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    South Wye Regeneration

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    South Wye Regeneration

    The South Wye Regeneration Partnership was set up in 1999 to put in place a realistic and targeted regeneration programme which would make a significant difference to the lives of people living in the South Wye area (the wards of Belmont, Hinton and St Martins - pre 2003) as well as those working at the Rotherwas Industrial Estate. In order to do this the Partnership successfully secured £4.3 million of Single Regeneration Budget from the Regional Development Agency, Advantage West Midlands. This investment was match funded and resulted in a programme of £13 million over 7 years.

    The Partnership set itself a mission at that time to:-

    * Create an active and lively community where everyone who lives and works in the area has equal access to services and opportunities.

    * Improve the local environment so that it reflects the pride of local people in the place where they live.

    * Build a strong and competitive local economy by investing in local people and local businesses.

    At the end of the SRB programme the Partnership carried out an evaluation of the programme. As a result of this work and surveys that were carried out with residents and businesses in South Wye, the Partnership produced a forward strategy and action plan to continue regeneration work in the local community. The Partnership now has a new strategic board and is working to deliver the actions identified in the forward strategy, as well as contributing towards the strategic objectives of the Herefordshire Partnership's Community Strategy.

    The South Wye Regeneration Partnership has identified a new vision for the future for South Wye. The vision is:-

    * An improved perception of the area by both residents and outsiders;

    * The integration of services into the community;

    * The continued provision of co-ordinated education for children and young people;

    * A cleaner, greener environment; and

    * A cohesive community of South Wye.

    For more information please contact The South Wye Regeneration Manager at:

    South Wye Regeneration Partnership

    Kindle Centre


    Belmont Road


    HR2 7JZ

    Tel:- 01432 383230

    Email:- southwyesrb@herefordshire.gov.uk

    Walk - In GP Medical Centre

    Glenda Powell
    By Glenda Powell,

    Hereford's new walk-in Gp medical centre has reported a steady start.
    It opened on December 14 at its temporary HQ next to Asda store on Belmont roundabout and it is now gathering momentum.
    In its first week 185 patients attended but last week a total of 309 people sought advise there. five patients attended on Christmas Day.

    Euan Mcpherson, spokesman for Herefordshire Primary Care Trust, said early indications showed patients were happy with the service.
    "it takes time for people to get to know about the new centre and the number of people attending is gathering pace" he said.
    Responses from patients show they are happy with what they found, none had to wait longer than one hour, parking was easy and the waiting rooms and consultation rooms were bright and cheerful.
    The walk in centre,open from 8am to 8pm daily. is run by Primecare which already provides the out-of-hours GP service in Herefordshire. The practice manager is Malcolm Sampson.

    Some useful numbers at Hereford County Hospital are:

    The County Hospital 01432 355444.
    Out patients appointments 0800 587 4089.
    Children out patients 01432 372946. (direct line)
    Physiotherapy out patients 01432 364026 (direct line)
    Ante Natal appointments 01432 355444 ext.2951/2952
    Charles renton Unit. 01432 364107.

    Cllr Glenda Powell

    District and Parish Councils Belmont Ward.

    Glenda Powell
    By Glenda Powell,

    I have been asked by residents in Belmont Ward about the difference between the Unitary (Herefordshire Council) and parish councils.

    There are two parish councils, one for Hereford City which covers the Newton Farm and Hunderton estates ONLY as both of these are within the city boundary.The thing that sets it apart from the other parish council is it has a Mayor who carries out civic duties for Hereford City. also a Deputy Mayor both are elected into office by the city councillors for a period of one year.

    How did councillor Edwards miss this lot?

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I understand that councillor Edwards was only walking around belmont pool the other day and as lpusseycat has rightly pointed out there is all this rubbish dumped there, so how on earth did he miss this lot?



    Belmont Pool

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    A picture of Belmont Pool I took early one morning



    What is the latest about regeneration?

    Frank Smith
    By Frank Smith,

    What is the latest about regeneration for the oval, any updates or news?

    Contact Information

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Contact Information


    Police - 0300 333 3000

    CRIME STOPPERS - 0800 555 111


    Herefordshire Housing - 01432 384000

    * Repairs - 01432 384124 (daytime)

    * Out Of Hours Emergency - 01432 352555

    * Antisocial Behaviour - 01432 346095

    * Out Of Hours Emergency (ASB) - 01432 384186

    * South Wye Office - 01432 346091


    Homepoint - 01432 359500


    Herefordshire Council

    Switchboard - 01432 260000

    Homeless Team - 01432 261600

    Housing Council Tax/Benefits - 01432 260333

    Environmental Health - 01432 261765

    Lights Out Street Lighting - 0800 783565

    Gas Emergencies - 0800 111999

    Electricity Supplies - 08457 353637

    Welsh Water Emergencies - 01432 357146

    Belmont Medical Centre - 01432 354366

    Belmont Chemist - 01432 356182

    Out Of Hours (NHS) - 0330 123 9309

    Prime Care Out Of Hours Advice Line - 0845 4647

    Prime Care Trust Belmont - 01432 344344

    Hereford Hospital - 01432 355444

    How do i add an avatar or picture?

    Frank Smith
    By Frank Smith,

    How do i add an avatar or picture?

    Details of Belmont Pool

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    New countryside site for Herefordshire

    South Wye Regeneration Partnership, Herefordshire Council, Belmont Rural Parish Council and Hereford City have worked closely together to finally complete the purchase of Belmont Pools. This taking place shows the true value that can be achieved from working together.

    Belmont Pools make up sizeable lakes on the doorstep of Hereford City and they are both an important recreational resource and valuable wildlife habitat and the intention will be to make them properly accessible to the public as soon as is practically possible.

    Will Lindesay, South Wye Regeneration Partnership, Chair said: We are absolutely delighted that this purchase has now taken place and look forward to developing an action plan to take the development of the pools forward.

    Thanks to the commitment and interest shown from the community, we will be able to develop this into a wonderful recreational space. We will be working with our partners to distribute a leaflet to local residents and plan to have a community meeting in the new year to advise on progress and plans, he added.

    Rob Hemblade, interim parks, countryside and leisure development manager at Herefordshire Council, said although the county benefits from its many rivers, stretches of open water such as lakes and pools are quite rare so this site will offer a tranquil place for local people to visit and enjoy.

    The Pools are also a haven for wildlife and important for many waterbirds such as swan, heron, various species of ducks, moorhens and other waders which inhabit or visit the pools as well as the wealth of other wildlife that the water supports.

    The next step is for the Countryside Service with its Partners is to produce and implement a management plan for the site to bring the pools and surrounding woodland back into appropriate management for both wildlife and public access, and carry out repair work on the dams,†he added.

    The purchase of the pools also brings Herefordshire one step closer to the realisation of the proposed Haywood Country Park for south Hereford.

    The pair of man-made pools on the A465 south west of Hereford are near to Belmont Abbey and next to Newton Coppice. Not too much is known about their history - many people assume they were created as fishing pools for Belmont Abbey, however the Pools appear on the tithe maps of 1839, pre-dating the Abbey, which was not built until 1854.
    In more recent history they were used by the former Bulmers Fishing Club whilst being in private ownership.
    BelmontPools infor for Cllr Powell.jpg

    Hereford Shopmobility

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Hereford Shopmobility



    Herefordshire Youth Service Bus

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    The bus is in Newton Farm on Thursdays, opposite Kilvert Road Park - times from 6pm til 8.30pm. Nintendo Wii, refreshments, info and fun! Its FREE! :Happy_32:



    Heineken Pay Six Figure Sum For Polluting

    By Guest,

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