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Local Politics.


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Not so long ago I couldn't have cared less about local elections and the purpose of Councillors. I used to think that I'd vote at the General Election, which I allways did, and the rest of it was a load of rubbish which I wasn't interested in.

Now? Ive changed my mind. National Politics have become very distant to me, I get the impression they are moreorless the same, and, with the exception of UKIP, they have nothing new and original to say.

Nowadays, since I've been blogging and I've learned a great deal about how local power is used, I've come to the conclusion that local politics is much more important than the politicians and mandarins that flounce around Westminster and Whitehall and I've decided that whatever 'we' want or need, they ain't going to deliver it to us and therefore, we've gotta get hold of power and pull the levers ourselves.

That means, we've all gotta start taking more interest in our local politics and take more care about who we elect and who we want to pull the levers of local power.

The next time we hold our local Council elections, when some shiney bloody happy clappy person comes trotting up your path and says, 'vote for me because I live around the corner and I look lovely in a suit' ask them questions and make them earn your vote.

They've had it easy for to long (not you Glenda) and its about time we, the little people started using our collective strength and began to hold some of these elected Councillors to account.

I've been to some of these Council meetings and I've seen at first hand how dull and unimaginative many of these Councillors are. They are not clever'er than us, they've not got more wisdom than us and believe me, some of them struggle to say anything other then Yay or bloody Nay. In short, many of them are thick and some are completely unsuitable to be anywhere near power and the levers of power that they can pull in the name of local democracy.

My idea of a Councillor is of course someone like Councillor Powell. A grafter who earns the right to be called Councillor. It's not someone who takes the money, sticks their bloody hand in the air and votes away another twenty million bloody quid on something that we don't want or don't need.

I say we've gotta start looking in different places to find our leaders. The ones who've walked in our shoes and are able to stick their hand up in the air and say, 'No. Get stuffed. We don't need things we can't afford and things that we don't bloody need'.

My conclusion is, the safest bet is an Independent and someone who ain't driven by political dogma and are not slaves to a political party that dresses themselves up as good, kind and understanding but they are really out for themselves and the glory that comes with being called Councillor.

We've gotta change things. We've all gotta start thinking more about local politics and we've all gotta start taking more care about who we elect as a leader.


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Agree totally Bobby. Politics locally and nationally are causing upset and disarray. Government policies are working against the interests of ordinary people and the nation and their approach is seeping down to local authority level - witness the cutbacks and lack of consultation where decision making is made. The cabinet system, used here in Herefordshire, where a small group of councillors decide what is best in the interests of their party and not its inhabitants. So much is going on it is difficult to know where to start and get involved to help change things.


I think there are four important dates as far as Herefordians are concerned which could affect our daily life and future here in Herefordshire, UK and Europe.


1 European Parliamentary Elections

The European Parliament serves for a fixed term of five years. The next European election is expected to be held in June 2014. The actual date will be confirmed by the Secretary of State. This provides an opportunity to vote for a party that will keep us in or take us out and send that message direct to the UK Parliament on the feelings of the electorate.


Herefordshire is part of the West Midlands constituency which is represented by six members of the European Parliament (MEP).


2 Herefordshire District Council Elections on 7 May 2015

Herefordshire is divided into 40 wards represented by 58 councillors. Elections for Herefordshire Council are held every four years on the first Thursday in May.


3 Hereford City Elections

18 Councillors are elected for each of the seven wards that make up the City of Hereford. Elections are held in conjunction with the Herefordshire District Elections every four years in May unless a member resigns in which case a bye-election is held.


4 Parliamentary Elections

Members of Parliament (MPs) are elected to the House of Commons. Each parliament's government serves for a maximum of five years. The Fixed-term Parliament Act 2011 sets the date of the next general election at Thursday 7 May 2015 and subsequent elections to be held on the first Thursday of May at five year intervals. Herefordshire is covered by 2 MPs:

Jesse Norman, Hereford and South Herefordshire

Bill Wiggin, North Herefordshire


People hope that things will change for the better, but the effect of the present electoral system means that we just go from one party to another all robbing the taxpayers for their own ends. Alternative parties are not going to get a look in unless more of the electorate get up and cast a vote at the above elections. I know who I am going to vote for. Nigel and UKIP.


Have you notice lately that the Hereford Times and the general media seem to be backing off from bringing items of interest to their readers. No matter what you turn on or read they all say the same thing - what the government wants you to believe. I get my news from UK Column and for a more pithy approach from the

who tells you as it is, although his delivery may offend some people.


Colin's website here could go along way to helping people change the system. We do not have to go on like this for ever, only a couple of more years!

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In May 2015 all ward boundaries change therefore the number of councillors will change, The Belmont ward as it is now will change to three separate wards Belmont Rural Parish, Newton Farm and Hunderton and Hinton. The Mayor has moved into the boundary of Newton Farm so I must assume rightly or wrongly he will stand against me in Newton Farm.Leaving councillor Bridges to stand in Belmont where he lives. It is estimated at the moment each councillor will represent 2,300 residents that will account for any new build within the next two years.

Therefore Alex unless you live in Newton Farm, Cedar Ave or Sycamore Ave Mr Edwards will not be knocking your door in 2015.

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I see from the Hereford Times two Councillors, Rone and Atkinson, very unfortunate names if placed together, have tabled a motion that Councillors take a cut of ten per cent. On the face of it you might conclude, 'Aint they nice. What a lovely gesture'.

Well I ain't pleased. I'd like more than that from some of them. (Not you Glenda). Crumbs from the table is what this offer is. Another gimmick designed to win over the disenchanted voters who've lost their loyalty toward this ruling elite.

I want more than ten per cent. I want an arm. A leg, or better still to see the howling mob gathered at the City Gates demanding change and the head of those that have mismanaged our funds on gimmicks, pointless drivel and giving tacit approval to 'suits' from outside our County home who've asset stripped us for all we've got left.

No! Ten per cent is nowhere near enough!

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Well Cllr Edwards will not get my vote,and I am sure no one else around here will vote for him,after wasteing money putting the stuppid carpark at Waterfield road which hardly any one uses.People in Newton Farm know you Glenda and after what he and his new best buddy have done to you, just because you got something done and it was not them I don't think he will get many votes.

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Thank you for your comments, but at the next election because of the boundary changes and the fact that Hunderton will also include Hinton as it stands there will be four councillors and only for three wards, therefore one of us will not be elected. But I intend to stand in Newton Farm because I live here, it is up to the people who they elect to represent them not us. Also any other party could or will put a candidate up meaning there is a possibility of six candidates for one seat.Only time will tell.

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