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  1. Absolutely ridiculous and did you see how much rubbish was left behind too!
  2. I never knew we had so few toilets in Hereford
  3. This is a terrible idea. Why close these roads this is only going to force people onto the new bridge and cause even more congestion. 😡
  4. This is all well and good but they will need to recoup the lost money elsewhere to pay for other important services.
  5. Yes it's disturbing really, I wish people would use the bins provided or take their rubbish home
  6. I agree with you Martin but equally the radio presenter should've know better. Personally I think the singer is a little strange but unfortunately these days you have to keep your thoughts to yourself or it will be labelled hate crime.
  7. Absolute legend of a man, happy birthday sir
  8. These men are heroes but to think this was 40 years ago is scary
  9. Good article Colin and a very thoughtful gesture from the firm involved fair play.
  10. This makes complete sense, let us hope that it can still go ahead in September
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