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    Traffic cone family,Perceverance Road

    By ragwert,

    Anyone who travels up & down Perseverance Road in the last four years will have seen these cones that have made a home next to the 2nd hand car dealers.
    Why they are there and who puts new ones back in the same place when they get mown down is a complete mystery to me.
    There are slight depressions around the drains but nothing that warrants traffic cones.
    Also they have been there for more than four years so if there was a problem around these drains surly it should of been fixed by now.



    Hereford FC in Midland Football League for the 2015/16

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Just announced on the Hereford Football Club Website 




    It has this afternoon been confirmed that Hereford FC will be entered into the Midland Football League for the 2015/16 season.

    This means the club will be starting at Step 5 of the National League football pyramid.

    Speaking about this news, Hereford FC Chairman, Jon Hale, said:

    ‘We always knew we were likely to be placed at Step 5, as Football Association guidance suggested we would have to start two divisions below the last league Hereford United played in.

    ‘As a club we will look forward to making new friends in the Midland Football League and clearly the local derby fixtures against Westfields will be hugely interesting.

    ‘Now we have clarity about the league we’ll be playing in, we can really focus on all the challenges that lie ahead of us. However, I know I speak on behalf of everyone at the club when I say these are challenges we are really looking forward to.

    ‘There is little doubt that as a club we have a quite a journey ahead of us and I think it will be an adventure that supporters can really enjoy.

    ‘I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that the day we can start thinking more about football is one I’m really looking forward to, and I feel today’s announcement is bringing that exciting day even closer.’



    Newton Farm Election - 13 August 2015

    Adrian Bridges
    By Adrian Bridges,

    I came across this tonight on Herefordshire Councils website and was quite surprised that there is an election in Newton Farm for the Hereford City Parish.


    Looking back too May I see that Glenda Powell and Phil Edwards were elected, can someone shed some light as to why we now have an election when surly the seats were taken up in May by the two successful candidates?


    I would find it quite difficult to say the least that one of the successful candidates from the May election did not take up their seat as this will now cost Hereford City Council many thousands of £'s to have a contested by-election when this money could have been spent in the local community.


    Election of a Parish Ward Councillor 
    For the Area of 
    Hereford, Newton Farm Parish Ward 
    To be held on 
    Thursday, 13th August 2015 

    Balfour Beatty rejects Carillion takeover

    By twowheelsgood,

    It's only a matter of time before this happens, following which there will be cost cutting and dumping of unprofitable departments, with 'Living Places' no doubt first in line. And then where will be ? It'll be the Jarvis/Amey stitch up all over again. Or do the sensible (and cheapest) thing and revert to direct labour?




    Carillion by the way are currently claiming £1.3m compensation from Edinburgh City Council after bad weather prevented the Niddrie Burn Restoration Project from completing on time … yes - builder sues council for allowing bad weather. 

    RTC Near Pontrilas

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Please be aware that the police are attending an RTC near to Pontrilas, where s lorry has struck the bridge. 



    South Wye Community Association

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    South Wye Community Association are very keen to retain the library and they feel that misinformation could actually prejudice these plans.  At the moment the proposal from Herefordshire Council is out for consideration/comment.

    The Community Association have emailed me the attached letter and asked that it be published on Hereford Voice in order to try and give a balanced view of what is happening.  Obviously we are all keen to ensure that we retain the library for everyone.
    Here is the letter:
    South Wye Community Association

    Belmont Community Centre

    Eastholme Avenue



    HR2 7UQ


    4 August 2015


    The Editor

    Hereford Voice


    Dear Sir           


    Belmont Library       


    Herefordshire Council’s current proposals could close some of its existing library sites, including the Belmont Library, and make more customer services available online. There could also be an opportunity to further share sites, and in turn, costs. The council could also extend community involvement to retain libraries in local areasIt is proposed to keep Hereford Library and The Hereford Centre (Customer Services), as they are the most used facilities.


    • Herefordshire Council has entered into the consultation process about the future of the libraries, and other services.
    • No decisions can be made about Belmont Library before the consultation process is completed.
    • If the community gets more involved in running and financing the Belmont Library, it can be retained.
    • South Wye Community Association, landlord of the Belmont Library, is engaged with other groups to save the library.


    Ex councillor Glenda Vaughn Powell wrote, in a post dated 25 July 2015 that, “At a trusties (trustees) meeting of the South Wye Community Association last week Cllr Edwards said the Library (Belmont Library) would close in March.” 


    The above statement is untrue.


    • No such trustees meeting took place, Cllr Edwards is not a trustee of SWCA, and certainly was not afforded the opportunity to make the comment that Vaughn Powell attributed to him!


    Ex councillor Vaughn Powell also wrote, “..as a member of the management committee for the centre”…..


    • So there is no misunderstanding, ex councillor Vaughn Powell attended SWCA management meetings, only by invitation, in her role as a Belmont Ward Councillor. 
    • her invitation was nullified when she was not re-elected on 15 May this year.


    Following the May elections, an invitation was extended to Cllr Tracy Bowes to attend SWCA meetings because:- 


    • Cllr Bowes was elected to represent the Belmont Rural Ward.  
    • Cllr Bowes has joined in the effort to save the Belmont Library. 
    • Cllr Bowes has taken a great interest in all Belmont Community Centre activities, and the Centre’s future development.




    For the record:-


    • Cllr Bowes has been appointed a trustee of the South Wye Community Association.


    All South Wye Community Association trustees and volunteers, who manage the Belmont Community Centre, are tired of reading and hearing about the disingenuous posts on Hereford Voice attributed by ex councillor Vaughn Powell


    To reiterate, Herefordshire Council is at the consultative stage of its proposals, and no decisions can be made until the process is completed. Meanwhile it is counter-productive for anyone to make wrongful statements regarding the future of the Belmont Library, which could prejudice the outcome of the council’s deliberations.


    Yours faithfully






    Trustees and Management Committee

    South Wye Community Association


    Annual Parish Council Meeting May 2015

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Minutes of a Annual Meeting of the Parish Council, held on Thursday 21st May 2015 At Northolme Community Centre, Northolme Road, Belmont Hereford.


    Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 21.05.2015.pdf


    Appendix 1


    Minutes Annual Parish Council Meeting 21.5.2015 Appendix 1.pdf


    Appendix 2


    Minutes - Annual Parish Council Meeeting - 21.5.2015 - Appendix 2.pdf


    PC Minutes April 2015

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Minutes of a Meeting of the Parish Council, held on Thursday 15th April 2015 At Northolme Community Centre, Northolme Road, Belmont Hereford.



    Minutes 9.4.2015.pdf


    Cllr Tracy Bowes Becomes Trustee Of The Charity

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Congratulations and well done to Cllr Tracey Bowes.


    South Wye Community Association is pleased to announce that Cllr Tracy Bowes has accepted an invitation to become a trustee of the charity. Cllr Bowes was selected to represent the Belmont Rural Ward in the May 2015  local elections, and is an enthusiastic supporter of the Belmont Community Centre. Cllr Bowes is fully engaged in the effort to keep the Belmont Library open which is part of the Centre. The Library’s future beyond April 2016 is in doubt, when its funding may be withdrawn by Herefordshire Council. Tracy is also committed to establishing a Wellbeing Centre on site which, if developed as anticipated, will utilise and expand the Library facilities. 

    All of the trustees and volunteers at The Belmont Community Centre look forward to working with Tracy to maintain and improve the Centre, so that it can continue to be a focal point of the community’s social activities

    One Job & They Failed!

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    They are given one job and they fail ha ha  :tongue_32:  :Blushing_32:



    Hereford Tops Tax Disc Clamping Charts

    By Roger,



    The Hereford area tops the league table, with 68 vehicles clamped in the last year, a 518 per cent rise on the year to May 2014.

    Daily Mail

    Ewyas Harold New Town ?

    By greenknight,

    Ok so I'm going to pitch this because I'm keen to hear the views of Hereford Voice. I've given it some thought over the weekend and I just wonder whether it might be a better idea to create a new town not necessarily at Ewyas Harold rather than submit demands on existing villages or blow out the boundaries of Hereford.

    What's your view?

    Cilla's gone!


    I'm absolutely gutted by the news that Cilla Black has died. A show business legend, glamorous personality and a Merseysider capable of belting out the best Beatle songs.


    What really get's my goat is that when the Grim Reaper woke up this morning (nursing a nasty hangover), Mrs GR mumbled to him under the duvet: "So who's it to be today, huggle bunny?"


    "I was thinking I might take out the Blairs," he replied. "Maybe have their private jet crash on its way back from Kazakstan? That Corbyn jibe about heart transplants was well out of order."


    "Let's go for Cilla", says Mrs GR.


    'Cilla? What have you got against poor old Cilla Black, me dearest?"


    "The teeth."


    "Rather harsh reason to take someone's life, innit?" says GR.  "After all, she's only 72 - and she's never got over the loss of her Bobby."


    And there you have it, Voice readers: seems we were within an ace of bidding farewell to Tony and Cherie Blair. Sadly, it was not to be.



    ...and Here's How Our Urban Streets Should Look...

    Amanda Martin
    By Amanda Martin,

    I attended a hustings in Dinedor on Friday when Cllr Peter Sinclair-Knipe assured the audience that he was very much in favour of the new Southern Link Road. This, you will recall,  is the Cabinet's shameful roadbuilding swan song which will spawn acres of shoddy new hutches and a big fat profit for house builders south of Hereford.  It would also  incidentally,  ruin Jean and Michael Harris's beautiful garden, although Cllr Sinclair-Knipe didn't mention that bit, probably because he doesn't care.

    Inevitably, the subject of the Council's pi*% poor record on transport came up.  
    I was guillotined for not phrasing my contribution as a question but blatantTory plants were allowed to speak at will about footpaths, stiles and what a wonderful job farmers and the Council are doing in looking after the countryside.

    Meanwhile Cllr Sinclair-Knipe, with his massive expertise and broad perspective in this field, was getting into his stride with an incoherent stream of party briefing key words like "jobs" "growth" and "market forces" and shrewdly anticipated the argument I would have made had I not been cut off with "When you say THE CONTINENT, you mean HOLLAND !  Cycling is all very well but YOU WON'T GET PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR CARS" and HOLLAND is FLAT and what about when it's RAINING and *cue triumphant chuckle*,  you can't get much shopping on a BIKE can you and, and, and (pause for tweeting birds)" ...................people haven't got TIME !!"      Apparently, though we all have time to sit in traffic jams. 


    Now Julian's walking round the house repeating "YOU WON'T GET PEOPLE OUT OF THEIR CARS........"  
    and suggesting Cllr S-K  probably drives along in his Turbo deluxe f*c _king Shogan tank with a shotgun pointing out of each window blasting peasants and wildlife.  


    Here's another gem: " It's all very well all these arts festivals, but WHO"S GOING TO PAY FOR THEM? EH? EH? The businesses? ARE THEY GOING TO PAY??"       Not very "Big Society".  

    ....and here's how our urban streets should look



    Nobody Discussing Healthcare?

    By dazza333,

    Why are none of you even slightly touching the subject of healthcare? Is it that you are happy to be treated by a hospital that has proven to be substandard? (CQC report on Wye Valley Trust, Oct 14)This hospital is in special measures and a 'Death Tracker' has been implemented by the CQC because it has the highest death rate in the UK..........discuss...

    Police Need To Find Owner Of This Bike

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Police need to identify the owner of this bike. Please contact PCSO Jenkins.





    Do the Police check the GWW?

    M. Preece
    By M. Preece,

    A friend of mine came home from town along the great western way the other night and commented to me on how scary it was along that walk. The lighting was very poor and could do with more lights being put up and brighter, she also suggested to me that it would be more reassuring if the Police drove along there at various times to check the area, especially when people are walking home alone at night.


    How would one go about asking for extra brighter lighting along here and ask the Police to frequent the area at various times? thus reassuring people with their presence?

    The High Town Bomb Site

    Aylestone Voice
    By Aylestone Voice,

    Is it not about time that something was finally done. A short time ago the owners did some tidying up but this included taking off the temporary roof thus opening up the building to the elements.
    Is there nothing really that can be done?
    Do the Council not have the powers either to require the site to be developed or to CPO it?

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