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  1. Watch out Colin. You may be held liable if someone now keeps to the speed limit having been able to read the sign. Surely BBLP must be responsible for cleaning signs. Perhaps one of our Cllrs can clarify?
  2. Roger - you do love a good whinge. Will be interesting to see the full proposed details and plans at the public consultation. The amount of scaffolding and empty shops is my biggest concern. Visually it looks crap at the moment and is def suffering from a lack of proper cleaning and maintenance
  3. Agree with Clarkester and Adrian Symonds views here. Let's have a bit of life on our streets!
  4. Agree with you Irena. Weds evening no good for young children. Late night shopping novelty on a weds has long worn off, with many shops routinely open late - certainly on Old Market. When I have been to this event on a Sunday I remember HighTown being jam packed.
  5. I'd be very surprised if this area was not done at the same time Roger! Can't say I'm looking forward to visiting the area when the works are being undertaken, nor the shops in the area who will have to carry on trading.
  6. I agree with you Roger that the picture doesnt reflect the reality, but a sterile lifeless streetscape like the one depicted here would see zero diversity and vibrancy. I much prefer to see the space used for a variety of events and purposes like it is now.
  7. Not sure what they mean by 'up to £10k'. Still pass the spot where the murder took place on a daily basis. So very sad.
  8. Yes, I liked the European markets too, though not seen or heard of one for ages.
  9. http://herefordbid.co.uk/about.html and http://herefordbid.co.uk/area.html gives more of an insight
  10. Can understand frustration from those who voted againt the BID having to still pay towards it, but they are providing additional street cleansing, not a replacement to what BBLP are doing. Of course many will say BBLP are not doing a good enough job and they may well be right. The BID have only been in place for 6 months, so proably better judge them further into their 5 year term when more of their publicised initiatives will have come into fruition.
  11. I think Hereford Bloom do a great job in organising displays and encouraging businesses and groups to have sort of floral display outside their places. A gold award is another very good achievement - the challenge is to keep places off the judges route, to join in and also to keep things going for the spring/summer/autumn rather than just a couple of weeks before judging day.
  12. Not sure I'll be getting a copy and certainly not singing on it Denise, unless you fancy a duet
  13. I see FC are releasing a music album next month....
  14. i think that Cllr Chappell could have used his choice of words better - inflammatory rhetoric does nothing to help the image of Cllrs/Council.
  15. Cambo, I would put porn addiction as destructive as gambling, alcohol, drugs, etc, and certainly more prevalent. It has been proven to rewire neural pathways. I believe it contributes to marital break ups, suicides and too early sexualisation of our children. With it so easily available nowadays on pc's and smartphones I dread to think what our kids are looking at in the playground. Whilst some may be less 'harmful, the predisposition in many is that normal stuff soon becomes mudane, driving the user to looking at more extreme and sinister stuff. This may not be the rule for some people, but for others I believe to be true.
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