential criminal investigation and would also not comment when pressed on which specific paragraphs of the schedule applied. Councillors have so far been unsuccessful in prizing answers out of officers at four different meetings. It’s Our County co-leader Liz Harvey said councillors were none the wiser despite setting a deadline for answers this month – she resigned with immediate effect during the meeting on Tuesday. “It says quite clearly that the council set a deadline for whoever it is who is providing with external advice,” she said. “Is it the police? “This is almost the final straw. Once again this is kicked down the road, beyond the next election. “Are we waiting for somebody not to be elected? Are we waiting for somebody to die? “Are we waiting for somebody’s contract of employment to run out so that we can say they are no longer an employee of this council?” Deputy monitoring officer Annie Brooks said the action was with a third party and they could not put the information in the public domain. Conservative chairman Paul Newman asked again why the certificate had not been issued and asked how long would it go on for. Chief finance officer Andrew Lovegrove could not say. “The process that is in place needs to conclude and once the conclusion is reached then we will follow another course of action which will come to an end and Grant Thornton can issue their certificate of completion,” he said. “I appreciate that is quite cryptic, but the issue is quite a complex one and we are reliant on external experts to do things.” A council spokesperson said external audit is an important part of ensuring the authority has effective governance arrangements in place. “External auditors Grant Thornton have given their opinion of ‘satisfactory assurance’ and signed off the accounts for 2016/17, however they are unable to issue a certificate of completion due to a remaining area of work,” he said. “No part of the report to the audit and governance committee was exempt, however the nature and details of this remaining area of work must remain confidential. “Once the matter is concluded Grant Thornton will be able to complete their processes and issue the certificate. “Due to ongoing processes there is information which needs to remain confidential at this time as its disclosure may affect the ability to bring the matter to a conclusion. “While it is rare that information is withheld when doing so we always consider whether the reasons for withholding the information outweigh the public interest in making the information public. “It is in the public interest that this matter is able to be brought to a conclusion.”
  15. Far too much for one person to win - only hope that he can see through the vultures and listen to the few sensible financial advisers..Hope some local charities and good causes will benefit from this win.
  16. Yet another building occupied by our Council in danger of becoming beyond economic repair https://www.herefordtimes.com/news/17501979.part-of-shirehalls-ceiling-collapses/ Please can we have a Council who actually cares about the county
  17. A little bit unkind but very funny and fairly true
  18. PLANNING | ✅ Planning permission granted for Burger King to open a restaurant in the former Lakeland Unit on Commercial Street in Hereford! The outlet will open this spring.
  19. Can somebody please answer a question of mine. Burger King say there will be 50 Full time employees yet Pepes Piri Piri say they will be employing 5 full time and 3 part time staff. It makes no difference to me apart from employment for the youngsters but why the enormous difference? Are Burger King's proposed premises 6 times larger than Pepes proposed premises.
  20. Again. Put a property in the care of the HC and it never looks as good again. Just how much is this scaffolding costing the tax payer?
  21. More New student halls approved by #Herefordshire's planning committee today, for the Art College & new university. The design was significantly different to the original submitted version, due to the visual impact on the railway station, a listed building . http://councillors.herefordshire.gov.uk/documents/s50064642/183841%20Station%20Approach%20Hereford.pdf …
  22. Perhaps Rone Price and all the other who so support the bypass idea that they want to go down in the books as the ones who brought the bypass to Hereford. Would they get the same notoriety with switching the lights off?
  23. Elections coming up they might well change their tune and adopt Colin's suggestion as their own.
  24. Well that might well be true but at the very least they should be affordable to the people who live in this county they should be of the size/type and they should be built in the right places!
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