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  1. Brilliant, this was constantly on my timeline over the last month, so well done to all of those people connected to this event.
  2. People should be encouraging people and businesses to Hereford not constantly complaining about it.
  3. Probably inevitable, would would they change their commitments..hopefully next year will still go ahead.
  4. This has to be good news for the city. It will be good to see this place brought back to life once again
  5. Glad we got through this stage, was starting to think it would never happen
  6. Turn the main traffic lights off! (obviously not pedestrian lights)
  7. In need of a holiday 

  8. How can anyone complain about a war memorial? She should put her efforts into keeping the residents of Edgar Street who cannot park near the homes to the top of her agenda instead of sucking up to Andrew Wood and the overrated clean up group
  9. This is a graveyard and the police should move this person on, leaving this person there will only encourage others
  10. I was surprised at how much work has been done in the Butter Market, lots of improvements since I last visited Hereford.
  11. I also know a few people who just produce kids in order to claim the benefits. Why should I pay my tax to support other peoples children? If they cannot afford to have children then they should not have them in the first place did they not hear about contraception? I agree with Katie Hopkins on this front.
  12. This is good to know, I can cancel my motor insurance now then and put my foot down a bit more :)
  13. I agree Colin 100% enforce the law and issue bigger fines, that is the only way it will ever be controlled. This never happened on this scale when was a kid growing up.
  14. All of this in a space of just 20-30 minutes is unbelievable, interesting to see as there is no real argument here, the camera does not lie.
  15. Well I am just venting my frustrations bobby, it is not right, and if a cyclist riding illegally on a footpath rides into me or my kids that is violent is it not? I understand that there is not enough infrastructure for cyclists but in fairness I have noticed when I travel about that a lot of towns and cities are slowly addressing this and it is not something that can happened overnight, nevertheless, many cyclist are just downright rude, selfish and cocky, I see this all the time and yes I know the same applies to motorists but the motorists does not windge and play the victim card. I didn't realise just how many people ride bikes on footpaths and flout the law to suit themselves until I started to read through this thread and now I cannot help but notice these people myself.
  16. I do not agree at all. The law is there for a reason, you cannot decide which laws you are going to abide by and which ones that you are not. A member on here has already said, how long before the person on a scooter/moped decides I don't feel safe on the road and decides to join the other illegal footpath riders? You talk as if the footpaths don't have pot holes, a lot of the time they are much worse than the roads themselves. I tell you what, if I am walking along the footpath and someone cycles too close towards me and my kids, I will be pushing them off! Lets see what they think about that. Clearly some idiots in these photographs and videos which frustrates me because I only have to just touch my mobile and I will get nicked, fined and issued a loads of points yet an uninsured unregistered cyclists can flout the law and nothing is done about it.
  17. Colin, you run Hereford Voice very well especially considering how many topics and discussion are on here. It is very easy to sit behind keyboards and criticise. Well done keep up the good work and thank you for providing this platform for all us members to be able to contribute to the various and sometimes controversial debates.
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