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  1. I 100% agree, good luck with your business
  2. The advertising signage planning application has been approved today
  3. Yes just read about it again here
  4. Soon there will be no shops and then wait for the moaning, personally, I do not think change of use of many if these shops should be granted, it is a shopping retail area, there are plenty of places around for flats, this will end up being bedsits, you mark my words
  5. I walked across the common this afternoon, no litter anywhere near the memorial seat. I made a point of sitting down on it and credit where credit is due, the monument has been restored beautifully with all the names of the fallen in nice clear writing, really nice to see a nice project like this, well done to all involved in restoring these heroes names.
  6. I understand that this is very painful. I hope that you make a speedy recovery my friend
  7. Same Iraqi/Kurds, this is clearly a front for many other things
  8. I am away this weekend, I was at the last couple so I hope I am forgiven.
  9. Well done this does look a lot lot better, we were in town yesterday and noticed the difference.
  10. I could not see the reason for the refusal other than what you have written, I agree, this is will probably go to appeal
  11. This is a narrow opening but I am pretty sure the height restriction shows the maximum height, what was the van driver thinking.
  12. I was at the previous events but unfortunately I am away that weekend, but I will be watching your progress. Good to see that you are keeping the momentum going.
  13. I have made a point to Jim Kenyon on a video complied by Your Herefordshire on their FB page about the traffic lights which Jim is featured in but Jim has made no reference to Hereford Voice or any of the other people that have been involved in the continued campaign you have been running trying to get these traffic lights turned off. I think it would of been just a little appropriate if Jim has made a reference to this long campaign because right now he is getting all the credit for the idea and that does not sit well with me. Jim is a good guy and I always support him but some recognition was in order here imo
  14. You are correct, Bob does like the publicity and I understand that his friends or family approached Colin to put up an appeal.
  15. Wow, I like this, still getting used to all the new features
  16. These plans look nice, looking forward to seeing this through to completion
  17. The reasons that some uneducated people refer to the concentrations camps as Polish concentration camps is probably down to their location, in actual fact they are German concentration camps that were built in Poland because that is central Europe and from a logistic point of view an ideal location for their warped final solution. They are and will ALWAYS be NAZI / GERMAN CONCENTRATION CAMPS / GERMAN DEATH CAMPS.
  18. I read the same post on Facebook and responded to (Andrew Wood but I notice today he has removed me as a friend) it but Colin James mentioned this back in the pothole thread in 2013 http://www.herefordvoice.co.uk/topic/988-go-careful-pot-holes/?hl=%2Bpot+%2Bholes
  19. And of course everything you say MUST be correct I guess... Adrian, it is no good moaning all the time, some people on here have done a lot of research into various idea's, some of which are very good. I am also in favour of a tram along the GWW but I also like your idea of electric buses, all good idea's, so instead of poo pooing them how about getting behind the idea's because until people like you do nothing will ever happen! Or come up with a suggestion of your own.
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