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Found 7 results

  1. After 10 years of DJing in Play Nightclub Ian Davies is joining The New Venue. http://www.youtu.be/Fd2GnC96DiY Remember where you heard it first!
  2. Plans have been submitted for change of use of the ground floor below the Travelodge, from a public house (Class A4) to gym (Class D2) use. (formally restaurant) Security We are private club open to members only The club is locked at all times, with secure door access only via a unique member ID card Less than 1% of our members workout after 11:00pm and before 5:00am We install and monitor at least 16 surveillance cameras covering all internal and external areas of the facility Duress alarm systems are installed in every club including wearable pendant alarms and hard wired duress alarms that dial direct to a live emergency services operator and are connected by 2-way voice Entry is via an electronic security tag that holds of of the member's information and is recorded in our computer system as well as our security monitoring system every time it is used. The doors are locked 24 hours a day and all members must swipe in even during club staffed hours Sound + Lighting ​We engage regularly sound and acoustic consulting services when working with council during planning applications - example Noise Impact Assessments available on request Considerable effect is placed in taking account of importance of location and type of A/c units, plus flooring and suspended ceiling solutions that mitigate sound and vibration levels Lighting is sensor operated and will automatically turn off when no members are active in the club Lighting levels of 320 LUX Snap Fitness Website See planning application P163878/F here Landlord Pack PDF Misc.pdf Remember where you heard it first!
  3. The Oval toilets were finally demolished early this morning, I managed to take a few photographs and video
  4. Plans have been submitted to convert How Caple Grange Hotel into a boarding house for Hereford Cathedral School. The planning application to convert the former military barracks and council records office in Harold Street Hereford were refused earlier this week by Hereford planners however, a new planning application has now been submitted for change of use of an existing Georgian Country House Hotel (C1 Hotels) to a boarding house for Hereford Cathedral School (C2 Residential Institutions). How Caple Grange Hotel A Georgian Country House Hotel, 15,000 sq ft, set in over five acres of gardens and grounds could become a new boarding house for Hereford's Cathedral School if plans are passed. Planning Application P163850/F Remember where you heard it first!
  5. A quick little scoop.. Yates Hereford will close for refurbishment on October 17th and re-open November 11th 2016. This is a complete refurbishment every back to the shell and rebuild. I could end up looking similar to the newly refurbished Yates Reading see photographs here Remember where you heard it first folks..
  6. Apparently Graham Powell has resigned from the Cabinet, confirmed by Tony Johnson in letter today. He will still apparently remain as Cllr for his ward, Golden Valley South. David Harlow (Birch Ward) is replacing him. Remember where you heard it first!
  7. It is good to see another business occupying the former Palace Chinese Restaurant empty building in Commercial Road. PAPPAJOHNS Pizza opening very soon. Photograph with a few added HDR tones 'Remember where you heard it first'
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