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Hereford Fire Station Planning Application

Aylestone Voice

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Thank you all for the vote of confidence. I am up for doing it!

I did go & do the radio this morning with a few others outside the old boys home. I can't seem to located it on the BBC Hereford worcester website? If anyone did hear it then I'd luv to know wot you thought?

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Bit off topic, but couldn't resist this put down by another national body. Looks like another loss for Herefordshire and tourism. Maybe they can put a fire station on it and local National Trust members can hand in their memberships.
They have become one of Britain's best loved gardens, complete with fountains, a Christmas orchard and an array of topiary.
But now, the Laskett Gardens in Much Birch, Herefordshire, will be destroyed after the National Trust said it would not preserve them because they were not important enough.
Sir Roy Strong, a former director of the National Portrait Gallery and the Victoria and Albert Museum, was so upset by the decision he decided he will not keep the garden open. 
Sir Roy designed Laskett, the largest private formal gardens to be created in England since 1945, with his late wife Julia Trevelyan Oman, a theatrical set designer. 
He began talks about leaving them to the trust three years ago, but he received a letter last month saying the offer had been rejected.


Is there no room for any culture in this county?

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I might have known he would support it.


No surprises there.


We must keep shouting about this, and telling anyone who will listen. Cambo and I were amazed at how little folks knew about these plans when we were out leafleting the other weekend. People who are virtually living next door to The Working Boys Home knew very little if anything about the proposals.

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Analysis of emails received to date see post 40 (58 sent - 23 replies including follow up email) 13th October 2014


Planning Committe (20 members - 8 replies)


Conservative (9)


pcutter@herefordshire.gov.uk - Chairman

bdurkin@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Undecided, but likely to Support)






bwilcox@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied away, but likely Support)


Independents (5)

abridges@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Against)

pjedwards@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Undecided)

jhardwick1@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Undecided)




It's Our County - IOC (4)

lchave@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Undecided)


jon.norris@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Undecided)



Liberal Democrats (1)

paandrews@herefordshire.gov.uk - Vice Chairman (replied, but likely Support)


Green (1)




Other Councillors not on Planning Committee (38 members - 15 replies) 


Conservative (18)




hbramer@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Support)



jjarvis@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Support)

ajohnson@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied assume Support)

pjones2@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied assume Support)

jmillar2@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied, but likely Support)

pmorgan@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied assume Support)


rjphillips@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Support)







Independents (8)


sbowen@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Undecided)



srobertson@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Undecided)



gvaughan-powell@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Against)


It's Our County - IOC (8)

epjharvey@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Undecided)

jkenyon@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied, but swaying towards Support)

mlloyd-hayes@herefordshire.gov.uk  (replied Undecided)





aseldon@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied No Comment)


Liberal Democrats (2)




Green (1)



Independent - No Politcal Group (1) 

rpreece@herefordshire.gov.uk (replied Against)


Not sure what this tells us. We can assume that all the Conservatives will vote yes in support. Anyone want to email the non repliers and see if they can get some response even if it is only an acknowledgment.


Hardwick, John (Cllr) Independent reply said:


"As a member of the planning committee I do not intend to make comment prior to the application being debated at a forthcoming planning meeting.  At that meeting the officer will present the application and we as members of that committee will then be able to best make a decision of support or refusal.


As you will no doubt be aware we must not allow predetermination to cloud our decision." 


Tell that to the Conservatives.

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The conservatives will take a party line that's for sure under orders from bramer??!! No surprise there.

I think it's time to get on the phone & start asking them directly looks like I'm going to be busy?!


They are still accepting objects so anyone on the voice who has not done so? then I urge you to do so, one line is all it takes as we need to apply pressure to these councillors & make them realise & understand that this is a bad idea so a alternative site eg bus station or along the new link route would be a far better option rather than damage the central conservation areas landscape & depriving the city of its heritage!

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I've spoken with cllr Blackwell conservative on the phone he would not give me a answer either way,as he said it would be wrong to do so before it comes before the committee. which is a fair point, but he did say that politics should not play a part in the planning process?… We shall see

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Reply received today from James Hughes, The Victorian Society


The Society has been contacted about this case by a number of people. The Council only formally consulted us very recently. I will be writing to them today to support the comments of English Heritage, who make a very persuasive case for refusing consent.


James Hughes, Conservation Adviser


The Victorian Society, 1 Priory Gardens, London W4 1TT 

Telephone 020 8994 1019  Direct Line 020 8747 5892



Sign up for our newsletter!


The Victorian Society is the national charity campaigning for the Victorian and Edwardian historic environment.

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Brilliant news!!


This all adds to what is now becoming an extremely strong case for saving The Working Boys Home!


This campaign is really gathering momentum now, with other groups picking up on this. Together, I feel we stand a better chance than ever of getting a really positive outcome!

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Why have the Council left it so long?

We all know the answer to that ........think it wasn't in the Councils interest to ask .


Wonder if , other than the Cllrs is there much support for smashing down the Working Boys Home for a poorly designed Fire Station?

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The petition, as of a few minutes ago, has 349 signatures, which is fantastic. At some point, I would suggest, it needs to be submitted in paper form to the planning office, possibly with a HT photographer present. It's important that it forms part of the lodged objections. Is there a way to do this by those that started the petition? I see that on the petition page it says 'How it will be delivered - Press conference in person if the opportunity arises'. I think the moment to make the opportunity is nigh.

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Excellent news about the Vic Soc throwing its weight behind English Heritage.


Though numerically, objections recorded may only amount to around 60 (which I guess is what will be reported to the members of the Planning Committee when the application comes before them), in terms of the numbers of individuals represented by those objections - Woolhope Club, Society for Aiding the Industrious, HCS, Vic Soc - this is well in excess of 1000.  The solitary disappointing group whose voice could have added additional clout is Hereford City Council, whose comments, in my view, are utterly pathetic.

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