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iPads in schools


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Possibly no-one is still interested in this after the topic was done to death on the Hereford Times website last week, before all the comments were pulled.


However, I would just like to say, I am glad the scheme has been cancelled for lack of parental support. IMO it is inappropriate for primary school children to be using tablet computers 'throughout the day', even if it were free to parents, which it wasn't to be. By all means teach pupils to be IT-savvy, but they shouldn't learn at that age that everything they do needs to be logged on a computer. They can learn that when they become office drones.


I was particularly annoyed because my child's school is not even an academy - but they have threatened to apply for academy status.

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I noticed that in the Hereford times it self (had to buy it because I'm looking at moving back into Hereford) that a few posts on the subject was in there and it looked like it they were 'cherry' picked look in favour!!!

My opinion is that children under 12 should only be taught to write, do sums and a bit of history

No computer tablet or calculator should be used

Make them use there brains!!!

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Being an "old geezer " without any grandchildren I do not have much of a clue about present day education, however I do feel that children of the age of 4+ must be able to read and write before they rely on the wonders of an iPad. I read a recent report in the Daily Mail ( no ,I do not or would not buy it ) on my iPad which stated that by educating a child via computers is wrong initially - get them to read , write and be able to do simple maths first , then proceed further ( having said that - that's another day that I haven't had to use algebra ) joking apart , please teach the next generation the three R 's first.


If I am misguided because I am not up to speed with modern education I apologise.

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I am a huge advocate of technology, but I was astounded at this. 


They should absolutely not be using ipads in schools at that level and certainly not expecting the parents to pay for it. It was clearly a cash cow scam.


How about we teach our kids how to read and write first, then perhaps we won't keep receiving job applications in text speak.


Not to mention that there needs to be a MUCH greater effort in educating the young about using the Internet. 


I'm all for pushing technology in schools, get these kids developing and programming, but for the love of christ teach them how to write and spell correctly first.


It's a lack of education that's lead us to the point where morons are (socially) teaching morons and kids are having kids.

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I have learned that the head of one of the schools involved is suing one of the parents for libel, in connection with comments made on the Hereford Times website under its article about the school iPad scheme. The suit is being funded by the school. I cannot give any names at this stage for obvious reasons.


So funds intended for the benefit of the pupils are being used to attempt to sue the parent of one of those pupils for stating their opinion.


I did a short course on libel in my old job and we were told that the key thing to know about libel suits is: 'The only winners in a libel case are the lawyers'. These cases are hard to prove and drag on, but cost both plaintiff and defendant lots of money.

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It looks like this ipad debacle may have spurred some individuals to investigate the complex financial arrangements of this group of academies and how it pays its headteachers for `executive headship services'.


Bearing in mind the apparently litigious nature of the schools,  I include these links with no further comment - the FoI originator provides a clear interpretation himself in the first link








The last question relates to IT services so may or may not be relevant to the ipad story.



There have been a few education topics on Hereford Voice recently - this one, the Hereford Academy, the University proposal, the free school,  Biomech's observation about schoolkids being around earlier and earlier -   perhaps worth an `Education and schools' forum which could be county wide rather than Hereford alone.  

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Good Grief!


They seem to be onto rather a good thing. I always thought teaching was more of a vocation, rather than a business opportunity.........


I would imagine that with the rapid rise in number of Academies and Free schools, we are sadly going to see this sort of arrangement far more commonplace.

Difficult to say the least, to keep track of.


Have to say, this doesn't sit very comfortably with me.

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