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    Community Cyber Cafe at Hereford Academy

    By megilleland,

    Community Cyber Cafe at Hereford Academy


    I called in at the Hereford Academy and noticed a useful facility of benefit to those of us over 18 years of age and may want to get computer literate.


    The Cyber Cafe is open to the public five days a week at various times when you can use computers free of charge to read and send emails, shop on-line, search for a job, write letters, practice your IT skills, tax your car or do just about anything on-line. You can also follow a course through the Cyber Cafe even if you are a beginner.


    Opening times do vary but include at least two or more evenings per week. There is no need to book, but we recommend you call the Cyber Cafe on 01432 373575 or e-mail community@theherefordacademy.org.uk to check availability.


    Opening hours from 3rd June 2013

    Monday: 9.30am to 1pm & 3.30pm to 5.30pm

    Tuesday: 9.30am to 5.00pm

    Wednesday: 9.30 to 12 noon (tutor available) & 12 noon to 5pm

    Thursday: 3pm to 5pm & 5pm to 7pm (tutor available)

    Friday: 9.30am to 1pm

    PC Minutes - April 2013

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Please find attached the minutes from the parish council meeting held on 4th April 2013



    Minutes 04:04:13.pdf

    PC Minutes - February 2013

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Please find attached the minutes from the parish council meeting held on 21st February 2013



    Minutes 21:02:13.pdf

    PC Minutes - January 2013

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Please find attached the minutes from the parish council meeting held on 17th January 2013



    Minutes 17:01:13.pdf

    Albert and The Ring Road

    By megilleland,
    - a nice little video produced by a chap called David Bishop from Ewyas Harold about a couple's visit to Hereford and encountering its traffic. I heard this today on BBC H&W Radio.

    Stabbing incident at Broxash Drive 16th May 2013

    By megilleland,

    Community Update from Superintendent Ivan Powell, West Mercia Police concerning stabbing incident at Broxash Drive 16th May 2013


    As the policing commander for Herefordshire I think it is important that I communicate clearly with local residents following the events of this afternoon, the 16th May 2013.


    At approximately 1525 on Thursday 16th May 2013 we received a telephone call from the ambulance service telling us they were responding to a report of two men who had been stabbed. We have established that this occurred in a private address in Broxash Drive, Hereford.


    A significant number of police resources were deployed to the location. These resources included firearms officers, plain clothes and uniform response officers and dog units.


    At around 15:40 only 15 minutes after the call, two men were located at a private address in

    Golden Post Hereford where one was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder. After a short stand, off another man was arrested at the same location.


    This was a fast moving investigation that required the deployment a significant number of police resources. I would like to re-iterate some key messages:


    • We have two men in custody, and there is no longer any threat to the community.


    • Those arrested are believed to be known to the injured men.


    • We have significant policing resources committed to investigative interviewing, forensic investigation, crime scene searches and house to house enquiries.


    I would like to thank the local communities in Hereford for their understanding and support during this police operation.


    Whilst the identity of the injured men is known to some members of the community, police will only be confirming these identities in due course. Whilst both men were seriously assaulted, their respective conditions are not believed to be life threatening. We are providing support to them and their families at this time.


    It is important for me to acknowledge that these were very serious incidents, but please be reassured there is no longer a threat to the community of Herefordshire.


    Members of the public who believe that they have information that may be relevant to the police investigation are to contact West Mercia Police on 101 and ask for officers at Hereford, or please approach any of my staff who will be patrolling your areas whilst they conduct house to house enquiries over the next few days.

    Timber Dumped! Newton Farm

    By megilleland,

    There is a load of timber which has been dumped behind the electric sub station which I reported to the council a few weeks ago, but nothing has been done so far. On Monday I asked some Amey operatives who were emptying the waste bins in the street if they would move it, but they said it would be Herefordshire Housing's responsibility. Herefordshire Housing estate manager obviously doesn't do a regular walkabout otherwise he would have seen this. This is the rubbish the kids are throwing around every day.









    Belmont Roundabout Keep Clear Signs

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I cannot believe how the new signs look. This is the result of the new KEEP CLEAR signs
    How useless is that! restricted to one lane, so cars coming from Abergavenny will completely miss this and will still continue to queue preventing vehicles from Belmont getting onto the Belmont Road as you can see, this defeats the whole object and anyone trying to edge their way out from Belmont will cover this little sign!

    So I thought I would help Amey out by giving them a little clue on how it should look...


    West Mercia Police - Community Update from Superintendent Ivan Powell

    Glenda Powell
    By Glenda Powell,

    I have received the following update from West Mercia Police Superintendent Ivan Powell, They have given me permission to put it onto both mine and South Wye Voice to reassure members of the public.


    Community update - Operation Dante - from Superintendent Ivan Powell.

    As the policing commander for Herefordshire I remain committed to keeping you all informed following the events on the afternoon of the 2nd April 2013. In this update I have retained some of the original information to ensure continuity of understanding of how events unfolded, and how our investigations are progressing.


    Operation dante is the operational name allocated by us to the investigation of the two stabbings.

    The way in which events unfolded is as follows:


    At approximately 3.42pm on Tuesday 2nd April 2013 we received a telephone call from the ambulance service telling us they were responding to a report of a man who had been stabbed in Marshall Close, Hereford.


    At approximately 3.51pm a telephone call from a member of the public requested emergency services attend Hunderton Road, Hereford to assist with another man who had also been stabbed.


    A significant number of police resources were deployed to both locations. these resources included firearms officers, plain clothes and uniformed response officers, dog units and regional helicopter.


    At around 4.12pm only 30 minutes after the first call, two people were arrested at the Oval on suspicion of attempted murder. At 4.50pm two further people were arrested inthe Almeley area, and at 5.05pm a final person was arrested in the Almeley area. In totality within two hours of the time of the first incident reported, all five people suspected to have been involved were arrested.


    This was an extremely fast moving investigation that required the deployment of a significant number of police resources. I would like to re-iterate some keys messages:

    . These two incidents were linked and contained very swiftly.

    . Five people were very quickly arrested eliminating any ongoing threat to the community.

    . Those people arrested are not believed to be known to the injured men.

    . We continue to have significant policing resources committed to the investigation, currently

    concentrating on forensic investigations and reviewing all the information gathered by us,

    including cctv footage and a number of witness statements. The majority of our house to house

    enquiries have now concluded. Clearly a hugely important and substantial task for investigators

    now is the compilation of the file of evidence.


    I would like to thank all local communities in Hereford and Almley for their continuing understanding and support during this police operation.


    Many of you will know the identity of the injured men, at this time we the police, are not overly confirming their identity simply to give them and their families the time and space in which to recover from their dreadful ordeals. Our thoughts are with them, and my officers remain in close contact. I am pleased to be able to report that one of the injured men has been released from hospital and he is resting and recovering at home.


    It is important for me to acknowledge that theses were very serious incidents, but please be reassured that they are very rare, and there is no longer a threat to the community of Herefordshire


    Clearly as I have indicated earlier our investigations has progressed significantly and I am now able to pass on some of that detail, Again whilst the identities of those involved in the commission of the offense may well of been revealed by other sources of information, now they have been charged with offenses I necessarily will not be disclosing their details myself.


    On Friday 5th April 2013 (with the agreement of the Crown Prosecution Service) charged a man in connection with the two stabbings.

    He is a 47-year-old man from Peterborough and he appeared before before Hereford Magistrates Court during that afternoon charged with encouraging or assisting in the commission of indictable offences, believing that one or more will be committed ( under the serious crime act 2007)


    The charge is in direct relation to the attacks on the two men in Westfailing Street and on the footpath between Golden Post and the Belmont estate on Tuesday afternoon (2 April)

    He has also been charged with a burglary which took place at a house in Kington on the same day (2 April)

    He appeared before Hereford magistrates Court for a second time during the morning of Monday 8th April 2013 at which time he was remanded in custody and is now in prison awaiting his trial.

    A woman in her 30s, who was also arrested in connection with the stabbings, was detained on the 4th April 2013, under section 2 of the Mental Health Act and taken to a secure unit outside Herefordshire where she is being assessed and remains.

    At this time, we are happy that the three other men, all from Kington Herefordshire, who were arrested over the knife attacks, had no direct involvement with the stabbings and have been released without charge in relation to those offenses.

    However one of them, a 42-year-old man, has been charged with handling stolen goods in connection with the Kington burglary and has been bailed to appear before Herefords Magistrate Court at a later date.

    A second 47-year-old man has been granted bail pending further inquiries into assisting an offended wanted by Cambridgeshire police and also for handling stolen goods in connection with the Kington burglary.

    A 43-year-old man has been released on police bail in relation to the offense of handling stolen goods,in connection with the same burglary.


    As I have previously explained we have many officers committed to the investigation where we uncovered information leading us to suspect others of criminal offenses we will pursue them. I am sure this gives confidence to you all that we are professionally investigating all aspects of both the stabbings and the related matters we have uncovered. I will re-emphasis the point that we are entirely happy that we have arrested the offenders for the stabbing offenses, and no threat to the community now remains. To demonstrate this point I can also tell you that officers carrying out inquiries into the burglary at Kington arrested two more people during the afternoon of Friday 5th April 2013 - a man and a woman in the Belmont area of the city, also on suspicion of handling property stolen during the burglary. They have also been released on police bail whilst our inquiries into them and their criminal activities continue.


    It remains for me to conclude by re-iterating the point that members of the public who believe they may have information relevant to any aspects of our ongoing investigation to contact West Mercia Police on 101 and ask for officers at Hereford, or please approach any of my staff who will be patrolling your areas whilst they continue with reassurance and high level visibility patrolling over the next few days.

    74 Bus Service Complaint

    By megilleland,

    I thought I would tell you of my complaint to First Group concerning the 74 bus service:

    Sent 16th February

    "Experienced the local bus service last night. We arrived at 9.55pm to catch the 10.05pm departure from the bus station at Tesco, along with 12 other passengers, to travel on the 74 service to Newton Farm - which then failed to arrive. We would have to wait another hour for the next bus at 11.05pm which together with the travelling time of 15mins to Newton Farm meant that we would have got home nearly one and half hours later. Not a good advert for using buses. This happens quite regularly on this service and the £6.70 taxi fare didn't help either".


    First Group acknowledged 17th February:

    "Thank you for contacting us. We aim to respond to all enquiries within 14 working days, but hope to respond sooner. If you have not heard from us within this time, please accept our apologies and contact us by phone on the number shown on our website".


    First Group replied 25th February:

    "Thank you for contacting First and I apologise for the delay in getting back to you


    Your comments have been passed to the Depot Manager for investigation where the service will be looked into and the driver concerned identified and interviewed. As soon as we have had a response, we will be in touch as soon as possible. This can take 7-10 working days".


    Follow up reply 20th March:

    Thank you for your contact regarding the issue you faced with the No.74 service on 16 February and I apologise for the delay in my response.


    Running our buses on time is one of our key priorities as it is vitally important that customers are able to plan their journey knowing that their service will arrive as advertised in the timetable. We are working strenuously to reduce delays and have intensified our monitoring processes to identify late or early running buses and understand underlying causes. Our buses also benefit from a remote satellite tool so that we can properly monitor their movements and take corrective action to ensure adherence to the timetable.


    Having re-investigated your comments with the depot, they have checked the records onboard the vehicle and confirm that on the date in question, the driver was still issuing tickets in the Bus Station at 2204hrs and has not left the stop before the scheduled time of 2205hrs. On this occasion, we are unable to uphold your complaint".


    My response 24th March:

    Thank you for your reply which was rather disappointing. I can assure you that myself and at least 12 other people were waiting for that last bus on the night in question. However in view that the computer says the bus was standing in the bus station at the correct time it must have been a ghost bus!


    I cannot be bothered to continue arguing the toss with your company and accept that your company will continue to run the Hereford 74/74A bus service as you see fit and not for the benefit of your customers.


    Thank you


    Martin Gilleland


    PS: My partner returned from Malvern on Thursday 21st March had to wait for 74 bus for nearly an hour between 3.30pm and 4.30pm before getting home.

    Does anyone else experience missing buses from the timetable?

    Proposed new car park and cycleway, Waterfield Road

    By megilleland,

    While out today I came across this planning notice on Waterfield Road proposing the construction of a car park. When I attended the public meeting at Eastholme before Christmas I got the impression that most of the gathering were against the car park being situated here, especially the anglers, as it was too far from the Belmont Ponds. The anglers would have liked a car park off Haywood Lane closer to the ponds. Has this application being advertised in the local press as you can easily miss the notice on the lamp post.

    The letters in the box on the planning application state the application is a planning application and affects a public right of way, agreed. However at the bottom of the application are further letters and D catches my eye as this would state that the proposed development does not accord with the provisions of the Development Plan. Is the development plan the same as the Unitary Development Plan? In which case because this land is protected public open space I would have assumed that any development would not be allowed. Has anyone else been consulted about this proposal? Any comments to the council by 3rd February 2012.

    PC Minutes - December 2012

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Please find attached the minutes from the parish council meeting held on 6th December 2012


    December Minutes.pdf

    PC Minutes - October 2012

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Please find attached the minutes from the parish council meeting held on 25th October 2012


    October Minutes.pdf

    STOP! Junk Mail

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Royal Mail is the single largest deliverer of unaddressed junk mail in the UK; roughly one in four leaflets is pushed through the letter box by the postman.

    The opt-out form Royal Mail will send you can be found here:


    Opt Out Application.pdf


    Please note that filling out and sending this form will not speed up the process of opting out. Royal Mail will simply send you a new form to complete – just one example of how needlessly complicated the opt-out process currently is.

    After you have completed the form Royal Mail will post to you, your postman should stop delivering unaddressed items within six weeks.


    Alternatively, you can send an e-mail or write to Royal Mail yourself:

    • optout@royalmail.com
    • Freepost RRBT-ZBXB-TTTS
      Door to Door Opt Outs
      Royal Mail
      Kingsmead House
      Oxpens Road
      OX1 1RX

    Consequences of opt out


    At the moment, Royal Mail is allowed to deliver three unaddressed items per household per week (a limitation that is likely to be scrapped). The main consequence of opting out is therefore that 150+ fewer leaflets per annum will be pushed through your letter box.

    It should be noted, however, that according to Royal Mail many of the 150+ items are unlikely to be unwanted. The opt-out form therefore warns you that if you decide to opt out, you may miss 'important information from local and national Government'. Our advice is to simply ignore this warning. It is unlikely that important information is ever sent using the door-to-door scheme, if only because more and more people are opting out. If local or national Government has something important to tell you, for instance about elections, they will make sure that the information is widely available. Door-to-door leaflets are just one of many ways in which local and national Government can communicate.

    European Union.

    By bobby47,

    Ours is the greatest Country in the World. Deep down of course I do know that this is not so but it's what I believe and I am proud to be British. Weve given the World many wonderful things such as a language, our culture, the arts and democracy. Weve also given the World a bucket load of things that perhaps we shouldn't be to proud of but, that said, our Nation and the fabric that binds us together is really something special and we are fortunate to be able to say we are British.

    From my aforementioned comments you'd be right to conclude I have the little islander mentality and I make no appologise for this view of my own Nation. But, I am not inward thinking, I do understand the new world order and I am not keen to get out of Europe. On the contrary, if things were right and as they should be for me and my Country men and women, Id want to stay in the EU.

    But, sadly they are no longer right and to the long term benefit of my Grandchildren and having voted in the last European referendum in the 70's I can say that this union has drifted to a place where I no longer see as a place I am keen to be amongst.

    For most people who are described as Euro sceptics, at the very heart of their frustration is the scale and vastness of the influx of millions of people from other EU countries and the cost that this places upon our public services which our Nation paid for and which is now available to anyone who settles here.

    In January of 2015 the conundrum of Romania and Bulgaria will be placed upon our doorstep and possibly millions will arrive in search of a better life and our public services will be called upon to care for these people. This is not a difficult economic problem. We cannot afford to care for anymore people who choose to come to our Country.

    The public services that we have and we often take completely for granted are there because of the efforts and price paid by our ancestors. These things were not easily won and we should think hard about balancing our desire to be seen as welcoming and our need to care for our own.

    The cost to us now is overwhelming and the future cost may mean that our public services will no longer be available because of the huge strains placed upon our economy by the free movement of people who understandably seek a better life.

    For me, if there were renogiated conditions which resulted in controlled and capped immigration I'd vote to stay in the Union. However, if as I fear no agreement could be reached then Im for leaving the European Union and regaining control of our own destiny.

    The economic problems that would result from our departure from the EU are many but, our trade freedoms would allow us an open door to the emerging markets around the World and we would not be tied by Brussels and their autocratic rules that limit the level of our trading with the emerging markets of the World.

    Ive no doubt that to leave would be a huge step to take but I know my Country and I know that our spirit would see us prosper in the future.

    How would you use your vote?

    Hereford Bull

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    This made me smile so I thought I would share it with you all...



    Graffiti In Belmont Now!

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    I noticed this on the wall next to the bus stop along Abbotsmead Road. I am surprised that nobody else has reported it yet, not sure how long it has been there, maybe it was done at the same time as the welcome to Hereford sign? certainly looks like the same style again


    Pure & Utter Vandalism

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    This must of happened last night. This is disgusting and it is clearly now getting worse! The Police need to start patrolling in this area more in order to catch these vandals!

    graf1.jpg grf3.jpg

    graf2.jpg graf5.jpg

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