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Outdoor Gym near Moor Farm

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I'm not sure how many people have seen this, but it has been officially open for a few weeks now.

And is really popular with young and old alike.  Which is great.

There is, however, one problem that I can see.

There is no rubbish bin nearby, as such, the place is awash with empty bottles, cans, sweet wrappers, crisp packets etc...

Surely a bin would have been a good idea?

A better idea than the quite frankly laughable flood warning sign...





You would really have to be putting in a lot of reps to not notice the slow creep of water around you  here.


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It really is a complete waste of money.

This part of the field does flood...  But only very occasionally (possibly twice since 1990?)

But it takes a good, long, proper amount of rain, and even then it doesn't go from:

Dry... Dry... Dry... Dry... Dry...  BIT WET... DANGEROUSLY FLOODED, HELP, HELP!

There would be no way that you'd be pushing out the strokes on the rower and suddenly be in danger and need a real boat!  It's mad.

somebody has kindly tied a bin bag to the sign at the moment, so at least it is being useful now, but change it for a bin!  

Get rid of the sign ad put a bin in its place!

Blimmin' flood sign...  It's mental!

Ooh,  can I say: "It's health and safety gone mad!"  Yes!  Awesome!

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Buggar it! I'll tell you why I hate this sign. And hate ain't to stronger word. I hate it completely. In fact, the word hate doesn't adequately describe my feelings toward this rotten sign. Loathe is a much better word to describe how I feel deep within my stomach as the twenty seven miles of my stomachs intestine tubing gradually nibble away upon the half kilo of Scratchings I shoved inside my fat face last night as I stared at the image of that bloody sign.

And I'll tell you all why, not that any of you are interested. I hate and loathe the man or woman who first came up with the notion, 'hoorah! I'll forward this idea to my line manager who'll think me bloody wonderful and perhaps allow me the honour of clipping their toe nails at some future date.' And that's just for bloody starters.

I hate the person who read the idea and called a bloody meeting and whatsmore I loathe and detest each and every single human soul who then gathered around this idea, ran with it and then, to protect their fellow man from being washed away by this vast bloody deluge, decided, 'this is a noble cause, we're surely be able to claim we've saved scores of needless deaths from drowning and, who knows, someone may promote us onto a higher pay scale'.

As for the tw.at who then set the wheels moving and phoned up some metal fabricator and sign writer who subsequently produced this loathsome sign, I hope they get the golden opportunity to be stood there peddling on the excercise machine and be washed into the bloody Lugg because they hadn't thought of hanging a Life Jacket upon their rotten sign.

Course, its all a complete waste of time. That bloody sign didn't just arrive there. Before its arrival hundreds of human hours would have been spent pondering over it all and possibly thousands of pounds would have been taken from the public purse so that those now enjoying this public amenity could do it safely knowing that if ever they did drown then its all their own fault because they took no notice of the sign

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Testify King Bobby. Testify!!

Now...  Look at this...  This is from February 2014, it's me, BMXing through the flood one Sunday morning.



Don't I look happy?  I'm happy because the last time I remember the field being flooded here was when Hereford United played Man U in the FA cup, and I had to take a massive detour to meet my pals before we went down to the Street.

Now, it took on and off, two months of rain and storms, and winter weather, and more rain, and more rain to get this piddly little flood going.  And... AND... where the nice outdoor gym is right now, was dry even when this pic was taken.

Flood risk my @r$e!

Yazor Brook...  Pfftt...


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Hi Dippy.

I don't believe in wellies!  I would normally wear a helmet, but it was Sunday morning, my head was hurting too much for one!

Anyway, danger is my middle name...  

Dead 'ard, me!

Clarkester Danger Clarkester.  See?  Told you.


I have contacted Hereford Housing regarding the bin, or lack thereof.

I received a reply from the nice lady, thanking me for my query, and telling me that the people who developed the project have been speaking to the council about the bin situation.

So...  That'll be the end of that then!

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Crikey Clarkester!


Methinks you need to keep this "devil may care" attitude towards health and safety in check my friend!


The next thing you know, you'll be skipping across the road before the green man appears......or, NOT holding the handrail whilst using the escalator in Marks and Sparks!


No. Think carefully Clarkester. If your approach catches on, we could be just one step away from anarchy!

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For anyone that is interested, I received another e-mail from Hereford Housing yesterday afternoon.

apparently Councillor Anna Toon has contacted Hereford City Council requesting that a bin is installed.

This is better than leaving it in the hands of HC/BB I guess...

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  • 4 months later...

The outdoor gym near Moor Farm has been open for a fair while now.

Still no litter bin though...  But some thoughtful people regularly tie a black bag to where the Flood Warning sign was.  Not any longer though, it got ripped out.

Local youths being over exuberant I'm sure...

Along with the regular damaging of some of the equipment, and now this.  The sign being pulled off it's stand completely.

Yes, just youthful exuberance.  Still, there is a new play park just outside Trinity School, perhaps they will move on and slowly destroy that now instead.

I'm trying to work out the thought processes here...  Kids make a nuisance of themselves, causing damage to things allegedly because they have nothing to do or nowhere to go.

An outdoor gym is created for them to have something to do, somewhere to go...  so some of them decide to set about slowly destroying it, I don't really understand what goes on in the mind of people like that.  Can anyone enlighten me?


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  • 2 months later...

So...  it's now Mid-May, election been and gone...  Councillor Anna Toon is no longer the councillor for Kings Acre, Mark Nigel Mansell is...

Is he a member of Hereford Voice?

If so, can I respectfully ask when a rubbish bin will be installed at the outside gym?

Also, the Community Outdoor Gym sign still sits unhappily at the bottom of Yazor Brook, and the Flood Risk sign is, well, who knows where that is now, it was destroyed months ago...

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Hi TwoWheels,

I've contacted the two people in Hereford Housing that were taking the job on for arranging a rubbish bin to be installed.

I shall wait and see...

I'm not overly concerned about the flood risk sign, what bothers me more is the wanton vandalism of it in the first place.

And the destruction of the Community Outdoor Gym sign.

And, for that matter, the attempted vandalism/destruction of some of the equipment.  

It's all so unnecessary...

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Completely unnecessary, yet somehow predictable.


It's a sad fact, Clarkester, that the few will often ruin it for the many. Lots of folks were delighted when this was first installed. I know it has been used by many. Unfortunately, the mindless actions of a minority will see this spoilt.


With the purse empty, it could be a while before anything vandalized is repaired or replaced. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if some of the equipment wasn't removed altogether, before it too becomes the subject of wanton destruction.


A real shame.


I only hope the two new play areas don't suffer the same fate.

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Hi, I am Mark Mansell the new councillor for the Kings Acre ward.Just a quick update about the outdoor gym.The gym has now been repaired, the sign for the gym has been removed from the brook and will be put back in place within the next couple of weeks. A bin will be installed by Hereford City Council but it could be up to five weeks to get installed.This will then get emptied by a group of volunteers, myself included. As for the flood warning sign, I have not enquired about this.I hope this helps for now.I will try to be as active as I can on this site to find out what is going on.Any other issues plese feel free to contact me on my council email address.

Mark Mansell.

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