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  1. Someone with a grudge I expect or who is in need of help from Stonebow Unit.
  2. Go to the CCG website. Go intio Meetings, somewhere you will find the agenda for next week’s meeting, see you there?
  3. I am hearing rumours that some cars in Newton Farm have been sprayed with acid over the Christmas break. Does anyone know what had happened ? I hear the police have been involved but I can not get more information. The story is that a women was seen spraying acid on cars in Charlton Avenue, anyone know what has occurred?
  4. No not that soon. There isn’t a regional parliament yet and Herefordshire is only a sub region. We need to fight it as long as possible which is one reason why so much economic, structural and cultural building is happening now. We have to be prepared to stand up for ourselves when we join the ‘big’ boys cause Herefordshire is seen as small fry although we bunch above our weight.
  5. Actually Megilleland, there will not be a Herefordshire Council in 25/30 years time. Herefordshire will send 6/8 elected representatives to the West Midland Regional government, and the parish councils in the county will Be much larger, with budgets, who will deliver the services they could deliver now. ( Parish Councils can control allotments, car parks, cemeteries, and a number of other responsibilities, although this is likely to change over the years)
  6. Sorry guys but the tram is not sensible. In South Wye there is a bus route within two roads of your house. A tram way would be ten roads at least fro majority of homes and going nowhere near where majority of people in south Wye want to go. No good for Hinton, Putson, Lower Bullingham or most of Newton Farm. Unless a tramway covered the whole city area, charged no more than 50p a trip, had return trips at least every half hour and could get 20,000 travel trips month, no commercial investor in their right mind would spend a £m on building a new terminus, garage, rolling stock and laying track plus put down a financial bond to the council for repairs, bankruptcy, etc of say £100,000, it is not going to happen.
  7. The LA have to ensure a commercial rent/rate is paid and yes 75 years is about normal time for lease. This is not in defiance of the law and is normal practice across the UK.
  8. Welcome. Herefordshire is a wonderful county to live. Mainly rural but with some progressive towns like Ross and Ledbury. Hereford is well on its way to becoming city capable of looking after its self. Like many such rural areas it has its drawbacks, but with a new university, progressive businesses, and some great local pubs etc I think you will find not that different from Cornwall. Hope you will be happy here.
  9. First can we all be painent please. When you move into a new house is everything perfect straight away? It is not a road to no where , it is a road to the future. At nearly 70 I regret I am unlikely to see it full fill its true protential. It had opened up an area I suggest most of you have never seen before. It allows the new Police/ fire station to be built and access to the new doctors medical hub. New homes can be built for the people who so badly need them now and for those who will be coming into the county to new jobs at the university and at Rotherwas, that will help to build the economy of the county. It has taken nearly twenty years to design and build and advise given from road experts from outside the county who develop roads like this nation wide. Please give it a chance to settle in, it may have taken some of you by surprise and taken longer to get to your destination, but are you sure it was the new road that held you up and not the Christmas shoppers wanting to come into town to spend their money?
  10. This is good and interesting news. Now all the LAs he worked for should reopen the files he worked on to see if there are any reasons to question him further!!
  11. You may be right but when the poppies arrive, the footfall is likely to be more than Coventry’s. please don’t let me find a retailer or food outlet not taking advantage of it in February and March! They will be named and shamed!! Let’s be positive about the city and county, we have so much going for us.
  12. I saw an old edition of the Hereford Times, 1909 I think. Can’t remember. Everyone was up in arms, never work, waste of money, road to nowhere. Today it is one of the busiest road in the city but fortunately, Barr’s Court Road is going to be much less busy after Monday!
  13. Good Evening, Ubique and Everyone. I have already mentioned about the sound system. I agree we need to do more to make it more clear. I am a little deaf and find it difficult to hear what is being said. I will certainly pursue this as it is particularly important that we get it sorted for next year. I am not an expert on this, but it may be because of the surrounding buildings? You may have seen that this year there was a screen up close to the Town Hall, this was to enable people in St. Owen Street to see what was going on. Was this a success? More people than ever are attending and the event is planned some weeks ahead with the RBL, City Council and Police meeting up to discuss all the issues. I am not involved with that but I understand that the thing about the crowds getting closer is a logistical one. Leaving space for the uniformed groups to march and those laying wreaths to get to the cenatraph unheeded. There is also a security issue. But again I will mention it to those who do the organising. It was great to see so many there, paying thier respects. For the first time ever, we had the Munition Workers recognised. The lady in the wheel chair, Nancy, is 99 years old, she was going to be joined by two other ladies but I am afraid the other two ladies were too indisposed to take part. You may have seen a camera crew following Nancy. This is part of the BBC ‘In Side Out’ programmes campaign to get national recognition for all munitions workers. Without them, the result of both wWorld Wars would have been much different. Ubique, that poem is wonderful, not come across it before. It is great that so many people turn out to say Thank You, we owe all who serve to keep us safe a big Thank You.
  14. Good Evening Paul and Everyone. Yes, this event at St. Martins is open to the public. We all need to show our support to all our veterans and to those who did not make it home. Please come along, make yourself known to me, you will be welcomed by all the veterans. On Sunday 12th November, for first time ever, at St.Peters Sq, we will be joined by the last of the Canary girls. The women who worked at the Rotherwas Munitions Factory. We need to be proud of our mothers and grandmothers who worked there, sadly, to few to attend on Sunday. For those of you who are at home, watch Women at War on Friday, BBC 1 9.15 am. Three former local canary girls will be on the telly. Two of them, hope to be well enough to be in St. Peter’s Square on Sunday to watch a wreath being laid on their behalf. When you are 90 something you cannot be sure you are able to attend!
  15. Paul, yes you are correct. In the small garden where the cross is at the end of St. Martins Street.
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