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  1. I have a friend that this maybe useful for, well done to Dunelm
  2. The lasted much longer than expected but it is time to knock them down and build some new homes.
  3. We were advised last year that the bypass had bee paused, we have to wait yet another 6 months, frustrating indeed, I did believe that the new council would be more proactive than this tbh
  4. Boris for me and time to get shot of Corbyn and his cabinet of clowns
  5. About time!! I am surprised that have not been forced to change these hideous colours sooner completely not in keeping with the surrounding shops.
  6. I am just listening to this lay in the bath, I fast forwarded to the section where councillor Rone speaks, like you have said, it is not their idea Colin so they will always dismiss them, even though most Herefordians accept that the traffic situation is much better when the light are out of order, I think that is pretty evident.
  7. I have just downloaded this from the Hereford website, to me, your vehicle should not need a permit, so I would be tempted to complain
  8. I had the same problem when I took an old carpet from my mums house. I borrowed my friends little van and I could not leave it, so I literally had to come home and budge it all into the back of my car with the seats down, same bloke just smiled and allowed me to tip it, it is stupid, jobs worths!
  9. He hee this is funny, happy new year bobby47 and to all members
  10. So much for late night shopping in Hereford city centre, most closed at 8pm! Did I imagine it or something because I thought late night shopping was until 9pm? I was kicked out of Millets, then I went to Regatta and the door was shut as I approached, I went into M&S got upstairs and was then told by a member of staff that they were closed. JD Sports and Boots all closed. There were many people who thought the same thing, I wish I had stayed at the Old Market now because that was all open for business.
  11. It was never an issue for me growing up, most of these cyclists ride on the footpaths then on the road as and when it suits them.
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