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  1. I'm surprised about Miller and Carter. We go there quite a bit, and the service has always been excellent, sometimes a bit too attentive for me, and always an excellent meal, which it needs to be considering how much it costs.
  2. Please read the following article for an unbiased account of events from a credible source. http://bullsnews.blogspot.co.uk/2017/03/the-very-few-idiots-are-unwelcome.html?m=1
  3. There is obviously a market for shops like this in Hereford, Flannels will provide the void left when Jingo closed. Pritchards, Homme and Callendras all have their regular customers, and might stop people going to Birmingham, Cardiff or Cheltenham. You only have to go to Edgar Street on a Saturday to see the market for Stone Island, Lacoste and the likes of Moncler is thriving in Hereford.
  4. Surprised to see Flannels coming to Hereford, but a bit of competition for Pritchards now.
  5. Is this event being run independently from Herefordshire Council or jointly?
  6. The Bulls are only 90 minutes away from the FA Vase final at Wembley, with the 2ND leg of their semi final with Salisbury tomorrow, and 1-0 up. Would be a marvelous achievement if they get there, and I feel like a kid on Christmas Eve, can't wait for Saturday to come!!
  7. See they have now rocked up in the over flow of the Merton Meadow car park!
  8. I have been an avid reader of Hereford Voice for about 12 months now, but when I decided to take the plunge to register, couldn`t think of an old hotel!!!! The Council is my worry, with that I agree with you, but in an election year, maybe wishful thinking, there is nothing in this county that can match the potential amount of pro-United voters. I haven`t listened to Jon Hales interview this afternoon on BBC H&W, but apparently he came across well with a lot of passion, but will reserve judgement until I listen to it on iPlayer. With regard to your glass being empty, anybody that has fo
  9. Bobby, as you stated on Bulls Banter, this is my first post here, so please be gentle!! I feel that in the next few weeks, more information about the Hales/HUST bid will be forthcoming, and maybe information about other interested parties, but let's not be rash. I personally, will wait and make my decision when I have facts not presumptions in front of me. I am a member of the Trust, and fully support the board, and I can understand your viewpoint, but until all the relevant sides show their cards, we are only guessing their intentions. Myself, I can't wait to take my seat in B Block again, th
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