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Newton spring/brook UNDERGROUND

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One for the oldtimers! I remember my grandfather and his friends always moaning about the brook that was filled in when the Farm was built in the 50/60s.

Please envisage a blank canvas!!!!

From what I recall it went from redhill/callow, grosmont grove, top of Brampton rd, kilpeck, muir, Sherborne, millard, and into the brook on waterfield, on a kind of diagonal tangent! My grandfathers friends gardens were always wet in the height of summer!

My childhood house always has a damp back room, "condensation" sunken patio and a wet garden. Yet the neighbours didn't! This was also still the case a few years ago!!

Can anybody comment further?

The route is approximate, as you may see, a few brooks are drawn on there; and they didn't have aerial photography back then!!


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I have been looking into the history of South Wye because years ago there was a south wye free paper called South Wye News which for a time I was chairman of until 2003. I have got some information about the Powell's Farm in Newton Farm that also tell the history about the brook and sourounding  fields, I am writing a book on this. It is on my website. Glenda

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