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  1. Brilliant, this was constantly on my timeline over the last month, so well done to all of those people connected to this event.
  2. People should be encouraging people and businesses to Hereford not constantly complaining about it.
  3. Probably inevitable, would would they change their commitments..hopefully next year will still go ahead.
  4. This has to be good news for the city. It will be good to see this place brought back to life once again
  5. Glad we got through this stage, was starting to think it would never happen
  6. Turn the main traffic lights off! (obviously not pedestrian lights)
  7. In need of a holiday 

  8. How can anyone complain about a war memorial? She should put her efforts into keeping the residents of Edgar Street who cannot park near the homes to the top of her agenda instead of sucking up to Andrew Wood and the overrated clean up group
  9. This is a graveyard and the police should move this person on, leaving this person there will only encourage others
  10. I was surprised at how much work has been done in the Butter Market, lots of improvements since I last visited Hereford.
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