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  1. Hello Katrina and welcome to the forum. I tend to agree with Victor however, I might also be tempted to speak with the store manager just to cover yourself.
  2. Stopped by yesterday nice guy and nice coffee
  3. Most of the cyclists I see ride on the pavements anyway and generally ignore traffic lights too.
  4. Police and local authorities needs to clamp down on people leaving their rubbish and generally littering. Big big on the spot fines win countries across Europe, we should do the same to those that are caught. The is no excuse!
  5. Good news that nobody was hurt, property can be replaced.
  6. Good to see that someone has been charged with this ladies murder.
  7. I have the same thoughts. These stories were something you saw in a movie years ago, now they are a reality and close to home too.
  8. Well done Blue Watch, a lot of heavy work involved t create this beautiful display, thanks for all your hard work and dedication. All emergency services do a difficult job and this is impounded now with this virus.
  9. This is really good news for Allensmore and immediate area
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