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  1. Oh dear, it does seem as if we will have to wait until some poor soul is killed by stepping into the road to avoid this negligence. I hope that those that have caused these obstructions will never sleep soundly in their beds ever again.
  2. Oh dear, what a mess left by late evening Revellers around this excellent sports facility. The nearby litter bin was half empty. Is this sheer laziness or do they just want to show how ungrateful they are? Luckily a young chap arrived with the hockey team and found a black bin bag and cleared most of it up. Partially restoring my faith in young people again.
  3. Nice, and plenty of room for Birds etc.
  4. Hello Liveslocal. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate that we must protect wildlife, but the hedges in question are not just this seasons growth but have been neglected for years. Particularly bad all along Hampton Park Road.
  5. As a frequent walker to town, I have noticed that, probably due to a wet spring and a magnificent summer, the hedgerows are more prolific than ever. Thus reducing a 5ft pavement to a little over 2 ft wide in places. This is extremely hazardous when meeting other pedestrians with pushchairs and children. Someone usually has to step into the road. I believe there is a local bye-law against allowing hedges to project beyond your boundary. I am afraid that this does not seem to be enforced.
    Hello. There are quite a few of these city centre maps floating about from various sources but this one seems to be the most accurate, up-to-date and clear, that I have found so far.
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