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No Confidence in the Herefordshire Council

Neil Jeffery

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Hello Neil and a warm welcome to Belmontvoice.

I am at a cross roads with signing your petition as I am actually in favour of the new retail development and unfortunately for you I also am in agreement that the tree's need to come down in order to progress, Hereford needs to get into the 21st century! However, I do agree with you on points 2 and 3, there is my dilemma

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Hi Neil I hope you achieve your goal with this petition I'd sign it 100times over if I could! I have to agree with Biomech though I would add some more info to your petition. The tree petition is doing well and technically it's a path we were brought to by the current Council administration so no reason not to add that into your list of reasons to sign. I'm sure the more reasons you have the bigger audience you will attract. I signed but not for any of the reasons listed but for reasons our own. Hope you don't mind me saying, I will direct as many people as I can to sign!


My warmest regards to you :Thumbs-Up:

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