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Orthodox Jewish community at Hfd Blind College


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I was in Churchill Gardens today and saw and heard a large extended type family walking past in normal Orthodox attire. Various ages from about 4 years to 50. About 10 or 12 people in total. It was a quite surreal experience. They were all in their own 'bubble'. All talking to each other in, what I assume, was a Jewish dialect. Obviously connected to the gathering at Point 4. I immediately wondered to myself about where they all usually live. 

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On 11/08/2018 at 09:42, stephen said:

All I know they are quite insular, religious and have modesty codes which sometimes makes them appear standoffish , but I hope they are welcomed.    I think you mean Hebrew when you say "Jewish dialect!!

Nope. I didn't mean 'Hebrew'. Otherwise I would have said so. There are several variations of the languages they use and as I don't know the differences then I tried to be non specific in my observation. 

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