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  1. What has happened to the proposed community centre planned as part of the Keepmoat Homes/Herefordshire Housing development at The Oval - Planning Application P131390/O approved with conditions on 18th September 2013? A facility which would benefit existing and new residents.
  2. Make your vote count is pretty difficult when there is only one name on the ballot paper. From The Slog today: In an astonishing drift towards Soviet democracy, 300 council seats in England have been guaranteed for one party or individual before a single ballot has been cast, weeks before the May 2nd polling day. The closed shop of shoo-in candidates affects around 850,000 voters across Britain. 150 councillors will win their seats without a single vote being cast. In these wards the candidates are running uncontested meaning these candidates ‘win’ their seats automatically. And Parties or independent candidates have also been guaranteed an additional 152 seats, as multi-member wards go ‘under-contested’ – i.e. where a lack of competition means that at least 1 seat in the ward is guaranteed for a particular party or independent candidate. The scandal of 21st century Rotten Boroughs has come to light thanks to painstaking research carried out by the Electoral Reform Society (ERS). And the most telling statistic is this one: While the Conservative Party will get 137 of these undercontested seats, Labour will get just 2 (two) This is because the Labour Party accepts that, in many Wards, FPTP (first past the post) leaves them with no chance of winning. Yet they appear not to be worried about giving their supporters zero choice at local level. In fact, from the Leader downwards, they oppose any move away from FPTP. How curious that a Party so often using “democracy” as its watchword should be so unconcerned about a lack of it. Make your vote count is pretty difficult when there is only one name on the ballot paper.
  3. Hereford's H. Samuel store to close By Charlotte Moreau, Ledbury Reporter The jewellery retailer is set to close this summer. THE number of empty units in High Town is set to increase with the loss of another big name shop. Jewellery chain H. Samuel have today confirmed that the company will not be renewing the lease on their long-established Hereford store. A familiar feature in Hereford's High Town, the store will permanently close its doors when its lease comes to an end this summer. An H. Samuel spokesperson said: "The H. Samuel store at 22 and 23 High Town, Hereford will close on June 22. "We continually re-assess our portfolio of stores on a store by store basis, particularly when individual store leases come up for renewal. "We are sorry to be leaving Hereford, however we do have a wide online offering." The company was keen to assure shoppers that the Hereford closure is an isolated one which bears no reflection on the future plans of parent company Signet's business estate overall within the UK but declined to comment further. The company, which was established in Liverpool in 1862, was acquired by the Signet Group, which also owns the Ernest Jones and Leslie Davis jewellery chains. H. Samuel currently has around 300 stores across the country and employs around 17,000 staff.
  4. Up to 119,622 views this morning.
  5. Good advice Colin. Despicable people out there who pimp on the vulnerable.
  6. In the Daily Depress today: YouGov's poll on April 10 to 11 - the first since Brexit was exteneded up until October 31 - shows Labour a clear leader with 24 percent of the public's backing. The Conservatives are in second place at 16 percent, said the poll of 1,843 people. That is a steep drop from the 2017 general election. Meanwhile, Nigel Farage's Brexit Party, which was officially launched on Friday, is third with 15 percent backing, and UKIP is on 14 percent. Another new party, Change UK, which includes Chuka Umunna among its number, are on seven percent. The Liberal Democrats are on eight percent, the same as the Greens, while the Scottish National Party and Plaid Cymru are both on six percent. 15th April - Farage's Brexit Launch has had 99,561 views in 4 days - at this rate nearly a million views possible (945,829). The problem remains that the vote will be split although the poll above was undertaken with only 1,843 people and this has put the wind up Theresa and her Tory cohorts.
  7. Quite right. but included wards which people perceive as part of the city due to large housing developments.
  8. Just watched Nigel Farage launching the Brexit Party, and introducing first European parliament candidates, Coventry, 12th April 2019. Over the hour, while watching the video launch, 1245 other people had viewed it. Over the 24 hours since the video was launched 17011 have watched it. So maybe 875,000 views before the vote.
  9. The parcel has been passed to the EU and they are going to decide the fate of the UK as planned. Hands in our pockets again, economic control over our lives. Just hope the remainers are keen to rally to a call to the EU army - especially the youngsters when conscripted to wage war in Africa.
  10. In The Daily Mail - 10th April 2019 County lines drugs lord, 32, relied on three runners with a combined age of 169 to push crack cocaine and heroin worth £75,000 into quaint market towns * Nicholas Ward ran sophisticated drugs empire from his home in West Bromwich * He used couriers aged 61, 55, and 53 to deliver to customers across Midlands * Ringleader jailed for nine years after police smashed the gang in a raid in 2018 The leader of a county lines drugs gang relied on three runners with a combined age of 169 to push crack cocaine and heroin into market and spa towns. Nicholas Ward, 32, ran the hotline from his home in West Bromwich, West Midlands, and employed runners, including Adrian Tipping, 61, John Kettle, 55, and Anthony Clarke, 53, to supply more than 80 'customers' in Malvern, Worcestershire, and Ledbury, Herefordshire. It is thought Ward, known by his alias 'Nathan', made up to £75,000 before police stopped the gang in March 2018. The runners were largely paid in drugs.
  11. Alex taken the copy of your image as it is straight to the point. EU Referendum Results 2016 By Votes 17.4m Leave - 16.1m Remain By Constituency 406 Leave - 242 Remain Constituency by Party Labour: 148 Leave - 84 Remain Conservative: 247 Leave - 80 Remain By Region 9 Leave - 3 Remain By MP 160 Leave - 486 Remain Brexit isn't the problem. It's our MPs who are the problem.
  12. The agony of Brexit goes on. possibly another year to drag it out. May needs to just get up and walk away. The EU wont be happy till they have milked us dry and decide our destiny.
  13. Town Hall Rich List 2019 In 2017-18: There were at least 2,454 council employees who received total remuneration in excess of £100,000. That's 148 more than in 2016-17. 608 council employees earned over £150,000. A total of 28 local authority employees received remuneration in excess of a quarter of a million pounds in 2017-18. The local authority with the greatest number of employees receiving remuneration in excess of £100,000 was Essex council with 55 employees in total earning over this amount. Essex also had the highest number of employees earning over £150,000 at 13. The TaxPayers' Alliance (TPA) presents the Twelfth Town Hall Rich List, the only comprehensive list of its kind, with council-by-council breakdown. Praised in the past by politicians from across different political parties, it is the go-to guide for local government executive pay deals. It details the full remuneration and many of the names of all local council employees whose remuneration exceeds £100,000. Many senior managers at local authorities have performed well in tough financial times. There are many reports of residents seeing no difference in the services they receive despite the necessary savings being made. However, the Town Hall Rich List also showcases the executives who have overseen failing departments, or received bumper pay-offs after poor performance in the job. THE REPORT COUNCIL BY COUNCIL BREAKDOWN OF DATA Salaries £278,603,551 Expenses £1,106,790 Bonuses £654,920 Compensation £8,710,473 Pension £38,528,461 Total £329,948,787 Herefordshire's top 6"earnt" £713,500 Wonder how many of these were women.
  14. These are the city wards: The following is a statement as to the persons nominated for the election of a District Councillor on Thursday, 2nd May 2019 for the Herefordshire Council - 1. Aylestone Hill Ward 2. Belmont Rural Ward 3. Bobblestock Ward 4. Central Ward 5. College Ward 6. Eign Hill Ward 7. Greyfriars Ward 8. Hinton and Hunderton Ward 9. Holmer Ward 10. Kings Acre Ward 11. Newton Farm Ward 12. Red Hill Ward 13. Saxon Gate Ward 14. Tupsley Ward 15. Whitecross Ward 16. Widemarsh Ward
  15. Leaving maybe next year and possibly never.
  16. The voting system in the UK needs changing to represent the views of the public - has to be made compulsory subject to fine. After all the politicians say the referendum doesn't reflect the view of the UK. If you don't vote the present system first past the post suits the two main parties to a tee.
  17. The EU don't give a stuff how we vote because they will ignore us and still take our money.
  18. Newport West 2018 by-election result Ruth Jones (Labour) - 9,308 votes Matthew Evans (Conservative) - 7,357 votes Neil Hamilton (UKIP) - 2,023 votes Jonathan Clark (Plaid Cymru) - 1,185 votes Ryan Jones (Liberal Democrats) - 1,088 votes Amelia Womack (Green Party) - 924 votes June Davies (Renew) - 879 votes Richard Suchorzewski (Abolish the Welsh Assembly Party) - 205 votes Ian McLean (SDP) - 202 votes Philip Taylor (Democrats and Veterans) - 185 votes Hugh Nicklin (For Britain) - 159 votes Turnout was down 30% on the last election. In reality, nobody wanted to vote for Corbyn's Labour, Theresa May's Conservatives or for Neil Hamilton's UKIP. People can't be bothered to get off their arse and vote - should be made compulsory with an option to abstain. The present voting system suits the two major parties and nothing will change toy town politics. The public need to get serious.
  19. Newport West by-election being held today . Hope the people give Parliament a clear message on Brexit. With eleven candidates standing it will be interesting to see how the voting splits - no doubt to the advantage of the two main parties. Newport West 2017 election result Candidate Party Votes Vote % Change% Paul Flynn Lab 22,723 52.3 11.1 Angela Jones-Evans Con 17,065 39.3 6.8 Stan Edwards * UKIP 1,100 2.5 -12.7 Morgan Bowler-Brown * PC 1,077 2.5 -1.5 Sarah Lockyer * LD 976 2.2 -1.7 Pippa Bartolotti * Green 497 1.1 -2.0 * Candidate lost their deposit
  20. The Slog says it better than I can: And today we have another attempt to destroy or prolong the agony of a drawn out Brexit with the two head numpties shackling together a deal that benefits only their parties survival and sells us down the river.
  21. Herefordshire Council FULL TERM LOCAL GOVERNMENT ELECTIONS 2 May 2019 Election Timetable ELECTION_TIMETABLE_LGE (1).pdf
  22. THE SLOG ANALYSIS 29 March 2019: WHY BRITISH FREEDOMS & FUTURES DEMAND THAT MAY’S WITHDRAWAL DEAL MUST BE REJECTED AGAIN (extracts - well worth reading this article in full. It may be the last time you'll be remembered as an UK citizen and becaome a vassal of the EU). We are beginning to separate the wheat from the chaff when it comes to the term ‘Brexiteer’. Only Francois, Cash, Redwood, Hoey and a handful of others still deserve the monniker. The Prime Minister’s “deal” will produce fractious EU trade, continuing obeisance to EU Law, loss of military independence, potentially endless Stage2 trade negotiations and severely limited restrictions on our trade beyond the EU. Above all, it is a purgatory from which we could very easily be returned to Hell by a future British Government. Brexit is a mere skirmish. The War we are engaged in here is between the individual citizen’s right to control a creative personal destiny, and the totalitarian systemic processes of the insane corporacrats. WA3 must not pass today. If it does, the current Parliament will have ceded our trade sovereignty for a lengthy period, and ceded our military sovereignty forever. The final step in our scrotaloctomy would be joining the Zombie euro. If a change of Government after the coming General Election is more minded to revoke Article 50 (and that will happen unless We the People exert direct tactics and pressure at constituency level) then such will undoubtedly be our fate. As has been seen BREXIT isn't an exit door it is a revolving door.
  23. While our lot in Parliament have been playing in the playground the EU have slipped this through behind our backs. There will be no choice the EU will use our information just the same as the USA. It is not control of the internet - it is control of the people.
  24. Hereford Times - 28th March 2019 Opposition groups join forces in bid to run council By Ian Morris, Assistant Editor HEREFORDSHIRE Council’s three largest opposition groups have joined forces in a bid to oust the Conservatives from power at Shirehall. The Herefordshire Independents, It’s Our County, and The Green Party have agreed to support each other in the run up to the May 2 county council elections. Group leaders hope to form the Herefordshire Alliance if they receive enough support from the electorate for a change on the council. One of the alliance’s proposals is to remove the cabinet system and move to a committee style of governance, involving all elected councillors, as soon as the council constitution allows it. Its leaders are asking voters to get behind the alliance candidate standing in their area – whichever of the three groups that candidate is representing. It’s Our County co-leader Liz Harvey said the alliance was hugely important in bringing about change at the council. “Vote for us if you believe in a broad more representative council,” she said. “A vote for an alliance candidate in your area is a vote for us all.” Green group leader Trish Marsh said her party has always been keen to cooperate with other parties they share common ground with. “We have a strong record on this nationally and locally,” she said. “None of the opposition parties have the resources to effectively contest and win elections in all wards in the county. “We all have to make decisions about where to focus our energies, based on existing strengths. “We all have a shared interest in freeing the council from one-party control, improving scrutiny, sharing responsibility, and moving towards a more consensual, broadly-based politics.” Meanwhile, the Conservatives said it was their intention to field candidates for all of the council wards. Deputy leader Nigel Shaw said: “The Conservative group is aware that the opposition parties have had difficulty in finding candidates willing to stand in many ward areas, so their decision to work together in an electoral pact is not surprising. “It is currently our group’s intention to stand a Conservative candidate in all 53 wards of the county in order to satisfy the demand of the electorate. “The Conservative group is proud of its record of delivery during the current administration when many neighbouring councils have suffered severe budgetary problems. “One thing is clear, if you want a Hereford bypass then only voting Conservative on May 2 can deliver this.”
  25. Latest Slog comment worth a read BREXIT ANARCHY: how lies, short memories and apathy killed a dream. (extracts) Another defeat for Theresa May, another cynical power-grab by a Remainer House of Commons, another massive march by the Remoanoid Sheep. March 29th abolished with the stroke of a Legal Instrument. Further ramrodding of the Constitution. But precious little from Leave leaders and voters. Only a miracle can save Sovereign Brexit now. So Brexit has gone from being something without the Customs Union to being something within it. The success of the Brussels strategy remains the triumph of organised lying over short voter memories. However, the key word there is “organised”. What we have here is a war of cheating persuasion in which Leavers have been comprehensively outthought, outplayed and outclassed by a more determined, activist and media-supported Establishment.
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