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  1. I see that a local councillor is receiving the credit for this established discussion after a cyclists got injured after colliding with a car last month while riding a bike on a footpath in Hereford. This debate has been discussed for the past 4 years on here
  2. Thank you to your father-in-law for his service to our country and Europe.
  3. Hopefully planning will be passed and another empty unit will be reoccupied
  4. I am loving the positive theme, I see other groups copying another of Hereford Voice's idea's but keep up the good work and stick with the positivity, sick of reading negative comments on Facebook, please should be encouraging people to Hereford.
  5. I see that Beryl bikes have just launched e-scooters and e-bikes, good idea, it's about time Hereford got into the 21st century!!
  6. Craig David honoured for what exactly? I see that Nigel Farage has been missed off the list again
  7. I see the signs being put up outside, hopefully this place will be open very soon.
  8. Bloody hell, there is a lot of information here, it must have taken the author hours.
  9. If he is found to be guilty, castrate him and any other rapist!
  10. I think I read something similar Denise but this project is a really good cause
  11. This is because they stereotype people and put all the druggies and people claiming benefits in one area
  12. We walked into town today and It was very busy at 1pm, we were queuing in several shops.
  13. Think you're being a little hard on the local council when these directives came from London. Damned if they do and damed if they don't. Look at the massive overspend and unacceptable money that went on the Blue School St fiasco and the road to nowhere ! That was the previous administration, nobody is giving any of this a chance, at least this council are listening and making changes
  14. This is another blow to the retail industry, hope employee's find new jobs.
  15. This is very sad. Good to see a lot of money being raised for this good cause. 👏
  16. I'm pleased that you have called the council out for getting the location wrong. This place should have never closed in the first place.
  17. Unreal. I am buggered if I would queue up for fast food to this extent.
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