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School Double Decker Buses for South Wye

Glenda Powell

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Information I received from Amey

Some of the bus routes which school pupils will be travelling when the new term starts in September, you will see in the attached a lists of roads where Amey will be carrying out tree works (some crown lifting and balancing of trees within South Wye)to facilitate double decker buses travelling through.


Works are needed to facilitate the safe passage of the buses and so need to be done promptly. The following streets which is indicated in RED will be done first, YELLOW second, no colour when required.


Newton Farm



The Oval both sides

Masefield Ave

Charlton Ave




Waterfield road.



(no colour code)


Ross road,

Marlbrook road

Walnut tree Ave





Winston road.


However, as tree works of any kind are often emotive any queries / complaints please contact me.

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