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Same Sex Marriages.


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I didn't think I was bothered either way. Until I watched the news tonight I honestly couldn't have cared less about the subject but then, whilst watching the news report about two guys who got married in a Registry Office I found myself smiling.

I suddenly found myself smiling! I was smiling because all the people in this news piece were smiling and they were happy. Because they were happy and I could see they were happy, it made me happy. What can be wrong with that?

What a great Country we all belong to. Yes, we British have got some odd and quirky national traits that many beyond our shores will never understand but 'we' are the greatest nation on Earth and we've left our mark on this planet with our greatness, our culture, our language, science and the arts.

It's no wonder we are overwhelmed by immigration. Who wouldn't want to be here and be able to say, 'we are British' and today's events that see same sex couples having the right to marry only serves to make us even greater than we were yesterday!

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The warmest of congratulations to all those couples who married today, you have made history - this change has been a long time coming!!


For my part, I have never married, I don't require a piece of paper telling me that I live with someone who I'm more than a little fond of, but it has always struck me as wrong that I could easily do this if I wished, yet same sex couples have not been afforded the same choice.


I am delighted that they can now have the same options as everybody else.

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Bobby , must say that when I saw the heading and your post I was wondering what to expect ! but in my opinion it's a very sensible piece covering a number of points giving the reasons why the UK is a very good ,tolerant Country to live and work in.


I know that there are a lot of different opinions on the subject - as there are on a number of other subjects and as long as they are argued / discussed in the correct manner I am happy.

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