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    Missing buses

    By megilleland,

    Following the reduced bus services in the city has anyone noticed that certain buses do not appear to run as scheduled. This Monday (2nd July) my partner wanted to catch the 18.47 from Argyll Rise to meet me in the city at 7pm following a meeting I attended. The bus didn't turn up. I was waiting at Tesco to meet her and other people were waiting for this bus, I assume to travel onwards. When I spoke to these people, they had been waiting for this missing bus to take them up to Newton Farm as advertised at 18.32 and were still waiting until I told them that there was no bus running.


    It was ironic that the meeting I attended earlier that evening was promoting a scheme called "Destination Hereford".


    Following an annoucement earlier this year the Department for Transport confirmed that Herefordshire Council's "Destination Hereford" had been successful in its bid to its Local Sustainable Transport Fund. The project will receive £4.97million of funding over the next four years to promote sustainable travel amongst households and schools, support the Connect2 project, develop workplace connectivity and enhance rural access. Part of the package is to make improvements to connectivity within Hereford City, in particular improvements along Broad Street joining it with other newly refurbished areas.


    To quote:

    "Destination Hereford provides a package of integrated transport improvements designed to improve end-to-end journeys to and within Hereford".


    The council should start with ensuring that the local bus services are running as scheduled and not on a please yourself approach. Then maybe people will leave their car at home to go into the city instead of blocking up the roads.

    CCTV Appeal After Theft From ATM in Belmont

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    CCTV Appeal After Theft From Cashpoint in Belmont


    Police in Hereford are appealing for help from the public as they attempt to identify two men they want to trace in connection with a theft from a cashpoint in the city.


    Police in Hereford are keen to identify this manThe incident occurred at the Tesco supermarket on Abbotsmead Road in Belmont on Saturday 2 June.

    At just before 6.15pm, the victim - a 79-year-old lady - attempted to use one of the cashpoints at the store but was put off by an advert that came up on the screen. On seeing the advert the lady thought her transaction was unsuccessful and that the machine must be faulty.

    She then moved to a second machine but as she did so the first machine bleeped and money came out of it.

    Before she had chance to collect the money, one of two unknown men - who had been nearby - grabbed it from the machine and made off with it.

    This left the elderly lady with nothing except the receipt for the £100 cash she had originally tried to get out of the machine.


    This man is thought to be a crucial witness to a theft in BelmontA police spokesman said:


    "This theft has left the elderly lady very upset as everything happened very quickly while she was a little confused.

    "It appears the two men took advantage of the victim's confusion to carry out this theft and therefore we would like to find them as soon as possible. "With that in mind we are very keen to identify the two men pictured in the CCTV stills we have released today as we believe they may be vital witnesses to this theft.

    "Either of the two men, or anyone who recognises them, is asked to contact PC Paul Sartoris in Hereford so that he can take statements from them about what they saw.

    "Anyone with information about these men, or the theft itself, is asked to contact PC 2495 Sartoris as soon as possible on 0300 333 3000, quoting reference number 698S 020612.

    "Alternatively, please remember that Crimestoppers can also be called anonymously on 0800 555 111 if you'd rather pass on information without getting directly involved yourself."

    Adoption of housing estate land by Herefordshire Council

    By megilleland,

    Can anyone tell me why certain pieces of land on housing estates are retained by developers/housing associations? I am discovering that when housing estates were completed the land/open spaces and highways would be handed over and adopted by the council to manage. However by retaining small areas of land, developers/housing associations could impose a service charge each year for maintaining these areas. This charge would be passed onto tenants in their rent and freeholders would be sent a demand for each year. So not only is there the council tax to pay, but also a further charge which varies from estate to estate to keep them tidy and in order.


    The interesting thing is tenants are protected from unscrupulous landlords through various acts of parliament which enable them to see where and how the service charges are estimated and spent, but not freeholders, they have no rights whatsoever!


    This explains why a lot of these estates look uncared for and untidy. Because as well as the council maintaining parts of the estate, other housing associations/developers also have a responsibility to do their bits of land. All carry out this maintenance on different days and to different standards and charge accordingly.


    When you walk around the estates who is responsible for that piece of land that never gets cut, the weeds that are growing out of the kerb sides, the removal of graffiti, litter and fly tipping, hedges growing out over footpaths and numerous other eyesores which are reported through this forum.


    Everyone in authority passes the buck around and very little gets done. I did comment on this forum that what each estate needs is to be completely adopted by the council and a task force created to solely manage and be responsible for it. Each estate then will get a facelift and be somewhere where we can be proud to live.

    Black waste bags to go!

    By megilleland,

    From the Hereford Times today:


    PEOPLE living in the county will soon be buying their own black bags to throw away their rubbish.


    Herefordshire Council said today it will ‘reluctantly’ be withdrawing the black bag service in a bid to save £200,000 a year.


    The council will continue to deliver recycling bags and collect rubbish on a weekly basis but says the black bags will not be handed out this Autumn.


    Council leader John Jarvis said: “Due to the high levels of recycling in Herefordshire residents were often only leaving out half-filled black sacks each week, so residents can now decide how many they need depending on how much waste they produce.â€

    Every Herefordshire Housing tenant to have access to free broadband

    By megilleland,

    Noticed on The Hereford Times website today:


    "Herefordshire Housing has pledged to provide all its tenants with free broadband within five years.


    The housing association, that has around 5,500 homes, has teamed up with Whitestone-based Allpay to provide the ambitious scheme.


    While Allpay’s background is in social housing payment systems and it has breached out to broadband and recently created Herefordshire's Ofcom-approved broadband network using church steeples as transmitters.


    Working together Allpay and Herefordshire Housing are trialling free broadband at speeds of up to 10Mb at three sheltered housing schemes, starting at Innesfield in Clehonger followed by Southgate in Ross Road, Hereford, and Bryngwyn Court, off Barrs Court Road.


    “Broadband is increasingly becoming the fourth utility and we want as many of our tenants as possible to benefit from having high speed internet access in their home,†said Herefordshire Housing chief executive Peter Brown.


    “Access to the internet can change people’s lives.â€



    A lot of comments about this here.



    I wouldn't mind a faster connection, but mine is ok for most things.

    Hunderton Bridge Hereford - >>>Update!<<<

    Victor Wright
    By Victor Wright,

    I had a stroll along the old railway lines and noticed how dangerous this fencing and pipe work is actually on the bridge. This looks very sharp indeed. Just though I would put these pictures on here for Councillors and Amey to see.



    New Car Wash/Valet At Tesco

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Tesco have applied for planning permission for change of use and to remove 9 parking spaces and change the area into a hand car wash and also erect a canopy for valeting with associated signage.

    Planning application numbers S121029/F and S121030/A


    Hereford Assault - Police Release E-Fit

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Hereford Assault - Police Release E-Fit




    Police have released an e-fit image of a man who is believed to have carried out an unprovoked attack on a dog walker in Hereford.

    The 30-year-old male victim was walking his two husky dogs along the riverside footpath that leads from the Bishop’s Meadows to Peregrine Close in Hinton when he was attacked from behind with some kind of object between 6.30pm and 7.35pm on Tuesday, May 8. He fought back, but was headbutted several times in the face, sustaining cuts and bruises.

    The suspect is described as being white, about six feet tall and aged between 20 and 30.


    Police are keen to speak to any witnesses, in particular a man who was walking a brown Staffordshire bull terrier who passed by at the time. Anyone with information can call police on Hereford CID on 0300 333 3000, quoting incident number 0604-s-080512 or crimestoppers

    Community Information Service comes to South Wye

    By megilleland,

    A new community information service has been opened by volunteers at Newton Farm Community Association in South Wye, Hereford.


    Community Info is a drop in service run by specially trained local volunteers known as Community Wardens, who will be able to offer information or signposting assistance to relevant organisations in Herefordshire. The aim is to provide a friendly face and helping hand to local residents who have queries on a range of issues including how to apply for a blue badge, dispose of bulky items, access community transport or receive home repairs.


    The service, which is run in conjunction with Herefordshire Council and NHS Herefordshire, is funded by Skills for Care, a national organisation which assists social care employers to improve their workforce.


    Fran Warden, Herefordshire Council’s signposting officer, said: “The new service aims to create a stronger community in South Wye by enlisting volunteers to provide useful advice and support to local residents. They will be available to answer non-emergency questions and help people access additional information and services in organisations across Herefordshire.â€


    “The service is currently being run as a pilot scheme and is available at The Oval in Hereford every Monday and Thursday 10am to 1pm.â€

    External Improvements to Cornish Flats in Newton Farm

    Glenda Powell
    By Glenda Powell,

    Herefordshire Housing Ltd have appointed Thomas Vale Construction of Stourport-on-Severn to undertake the energy improvements to the Pre-renforced Concrete (PRCs) two storey flats in Newton Farm. The work consists of installing an external insulated render system to the concrete walls of the cornish properties, fitting a new ventilation system to reduce condensation internally,

    re-roofing the properties including installing loft insulation, replacing the existing double glazed windows with a modern efficient type and in a few properties installing new boilers where required.

    These energy efficiency measures will help to reduce fuel costs and make the properties warmer.


    A grant was secured by Herefordshire Housing for this project in excess of £1.4 million, approximately half the cost of undertaking this work. This is good news for their tenants as it means that any savings on this project can be spent elsewhere to improve the lives of other residents.


    The project is planned to commence in the latter half of May 2012 and it is hoped to complete the work to all properties by the end of November 2012.

    Haywood Country Park

    By megilleland,

    Took a few photos of the Country Park this week enjoying the sunshine.



    Council Tax for 2012/2013

    By megilleland,

    I was intrigued to see that those living in Belmont (Belmont Rural Parish Council) pay less than those in Newton Farm (Hereford City Parish Council). As the council tax is based on rental values, I would of thought these figures were the opposite way round. Have I read these right?


    # Belmont in Belmont Rural Parish Council Band/£

    * Newton Farm in Hereford City Council Parish Council Band/£


    #992.31 band A

    *999.23 difference +6.92


    #1157.68 band B

    *1165.76 difference +7.88


    #1323.07 band C

    *1332.30 difference +9.23


    #1488.45 band D

    *1498.84 difference +10.39


    #1819.23 band E

    *1831.93 difference +12.70


    #2150.00 band F

    *2165.01 difference +15.01


    #2480.76 band G

    *2498.07 difference +17.31


    #2976.90 band H

    *2997.68 difference +20.78


    I know it is only a few pounds a year, but it looks as if the less well off are paying more again.

    Looking at last years council tax demand, when there was no council tax increase, and listening to David Cameron saying that councils should freeze the council tax, Hereford City Parish Council's proportion increased by 2.8%.

    Traffic Measures Petition?

    Victor Wright
    By Victor Wright,

    I have just read a response letter in the Hereford Journal to a 350 signature petition raised by Cllr Powell with regard to speed restrictions and traffic calming. I have to agree with D.K.Payne's letter on page 4, this is the first that I had heard of any petition? quite funny as the amount of traffic around here does not allow you to drive much faster than 5 mph! :Thumbs-Down:

    Tree care on Newton Farm

    By megilleland,

    For the past 4 years I have tried to get Herefordshire Council to cut back a tree which is behind my house and blocking sunlight reaching the garden. All I want is for some branches to be removed to limit the spread of the tree. I have raised this with my councillors and they have passed the matter to the parks department, but they are totally against taking any action. They have sent me two leaflets regarding their policy on trees which do not help.



    This tree owned by the Council, the rest by Muir Housing



    View of trees lopped by Muir Housing. Note the path separating land with bollards from highway verge.


    The bizarre twist in this application is that this tree is one of twelve planted by Muir Housing Group when the houses were built, but because the Council say that this tree is on the highway verge they are responsible for it. There is actually a path between the land this tree is planted on and the highway verge - so I would say that it is not on the highway verge.


    Muir Housing Group lopped their 11 trees in 2010 and their reason for this: "The reason that I (Susan Harris) requested tree work to be carried out on our trees was due to the fact that I felt the trees could become dangerous and therefore rather than an accident happening I had our contractors look at the trees who in turn contacted professional tree surgeons and they advised us on what they felt was the best way forward".


    The work they carried out I thought was excellent. Not only were the trees thinned out, but the lower branches were removed to stop the children climbing the trees and reducing vandalism.


    I believe the real reason that the council do not want to take any action on the tree behind me is one of cost, but I have offered to pay for the work myself by employing a tree surgeon. The council have refused this offer. I have posted this item because when you travel around the housing estates I have been appalled by the treatment some of the trees have received at the hands of Amey and Herefordshire Housing. Much of the work carried out resembles the after effects of a nuclear bomb.



    Before Waterfield Road



    After Waterfield Road. These must have been cut by the council as they are on the highway verge



    Back of Kemble Court/Sherborne Close



    Back of Kemble Court/Sherborne Close


    The character of the tree has been destroyed and we are left with something that looks a very poor specimen. A lot of this work has been carried out on Herefordshire Housing trees due to the trees, in some cases, blocking light out of houses and blocking gutters, but the council do not seem to worried in pulling them up in the manner they have carried out the work.


    So if you want to see a real tree visit the one behind Muir Close and we have another two council trees affecting properties further round in the street. I do not think I will be wasting any more of my time conversing with the council as they are totally unhelpful and not interested in the estates environment. No matter what you raise with them they couldn't care less using the recession as an excuse.

    PC Minutes - August 2011

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Please find attached parish council minutes from the meeting held on August 11 2011 at the Northolme Community Centre


    August 11 Minutes.pdf

    PC Minutes - November 2011

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Please find attached minutes from November 3rd 2011 parish meeting held at the Northolme Community Centre


    November 11 Minutes.pdf

    PC Minutes - December 2011

    Colin James
    By Colin James,

    Please find attached the minutes from the parish council meeting held on December 15th 2011


    December 11 Minutes.pdf

    County ward in Herefordshire among UK's worst child poverty

    By megilleland,

    From the Hereford Times 19th January 2012

    County ward in Herefordshire among UK's worst child poverty spot


    MORE than 4,000 children and young people in the county are now categorised as growing up within the worst indicators of child poverty in the UK.


    A report for Herefordshire Council's health and wellbeing board says child poverty is a significant issue for many local communities.


    One ward - Golden Post- Newton Farm in south Hereford is confirmed as among the worst in the UK for unemployment or limited opportunities for work.


    And two of the worst wards for child poverty in the county are in Leominster.


    The board was told of strategies being drawn up between the county's economic, health and education sectors to tackle issues raised within five years.


    All told, about 4,500 children in the county & the majority of them under 16 & are said by the report to be growing up in poverty.


    The worst ward for overall deprivation is Golden Post- Newton Farm, which is also in the UK top 10 for employment deprivation.


    Hereford's South Wye wards as a whole are said to have the highest level of young people not in education, employment or training.


    The city's Central ward has an under-18 pregnancy rate running at nearly three times the county average. Leominster's Ridgemoor and Gateway wards also feature in child poverty lists.


    The report makes a direct link between child poverty, historically low wages in the county and the number of part-time workers, particularly women.


    Poor housing conditions & especially in the private rented sector and rural communities are identified as an issue too, the latter particularly lacking mains service infrastructure such as water, gas, and drainage.


    The report cites the county's most recent housing condition survey that, in 2006, showed more than nine per cent of homes had serious hazards and more than 40 per cent failed the decent homes standard.


    The waiting list for social housing in the county now tops 5,000.


    In schools, the report finds a 30 per cent attainment gap emerging between pupils eligible for free school meals and those who aren't while one in 10 children in reception classes is categorised as obese.


    Anyone got any idea why this is? Have these estates been neglected by the authorities for too many years? Many of the cities estates built over 40/50 years ago have had little in the way of facilities to improve the quality of life ie Youth club closed, church closed, and threat of loss of open space.

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