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Widemarsh Gate & Newmarket St Improvements Works

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Widemarsh Gate and Newmarket Street Improvement Works – 31st March – 7th April.


Footpath works – Widemarsh Gate – works will continue in Widemarsh Gate with a single lane in either direction.


Widemarsh Gate - works to the corners of Widemarsh Gate will continue in preparation of the resurfacing works. As work progress the pedestrian  crossing points will be moved to the eastern side to accommodate paving works, as much advanced notice will be given prior to moving.


Newmarket Street –  north and south footpaths will continue. Two lanes will remain open for westbound traffic, eastbound traffic will be reduced to a single lane during the day.


Resurfacing works- Newmarket/ Blueschool Street/Widemarsh Gate. – all works will be undertaken between 8am-8pm. Access to tesco and properties will continue.


1st April – Plane and paved binder course – westbound works to start, road closure and diversion in place.

2nd and 3rd April plane and paved binder course + forming raised tables – eastbound works to start, road closure and diversion in place, access limited.

4th April – forming raised tables – westbound works to start, road closure and diversion in place as above.


Next Week subject to change.

7th April – centre reservation works under lane closure.

8-11th April – resurfacing.


Blackfriars street – Access will be limited as resurfacing works start – access from A49  will be closed with a local diversion in place – access to car park outside these hours will be via Widemarsh street.

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