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  1. Not wrong Ragwert but can you already feel the frustration... I can see an extension of the 30mph city limit which will absorb the Lugg straight and in doing so merge into the limits of both Luggwardine and Bartestree. I've used that road at 5/6 am in the morning heading East and its getting busier and trade guys in particular are having to leave earlier.
  2. I'm struggling to see other than perhaps somewhere on the Hereford to Mordiford Road. One Boundary is the Ledbury Road and another is the Lugg itself.
  3. Court Farm is discretely tucked away at the back of Hampton Bishop. I know you should never judge a book by its cover but the dominant stone and large wrought iron gated entrance suggest that this is no small holding. The heavy ground work machinery and trucks must be gaining access off the Mordiford to Bartestree road as there is still no access onto Ledbury road and I can't see a way onto land through the narrow lanes in Hampton Bishop or the road from said village into Hereford. The developing access road must be at least a mile long so one would think that the planned returns for this type of investment are there in perhaps many different forms. I see there was an application back in 2010 and it makes an interesting read. As for this road evolving later into something else ...I couldn't possibly comment but will have a chat with my brief because I purchased a house near here and it did not come up in any of the searches.
  4. I think you need to look at the scale of this..is this farmer expecting to feed this thing with product from outside the county because the local impact is going to be significant!
  5. Thanks Ragwert It's not part of the new development and I would be surprised if it's housing because that field floods regularly as it did this year even with a relatively short wet period of thaw from the snow. Surely would have come to the attention of our eyes and ears in planning.
  6. Thanks very much for the replies. Was surprised about their point of access because it floods there regularly in the winter. Sure they will take steps to prevent this but the water will only find somewhere else to go.
  7. Thanks Ragwert It's not part of the new development and I would be surprised if it's housing because that field floods regularly as it did this year even with a relatively short wet period of thaw from the snow. Surely would have come to the attention of our eyes and ears in planning.
  8. Thanks Ragwert It's not part of the new development and I would be surprised if it's housing because that field floods regularly as it did this year even with a relatively short wet period of thaw from the snow. Surely would have come to the attention of our eyes and ears in planning.
  9. Well hello...it's been a while but I'm liking the revamp. Been away with work and doing a bit of my own rebuilding and I guess that brings me to the topic in question. Does anyone know what's going on in the fields next to the Barrett new development and opposite the road that leads out from the old Herefordshire Nature Trust building ?
  10. Hello everyone...if you are local you won't use this road...so so many lights and it takes ages to get through from Edgar Street to Morrison's. It's affecting traffic flows plus "no more the right turn into Barre,s Court Road or out of it!... Where will the rat runners go now because they will have to find another way!
  11. Now I here a perfect storm is coming...the Lugg bridge will be closed until at least end of September...the A49 closures north of the city and the subsequent diversions around Aylestone combined with the absolute rubbish time delay at the Morrison's lights and the college's and schools back next week....absolutely perfect.
  12. This is also true but she was in charge of the home office for a very long time. The country can't face or stomach another election but somehow we must try and regain the middle ground rather than have extremely left or right polarized views. Better diplomacy can be achieved there and better co-existence. We all have to give a little otherwise it's a dark road.
  13. Correct...Cambo There is no doubt that some have jumped on this as an opportunity. Sadly it will come to pass that there were also people in that building who possibly were not known to the authorities for whatever reason therefore they will never get any recognition and irrespective of your feelings on immigration is a very sad thing. What Mrs May needs right now is a good few spin doctors after all it worked for Blair whether you liked them or not.
  14. As most new housing developments in Herefordshire are not being adopted by the council and management fees will have to be paid I wonder how long it will be before a legal case is bought against the council demanding a council tax deduction. On these sites you will be paying full council tax just for bin collection and of course your precept for police/fire and social care. Street lighting,roads,pavements,verges,signage,grass cutting etc ..all paid for separately.
  15. The reason this is happening is because of the inability to communicate, failing to grasp the reality and even if you struggle personally ...applying a little humility. Mrs May or whoever the next PM will be is going to get a shed load more of this whether that be by way of terrorist incidents, conflict with superpower heads of state,Brexit, people venting their frustrations on the streets, lack of homes, wage deficiencies etc. If you can't cut it then you need to go. She like David Cameron made judgement calls because they thought they understood the people and were confident of their mandate...they both failed or are failing to sell their product and we all have a lot at stake here. Note to site...unless I'm mistaken the idea of this site is to freely express many views not just condemn some of those perhaps speak out of turn. If this doesn't happen you will just have a site with a couple of regular contributors and a few others just nodding with approval.
  16. I'm sorry splitting hairs doesn't cut it! Councils and Governments playing lip service to people. If I hear the phrase "lessons will be learnt" one more bloody time! Let's not forget years of austerity, cost cutting, corners cut in so many areas of our lives. At some point this cold outlook our PM portrays was mistaken as a strength. The last few weeks she's made one mistake after another, she's found herself surrounded by people that her government has been hurting for years in some way or the other from the people in the community to NHS employees under funded, under manned. The police where considerable cuts have been made but will now have to be reversed, and even the fire service where cost reviews are underway....it's endless and I'm sorry but we are about to start 5 years of this. Do you think we are going to make it?
  17. Yes ..I'm afraid the last few weeks have exposed the PM. JC might not fit the bill as PM for some people however this lady should not wear the badge either.
  18. Sadly Colin these commercial properties like many just aren't viable anymore, I appreciate you know the lass that runs the hair salon but it's a grubby area, you can't park, limited commercial access for deliveries and noisy. The heavy traffic and its close vicinity means you would struggle to keep it clean not to mention the common use of front doorways. I would rather see them being used for something particularly when people are struggling to find reasonable rents....by the way things are a happening at the bomb site.
  19. Here's another thing...I guess if we see a University established in Hereford that may well increase the young vote! They like his honesty.
  20. I'm going to be controversial... These unforeseen sequence of events may play into the hands of those who want the Brexit deal off. The best deal makers assigned in both the UK and Europe plus the willingness to move a little on both sides of the argument might...just might see the move towards this removal halted. There is an opportunity here if it can be sold to the pro brexiteers that certain demands are met. It could be the best thing for the UK and Europe. I have known the process of divorce to end before the absolute is delivered.
  21. I mentioned on another post that there could be this hung parliament. Brexit now stalls UK side...she goes to Europe even without a poker face because they all know her hand. The best and most powerful weapon for the cons has been Ruth Davidson...she has silenced her SNP counterpart who may now have lost that dream of a second referendum because of events back home and election fatigue. The Conservatives need Ruth Davidson in the UK parliament and they need her stat. Scottish yes but the attributes of that favourite Jack Russell for sure. I'm going to call her fluffy!!
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