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  1. Good luck with the future of your business, what an odd thing to say
  2. Prefer it when it is closed, nice and relaxed with lots of people and cyclists using it, sort of got used to it now.
  3. This has been brilliant for Hereford, we visited the statue earlier this week, good to see so many people at the Cathedral and around the city, it is has a real boost for Hereford.
  4. The sooner it is built the better, we can moan and groan all day which is getting us nowhere.
  5. I have just read this interesting comment; Hmmm, I wonder who could have written this with so much detail? 🤔
  6. I agree, many people complain but there is a lot to celebrate in Hereford, well done to Hereford Voice for promoting our city so well.
  7. I agree, I see lots of people particularly on FB moaning for the sake of it but I checked the link and lots of work has been done I can see.
  8. Considering the work that the farmer did, this is possibly a good move
  9. So just a slap on the wrist then... Poor sentencing like this really boils my pi*%!
  10. Happy Boxing Day right back at you
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