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  1. Brilliant, Bobby! Wishing you, and all contributors and readers, a very happy, healthy and peaceful New Year. My hope for 2018 is that we can all be a tad more tolerant, and a whole lot kinder to each other. It costs so little - but can mean so much. Warm regards to one and all.
  2. Stop it! £287,320. Blimey. So.....she's off for 5 years sailing the seven seas. And you're quite right, Megilleland - there's plenty of room for the whole rotten bunch. Pity there wasn't a competition to name it.....I'm sure we could have come up with a few good ideas. I quite like 'Inadequate.' A little reminder of the state she left children's services in. Or Maybe ....'Asset Stripper' ?? It has a certain...something, don't you agree?
  3. Bought herself a bloody yacht???? Ye Gods. Be nice if she could take Tony and Harry along as the deck hands......I've heard The Bermuda Triangle is an interesting destination.
  4. Can we just wait to see what the facts are, before jumping in with comments, all guns blazing? The 'terrorist bus attack' turned out to be...not a terrorist attack. https://www.theguardian.com/football/2017/apr/21/dortmund-bus-attack-suspect-arrested-as-police-allege-share-dealing-plot On 21 April 2017, the federal prosecutor announced that it had arrested a 28-year-old German-Russian citizen, identified only as Sergej W., on suspicion of 20-fold attempted murder, bringing about an illegal detonation of explosives, and aggravated battery. The man had been staying at the Borussia te
  5. Pat Morgan on a world cruise, eh? So. The rumours were true!
  6. That's good to hear, H. I've heard similar reports. Slim...been there many times. Even in a large group, service is friendly and accommodating of our various needs. Veggie/ Gluten free etc. Ubique! Top man! A letter of complaint. Love it! Much better than just leaving a review on Trip Advisor.
  7. I can't say I'm a fan of Maduro. To me he is a wolf in sheeps clothing - a populist authoritarian masquerading as a democratic socialist. I got why Jeremy supported Chavez - but Maduro? No. It will be interesting to see what is or isn't said about current events as they unfold. We all make bad choices sometimes in the people we offer a hand of friendship to - just look at Thatcher and Pinochet... http://www.independent.co.uk/voices/comment/tories-have-forgotten-that-thatcher-wasnt-just-a-terrorist-sympathiser-but-close-friends-with-one-10507850.html
  8. Hi Paul, oh you poor thing. That sounds awful. If you were feeling brave - I'd go in and complain/explain....I'd be really interested to hear how your experience was dealt with. The more I talk to people, the more I'm coming to realise that we just don't seem to complain when we receive bad service. The modern way of complaining is to leave a review on Trip Advisor! This is useful - but it doesn't reflect just what businesses would/wouldn't do, when faced with a dissatisfied customer! Hope you're feeling better.
  9. Nice to hear from you secret squirrel! Hopefully we'll get quite a few members views on here. I was thinking - I know, the second time in as many days - and service isn't just about restaurants is it? It covers shops as well. I don't know if anybody has spotted it, but there's a rather fabulous new shop in Church Street - Timothy Hawkins Gallery.This gem of a place contains.....all manner of beautiful, locally made, totally gorgeous....things! From furniture to jewellery. Breathtakingly good. And the lady in there was lovely. Genuinely warm and welcoming. She knew so much about the
  10. Quick update Slim... The friend in question has called round in need of wine and a natter! (Obviously I was the best choice!) She rang the restaurant today and asked to speak to the manager.....it was the lady who had served her the day before. So...I guess when you say 'training starts with management' if that's an example of what the manager deems acceptable customer service, then there's little an unhappy diner can do.
  11. Trip Advisor Reviews.... 1. Bad food, Bad service, Avoid! Shockingly bad! , Starter, I ordered marinated prawns wrapped in noodles and was given prawns wrapped in filo pastry! Im no master chef but really! They could have been from any supermarket, upon eating the third filo wrapped prawn I had to spit if out, 100% raw, blue, i was nearly sick. The most inexperienced waiter ive come across serving food did not have a clue what he was doing, he took my plate away and came back offering more prawns, no apology what so ever from the chef or the Manager. After eating the rest of the meal wit
  12. Hi Slim, you're post is really interesting! I can only speak for myself - and I have never been in a situation where food/service has been truly awful - but I don't think I'd have the nerve to leave without paying! Morning Colin, thanks for sharing. It sounds as if the Miller & Carter menu debacle is similar to Thai Gallery. I'm sure we can all understand errors or mishaps....to me, it's the complete lack of customer service that is the real issue. Good to see you have found Hereford Beef on the menu....and that's from a vegetarian! (Albeit too far to be a quick lunch destinati
  13. I'm lucky enough to eat out quite regularly....I rave about Nutters, and Little Black Dog. King Street Kitchen never disappoints, and The Rocket Cafe is fab. The one thing all these places have in common, is the lovely warm welcome you're given. Friendly, helpful staff. After hearing about today's events, I shall appreciate the wonderful customer service in my eateries of choice even more! We've just had a 'Scores on the Doors' thread, about hygiene ratings.....perhaps this thread could rate on customer service?
  14. Ok. So this evening I received an email from a very good friend of mine - I've known her for years. They are the sort of person that would do anything for anybody, and is always relentlessly cheerful! (Unlike myself!) Today she took her daughter in law for a birthday lunch at Thai Gallery. ( I've been on a number of occasions myself - the food is great.) They went in, and although it was very quiet, were shoe horned onto a tiny table. They ordered. My friend deliberately chose a dish containing no mushrooms, with noodles and a few other bits and bobs. When the food arrived, my frie
  15. Afternoon Irena, The link was the report that the President has signed the third of the controversial laws. He vetoed two...but they are just going back to be 'tweaked.' I wouldn't call the reported ' hundreds of thousands ' of people on the streets ' professional protesters '. I would though, term those bussed in from across the country, to give Trump a welcome, 'professional supporters.' As I said before, I'm sure this will continue to unfold..... I do agree that this has veered completely off topic, so I'll say no more! Take care.
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