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Hunderton Bridge CCTV Installation Begins

Colin James

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Finally, we have some good news following on from our campaign for CCTC on the GWW.

Installation work for the new CCTV on the Hunderton Bridge has begun. A tree to the one side has been removed, I assume to give a better view but a lot more clearing up needs to be done.

There are so many overgrown trees and bushes, there is almost a canopy in some parts making it dark during daylight hours.



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Funny how they are installing the CCTV a couple of weeks after the meeting, Colin has been asking for CCTV along the lines for a number of years. I have also been fighting for this and where the council didn't put it in when I asked them to, and I had to go to the commissioner of police for the money as the then local councillor for the area. Again after getting the money and it was given to the council last November, it has taken 10 months for the council to install it. If it had been installed when I asked for it to be done in January this year, the possibility of Christian not losing his life and another assault two months later could of been avoided, the police also agreed with me at the meeting that if the CCTV had been installed there was a very big possibility it would of shown the person who did the stabbings.

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This is long overdue and we need at least 3 camera along the whole length of the lines. Trees and high bushes need to be cut back and that canopy needs opening up like Colin has said. They need to make this a nice open space instead of all the shadows that criminals can hide within. More lighting would help too.

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As a matter of interest do we know the cost of installing this ...is it just one camera?

The IR quality isn't bad so I just wondered if there are any restrictions/objections on HV running a campaign to raise funds for additional cameras if funding is an issue?


There is more than one camera installed. There will also be several police mobile cameras which may remain hidden and their location not revealed, which I think is a good idea. 

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