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Hereford Fire Station Planning Application

Aylestone Voice

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As as 08.15 today (Monday): 49 and still they're rolling in.  And for an example of 'damned with feint praise', read Hereford City Council's pathetic contribution!


Yes, we commented on this some while ago - here is the response (in full). Note this is not an objection!


'We have no objection in principle and appreciate the need for new Fire Station in Hereford; however, we regret the loss of Bath Street building and think it’s unfortunate to locate the Fire Station on such prominent site in the City'.


A very disappointing (and badly written) piece of fence sitting by the parish council, so much so that one must wonder what the back story is ...

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Sarah Lowe replied after the deadline so she would be excluded from speaking.  Also because she is I think a Council employee.


A word of caution people who write well do not always speak well.


John Llewellyn Perkins does anybody know him?


Or there is a lady from Breinton with a double barrel surname who wrote an objection anybody know her?

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Our Denise is right. Good writers are not necessarily good speakers. The point raised by our Aylestone Voice needs to be quickly addressed, namely who should speak for all. This is important and its now the only one single thing we've got control over.

I'd respectfully suggest that 'we' should quickly resolve this.

I'm guessing Dippy and Twowheels would decline and so my personal choices would be either Cambo, The Gridknocker, Aykestone Voice or Megilleland. Of those names, I know that any one of them could stand up and deliver our collective thoughts on this issue and calmly get our points across.

Me? I ain't suitable and I know it. Stick me behind the 'mike' and I'd either have it snatched off me or I'd drift into areas that weren't of any relevance to the subject.

Lets sort this one out as soon as possible. JLP is a great speaker as is Amanda Martin but these two good people ain't shown their hand on this topic and I've no idea whether or not they'd be interested.

Whoever does decide to step forward needs to do it sooner rather than later.

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Yes, I'm afraid I would have to decline.


I would be happy for anyone on Bobby's list to deliver the three minute speech. I guess the questions to ask are, firstly has anybody done this type of thing before, and who is comfortable doing it??


(Feel free to pm me if you don't want to post your thoughts on the thread.)

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No not yet will chase it up thou


Have you had a real response to this yet? Its coming up for 4 weeks since his holding letter.


Interesting that the holding letter from our Conservative MP is sent by a Conservative member of our council working for him.  When the constituent has an issue with something the Council is proposing to do, and asks for the support of the MP, how can it be right for a councillor to respond on behalf of the MP? 

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Order of speaking and time allotted



(1) Parish/Town Council appointed representative(s) - 3 minutes in total 


(2) Objectors - 3 minutes in total 


(3) Applicant/Agent/Supporters - 3 minutes in total 


Please note that in each case there is just one 3 minute slot per category. Speakers are welcome to share a 3 minute slot. 

In exceptional circumstances the Chairman has discretion to allow a longer period for speaking 


Bearing in mind the age of the heritage (over 100 years) and the number of objectors, the Chairman hopefully, will be able to allow more than 9mins, but we will see.

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Interesting that the holding letter from our Conservative MP is sent by a Conservative member of our council working for him. When the constituent has an issue with something the Council is proposing to do, and asks for the support of the MP, how can it be right for a councillor to respond on behalf of the MP?

I have emailed mr Atkinson today but so far no reply?!

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'In each case there is just one three-minute slot per category.'  There they go, moving the goalposts again! 


When the accursed Link Road came up for its ritual nodding through, several objectors requested - and were given - the right to speak. 


Now HC's advice (in the case of several objectors applying to speak) is 'you'll have to confer amogst yourselves!'  Which is bureaucratic codswallop.  I'm sure democracy still rules in Shropshire!

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Cambo - you've done more than most in this campaign and are best placed to speak on behalf of objectors - public speaking is certainly not my forte. 3 minutes is quite a long time, if you've marshalled all your thoughts beforehand and drafted and honed a succinct script with all of the key points. Don't make it political and don't make it personal. Just don't do a MiIlliband and leave half of it out!


The university news today of course is yet another reason why this is the wrong site at the wrong time for this application - so much for the council's much vaunted 'joined up thinking'.

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Herefordshire Council Tree Officer comments:


The proposed development requires the removal of several trees, shrubs and hedgerow. The trees identified for removal can be identified within the tree survey accompanying this application as T1 Yew, T2 Corsican Pine, T3 Yew and T4 Corsican Pine. 


These four trees are situated within what is currently a car park along the eastern boundary of the site adjacent to Bath Street. 


The Corsican Pine trees are mature, in a good condition and with a significant amenity value providing a focal point and a visual screen from other nearby buildings. The two Yews are young mature trees in a good condition forming a joint crown below the Corsican Pine trees and also making a positive contribution to the character of the area. 


I have carried out a Tree Amenity Evaluation Assessment on these four trees and they have all scored above the level required for inclusion within a Tree Preservation Order (the benchmark is 15 and these trees scored 16). This indicates that it would be appropriate for a Tree Preservation Order to be placed on these trees. 


These trees make a positive contribution to the Character of the Conservation Area as well as being trees of significant amenity value and are, therefore, worthy of retention and protection should the site be developed in accordance with BS5837:2012 the protection of trees on development sites. 


This assessment is borne out by the arboricultural report submitted with this planning application which categorises the condition of these four trees as good with a considerable future life expectancy in their current setting. 


I feel the loss of any of these trees would result in a significant loss of amenity, therefore, they should be retained and adequately protected during any proposed development of the site. 





More sense being spoken.

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I have extracted a piece from John Harrington's lettter of objection about the condition of the existing fire station.


attachicon.gifJ Harrington Obj.jpg


So no rush to move then.


The second para accords with my experience at the consultation when one of the suits said they would be prepared to wait 'a couple of years for a better site'. The whole thing is baffling and illogical. The Council end up with a levelled site half the size of the present one, and presumably of half the value. We lose irreplaceable trees and heritage buildings and gain a hideous shed in the wrong place. That’s it. It can only be madness, can't it?

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If you are going to speak that is good as you know a great deal about it. As for me whilst I would be happy to speak I feel that due to my past dealings with the Planning Committee I perhaps would not the best reaction from them.

Presumably we will be able to get an indication of the Committee date from the case officer and if so be prepared for the report to be published which is one week before the meeting, and at which time the invites for speaking are sent.

Once those are out it is important to get back to  them asap to register. We will then know who else wants to speak and discuss who gets the opportunity. Of course if you register first then the decision is in your hands. If there are a number we can request the Chairman of the Committee to extend the time from 3 minutes.

All that said if you want any help putting a three minute speech together I am happy to meet up if that helps.

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