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Hereford Times appears on EDL facebook


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I'm new - I'm guessing the open forum is for general stuff? If not, just let me know :)


So there is a fake news story going around right now about a pub in Leicester that has apparently banned the British forces so as to not upset the immigrants. Naturally I was appalled upon hearing this and did a little digging. It's fake and the photo is from a pub in Knutsford. My research led me to the EDL facebook page were they have announced the fakery and all commenters fully supporting facts, common sense, decency and the pub landlords who are under attack.


Browsing the page (I saw a post about Pat Condell who I happen to be a fan of) I notice that 14 hours ago they posted a piece from the Hereford Times.


For anyone interested, the post can be found here:



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All of these 'stories' , whether its a letter in the Hereford Times reporting a sign in Arabic, the tragic murder of the young man in Ryeland Street, who's killers according to rumour, tittle tattle and innuendo were East European when they were not, they all take on a life of their own and before to long, hundreds of people have their views affected and opinions changed because of madness.

And that's what it it. Madness!

Every single time a Council house is given over to a migrant, a job goes to a migrant or there's an outbreak of bloody headlice, it's the fault of the migrants.

I've had this discussion before. I think it was with our Rebecca. We've got real problems developing within our society. Have we in Hereford been subjected to a vast change in the make up of our social demographic? Yep! We have and my view is its put an unsustainable strain upon our much cherished and hard won public services, but it ain't the fault of the migrants, it ain't the fault of the indigenous population.

It's the bloody fault of our politicians, particularly New Labour who've given us all this problem to solve. But, everytime I go down the pub, everyone and his dog, repeats these stories that get twisted, inflated, embellished and before to long everyone dislikes oneanother.

It's bloody madness. Our leaders have got to start thinking, using their imagination, become forward looking and start to come up with ideas that nip this madness in the bud. We are where we are, and until our membership of the EU is finally resolved, we've gotta do things that promote closer links between our many ethnic groups and through dialogue we can all come to understand oneanother and avoid this horrible human trait that always emerges when we experience hard times, we become frightened, we don't understand oneanother, it's us and them and nobody says or does a thing to halt our slide toward intolerance.

It ain't a problem exclusive to us the host Country. Every human that walks, crawls in any society, in the world is the same. We don't trust oneanother and when another group settle on our land we start to bloody panic and think of ways to make ourselves more wary about another tribe who live round the corner.

We are bloody doomed unless somebody does something. Me? I've got no time for the EDL, Amjen Choudrey and anyone else who taps into this weakness that we all have....wanting to be scared and wanting to identify a group to fear or be wary of.

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To be honest Bobby, I think 99% of people don't have a problem with migrants - they have a problem with the systematic abuse with the migrants at the end of it.


I've said it before and I'll say it again, there ARE too many EU food shops in town, 8 in Eign Gate alone. If that were chip shops or betting shops, there would be an uproar. But the mere mention of EU and you're immediately branded a racist.


And that's the biggest problem, is that people are too stupid to understand the difference between facts and problems and actual racism. Take a look at that EDL facebook page (while I'm not a fan), you'll actually be hard pressed to find something bad, it's all welcoming of cultures, non violent and democratic. They condemn violence, they were the first to out the pub story I mentioned as being fake. They have members of all colours, religions and faiths. And, most entertaining of all, is that there are people who demonise those who say "all muslims are violent" whilst in the same breath declare that the EDL are violent, agressive, racist nazis.


I once overhead two 8-11? year old children in the changing rooms at the swimming pool talking to each other about how the schools headmasters child was refused a place at the school in favour of Eastern European children.


Immigration IS a problem and immigrants ARE to blame, as well as the government and society. I find it tiring to hear how immigrants are immune to any kind of negativity. If people want migrants to be equals and live in an equal, balanced British society, then they have to take their portion of the blame as well.



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This dilemma we are all faced with ain't the fault of those who choose to leave their homeland, travel to this Country and take full advantage of all our Country offers to give themselves and their families a better life.

If I'd been brought up experiencing grinding poverty and the last remaining affects of communism then I'd be doing exactly the same thing. Giving my family the best possible chance to prosper and enjoy a better future.

If New Labour had taken advantage of negotiating caps to the movement of people from within the EU we wouldn't be in this mess and having this discussion.

As things stand, most sane people would acknowledge that the current model that relates to this issue is not sustainable and something will give sooner or later. That said, this is not the fault of the migrants. How can it be wrong to come here, take advantage of what's put in front of you, open shops, trade, create wealth for themselves and their Country and prosper. It ain't wrong and it ain't their fault.

What's wrong is the delusion that this economic model was ever going to work in the first place. Vast sums of money are earned by EU migrants and its only right that they spend that money wherever they choose. The economic problem to us is our wealth is not being recycled. It's estimated that near on four billion pounds is directed out of our economy, sent home and is spent in foreign lands. There is no way that this economic model will ever work unless similar numbers of UK citizens leave the UK, settle and work in a foreign land and they send us four billion quid to spend in our economy.

No Biomech. You are wrong. This is not the fault of migrants. It's the fault of politicians who are only now opening their eyes and fully comprehending the enormity of this social engineering experiment that will one day be acknowledged as the biggest mistake made since World War 2.

The Euro currency will fold. Nations like Spain, Portugal and Ireland will rue the day they were asked to compete with the mighty Deutch Mark and when all the money that the EU is currently throwing at former communist states suddenly dries up, they'll look around, notice that all the roads and pavements are lovely but they go and lead to nowhere and then they'll realise that the games up, the money has gone and it was all a terrible man made mistake creating social, economic and political chaos.


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I'll reiterate what I said. In a society that demands equal opportunity, it's people must equally be held accountable.


I'm still searching for an explanation as to how some of the immigrants from these so called impoverished, poor and desolate countries manage to come to one of the most expensive countries in the world, set up shops and drive audi's and beamers. As a business owner, I have a genuine interest in how this occurs.

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And they are partly responsible, just as society as a whole and the goverment and the border agency.


I've seen first hand the effects of the change in migration on the economy.

Previously we had many immigrant workers in the summers. They came over and worked the farms, they earn't money which they spent in the local shops.

As things progressed and they began to stay, business and sales dropped in the shops. The immigrant workers started to send the money back to their families in their originating countries.

As the shops spring up they are importing the foreign food, their client base is UK based immigrant workers who now also spend the money they make in the UK in these shops, which then use that money to source and import more food from abroad. The money is being generated in the UK but leaving the UK economy like a hole in the pocket.

They don't buy the cars from British dealers or car salesman, they have those imported as well.


So, as you can see, this is a particular part of the problem that does lay at the hands of those who migrate to the UK.


Should we ban all foreign shops? No of course not. Should we ban immigrants? Again, no, that's just silly. Are immigrants to blame for everything? No. Are immigrants PARTLY responsible for what's happening? Absolutely.


Every day I get increasingly fed up with this insane attitude that minority groups are immune to everything. Some people from minority groups do steal, protection racket, fraud (ATM fraud has gone through the roof since the EU countries joined the EU), some do attack people, punch people, get drunk, drive illegally etc etc... JUST LIKE BRITISH PEOPLE.


Again, my point is equal respect demands equal accountability. Minority groups should not be made immune, whether by law or by fear of social rejection.

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