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    Castle Green Hereford

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I took this photograph on the 'Castle Green' early on this beautiful Autumn morning and I thought I would share it with you all.


    Castle Green October 2015.jpg

    Hereford 2020

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    What will our city look like, your thoughts...




    ​High Town Refurbishment

    The ‘High Town Refurbishment’ will create a consistent look and feel to help improve the city centre, which will attract shoppers, traders and businesses in to Hereford city. The Old Market development has improved the leisure experience in Hereford and has brought more people to Hereford city centre since it opened in May 2014. The refurbishment of Widemarsh Street in 2010 created a popular and attractive link between the old and new parts of the city and the High Town refurbishment will extend this area. The revamped Butter Market will provide a diverse space with a variety of businesses alongside retailers.
    Public consultation about this refurbishment project is scheduled for November 2015. Further details on how you can feedback on the scheme to follow.
    The High Town Refurbishment will be funded through the Herefordshire Council Local Transport Plan capital budget.
    Transport hub and refurbishment of Commercial Road, Newmarket Street and Blueschool Street
    High Town.png
    Arriving in Hereford by bus or train, you are likely to walk from the station along Blueschool Street, Commercial Road and Newmarket Street. The refurbishment of these areas will make the walk or cycle into Hereford city centre more pleasurable, helping people lead healthier and more active lives. It will also be easier for visitors and residents to use buses and trains at a new ‘transport hub.’
    Public consultation about this refurbishment project is scheduled for November 2015. Further details on how you can feedback on the scheme to follow.
    The area improvements and transport hub will be built as part of the ‘hereford city centre transport package’ with funding secured from the marches local enterprise partnership.
    Full details on the Hereford2020 Website

    Hereford Beer House Opening Soon

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Hereford Beer House is coming along nicely and will be open before you know it.


    Some additional life in West Street will be good, I'm sure.



    Maylord Orchards

    Adrian symonds
    By Adrian symonds,

    That place is getting worse, the toilets stink and a lot of the time are broken, maybe because now they are about the only loos left in the city centre and the lift seems to break down too often.


    The cleaning is awful, dirty and grubby and with all the stalls in the lobby it is far too crowded. It shows how far downhill Maylords have gone. A few years ago they would not have anything in the lobby at all, now they have what ever they can get.


    Who owns the place now?


    I know times are hard, but giving it a decent clean would not hurt it.


    70 Villa St,Hunderton

    By ragwert,

    I have relatives with young children living in one of the flats in Villa Street.
    Number 70 Villa Street is well known to police as a drug den also used for selling drugs.
    It was raided by police again about three weeks ago but still drugs are being sold and used.
    Tonight there are people in the flat fighting smoking weed,drinking etc.
    What does it take to have this type of scum evicted because my relatives and the residents have had enough.

    Large Police presence in bird sanctuary


    Anyone shed any light on this? Early evening last night.

    Congratulations Beefy Boys! Winning UK Burger Battle

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Congratulations to Hereford's 'Beefy Boys' for winning the UK Burger Battle 2015




    Beefy Boys.jpg

    twitter image

    Hereford Skills Club for children with Autism

    Denise Lloyd
    By Denise Lloyd,

    I have just seen this over on Facebook yet another very worthy cause struggling with funding - what on earth is going to happen to these poor young people who need extra help? 


    Herefords Skills Club for kids with Autism may have to close due to lack of funding! They will be holding a table top sale in December and are hoping for any kind of fund raising ideas or offers! Anything we could make a hamper up with to raffle? Any unwanted items for the table top sale? Anyone with a business willing to donate a prize for raffle or auction?

    Any help at all would be very very welcome. This club is entirely funded through charity, and has in the past been saved by Children In Need, but we can't rely on that!!
    Please help if you can, share away!!
    Sincerely, Thank you. x

    Click here to support Skills Club - children with Autism by Rachael Noble
    Skills Club Herefordshire is a not-for-profit group that runs a weekly Skills Club for young people from the ages of 8 to 19 with high functioning Autism. We aim to teach our young people the valuable skills they need to live as independently as possible upon transition to adulthood; cooking, mon...



    Hinton Community Centre Gym & Church Extension

    Frank Smith
    By Frank Smith,

    Hinton Community Centre have submitted plans for an extension to the gym and church with additional outside decking.


    Number P152833/CD3





    Money Shop Hereford Closed

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I see that the Money Shop in Commercial Road has closed and the nearest branch is in Gloucester, so unfortunately we have another empty shop.


    Money Shop.jpg

    SAY NO Believe In Britain

    Glenda Powell
    By Glenda Powell,

    SAY NO Believe in Britain


    Public Meeting October 22nd

    Belmont Abbey



    Doors open 7.00pm - starts 7.30pm


    Speakers EFDD MEP's and other speakers . Q & A to follow


    Book Tickets: ticketsource.co.uk/saynotoeu.  Free phone 0800 043 2126.

    Asda Petrol Station

    Robert Preece
    By Robert Preece,



    Just had an email from planning regarding a new application for a petrol station at Asda, the plan is on the Council site. I will no longer be a Councillor when this comes to planning but if my wife gets elected to the City Council she will do a walk about in the Ward to hear what your opinions are.

    Herefordshire locality stewards celebrate first year

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Herefordshire locality stewards are celebrating a year of significant success as they mark their first year anniversary. 

    The ground-breaking team, launched by Balfour Beatty Living Places (BBLP) for Herefordshire Council, has taken huge strides to improve local roads and public open spaces.
    The 13 locality stewards, who cover every ward in the county, have raised more than 32,000 jobs to fix problems from potholes to blocked gullies and dangerous trees to litter picking.
    Cllr Paul Rone, Cabinet Member for Highways and Transport, said: “The locality steward team has made a really positive impact since they started working across Herefordshire last year. The stewards are very knowledgeable about their localities and have developed a good understanding of local needs and priorities. They provide a valuable link between the service delivered by BBLP, Councillors, Parish Councils and the community.”
    In the past 12 months the team has inspected more than 12,000 miles of local roads to inform the Council’s two-year, £20 million road maintenance programme. Now in its final year, BBLP is on track to fix more than 67,000 potholes and complete resurfacing more than 120 miles of roads.

    Road signs ignored

    By ragwert,

    So I'm working in East Street which should be pretty quiet as to the amount of vehicles using it because
    it's a road you cannot go down as it has no motor vehicles signs at its entrance in Broad Street.It is just access only meaning you can only go down East Street if you need access to properties in East Street.
    But not only is it ignored by the general public it is also ignored by Taxis,Balfour Beatty vans & police cars.
    To say the residents down there are angry is an understatement and from what I have been told all their concerns fall on
    deaf ears.

    3 Bed House Available To Rent In Hereford

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    3 bedroom modern coach house to rent In Hereford.


    Modern kitchen with built in fridge/freezer, washing machine and gas cooker with electric oven. Bathroom and ensuite. Parking.


    Available beginning November £625 PCM plus bills.


    Message me for more details.


    SLJ House.jpg

    Voting Up/Down Feature

    By paulinehodges,

    I joined this forum because I am interested in what is going on in Herefordshire. I have been somewhat dismayed at the personal attacks that go on, so much so that it has put me off contributing. I am now horrified to see my name in print as being a possible perpetrator of some heinous crime of " down voting posts" I don't even know what this means let alone how to do it. I would hope the administrator would clamp down on this sort of behaviour. It does nothing to improve the art of good debate!

    Hereford Local Plan - Inspector's Report

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Dear All


    The Local Plan Inspector’s report was received this morning. A copy is attached for your information.


    Its receipt will form the basis of the reports to Cabinet and Council on 15/16 October 2015.


    The report will be made available on the website as soon as possible. Once it is available the Programme Officer will be sending an e mail to all those parties who have asked to be kept advised of progress on the Plan. That e-mail will direct the persons concerned to the website and will also inform them of other opportunities to view the report.


    Kind regards


    Andrew Ashcroft



    Andrew Ashcroft

    Assistant Director - Economic, Environment and Cultural Services

    Herefordshire Council

    PO Box 230

    Blueschool House

    Blueschool Street


    HR1 2ZB


    Local Plan Inspector's_Report_Sept_2015.pdf


    Local Plan Appendix_to_Inspectors_Report.pdf

    Disabled Badge Stolen ~ Whitchurch

    By Roger,

    Disabled badge stolen from car




    A DISABLED parking badge has been stolen from a car which was parked in Whitchurch.


    A couple left their vehicle unlocked in the car park at the Old Court Hotel in Whitchurch on October 12.



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