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  1. I agree with Colin, this is just a money making exercise because this road is normally choc-a-bloc with traffic so they have picked a day when they know there will be a lot less traffic about and looking to catch out the easy targets possibly driving 34mph. :Cha ching: :Cha ching: :Cha ching:
  2. PJ make a good pizza, good to see that shabby corner of Commercial Rd looking a lot more pleasant and brighter.
  3. And a MASSIVE earner for the UK, ten fold compared to what they are paid.
  4. Pictures look great, keep them coming! I do follow you on Instagram but also good to see them on the forums here.
  5. Happy days, the best result and so much deserved, good luck at Wembley.
  6. This was the result of the HT poll, which I didn't see until I read about it here, nevertheless, majority were in favour, even though the way it was worded could of been confusing to some, you had to click NO in favour of a tram and YES is you didn't want a tram and agreed with Councillor Price. Your vote Mooted proposals for a light tramway system to run along Hereford's Great Western Way have been ruled out by Herefordshire Council. Do you agree with this decision?Yes – it would cost too much and is not a viable transport solution 38% No – it would be a good, cost-effective
  7. I have driven down here in the ice and it is not good, seriously, so I find this decision baffling to be honest.
  8. Surely not ha ha, I cannot imagine anyone using these to go into town or work, it needs to be a proper tram, does not need to be huge but it would need to accommodate wheelchairs and possibly buggies. This type could work
  9. A tram along the GWW would be ideal and most local people agree, a proper study should be done, (not work of old studies from years ago) which would also involve a tram company for their input and advice. I am sure local companies would sponsor carriages with advertising to create revenue and help fund the scheme.
  10. I am in total agreement with Steve on his comments here too.
  11. 2 young girls raped in Hereford and it did not make Central News? The images supplied of the man that the police would like to talk too are the usual poor quality that we often see on CCTV camera's. I wish the owners or these camera would occasionally clean the lenses of it is almost a pointless exercise. I really do hope that they catch the person who committed this disgusting crime and lock him up in general population with other prisoners for a long time.
  12. I share your opinion Unique, and I also believe people have a moral responsibilty to speak with friends/relatives and possibly even report, it would possibly save lives. Good debate though.
  13. Just ignore Paul or should I call you a knuckle dragging wing nut? Lmao
  14. I did not say that did? What I said was Club 18-30 is designed for drink and fun holidays! I never suggested or stated that it was fine for ( us? )people to go to a foreign country, abuse the hospitality, break their laws and disrespect their culture, so actually you have misrepresented what I said 100% to suit your own agenda. Please show me where I said that? Equally, you could apply your description to many refugees, it is okay for some to disrespect western culture and abuse their sponsored countries hospitality, which has been widely publicised. You are trying so hard to find a
  15. You could apply the same lame argument to some ISIS members some of these are traumatised and damaged therefore their actions would be justified would they? Your lame Club 18-30 comparison is UTTERLY out of context. You are comparing people young people who have paid for their holiday which is designed for drink and fun versus someone who seeks asylum in a foreign country and is seeking shelter, welfare and help. On another note, take a drive around the centre of Birmingham one of the days or better still take a walk along the street in Sparkbrook without being completely covered head
  16. I am surprised that you still live in Hereford because all you do is moan! You was against the lying and taking the shops from the old city centre which we were told would not happen? You talk like you are blaming the council? This is a private venture and the stores can choose to go where the prefer? I do not recall being told lies? If I was a store owner, I know I would prefer a new building in a prime location with 12 months free rent over an old listed building with huge annual maintenance costs in some cases.
  17. This is a good example with the fog. I prefer the LED myself, have you tried looking up they are blindingly bright compared to the older style lights.
  18. I'm sure Colin would be flattered to hear that Bill. Good to have another empty shop occupied by a big name company like Oak furnitureland.
  19. This particular colour looks vile, so the verdict is out until I see the final shade but I am not entirely convinced blue is in keeping anyway.
  20. Competition is healthy and will help keep local prices down and I too agree with both sets of comments above. Good luck to Asda with their application.
  21. A Syrian passport was found on the body of one of the Paris attackers, The Associated Press, citing two unnamed French police officials, reported on Saturday. The report has yet to be officially confirmed by French police. The man, who had detonated a suicide bomb near Stade de France, reportedly passed through the Greek island of Leros on October 3, a Greek deputy police minister said on Saturday, according to Reuters. He was one of six known attackers responsible for a wave of violence throughout Paris on Friday and into Saturday morning that left at least 127 people dead. It
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