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  1. Glad we bought a Dyson now, well done to all the companies involved in making additional ventilators.
  2. This should be the norm for NHS staff without a doubt.
  3. All key workers play an important role and these shop workers should not have to put up with any abuse, I hope I don't witness any of this or I may have something to say. Keep up the good work guys we are all with you.
  4. A lot of water, 700 tons per second according to the news tonight passed thru the old bridge
  5. Student accommodation looks pretty smart tbf
  6. Pity there was no mention of Hereford Voice in this bulletin
  7. I see other media channels are jumping on this idea which originated here, I hate that, when one group have bee campaigning for years and years and then when it starts to gain momentum all the others inc the HT try and claim the credit with no mention of where the idea originated, same with the traffic lights idea. Rant over
  8. Good to see some real investment being made and improving and updating their trains.
  9. This has been on the cards for a while, feel so sorry for those people who have saved hard for their holidays and for the people who have lost their jobs.
  10. Corbyn is a absolute traitor in my view and I am please to see a PM with some backbone for once. I am also-lease that the PM deselected all those idiots that voted against the government last night and probably again tonight. I do not recall seeing this option at the bottom on the ballot paper
  11. I'm speechless, I can't believe this tbh
  12. This is a brilliant idea and a no brainer, I cannot understand why it has not bee tried already.
  13. Unbelievable!! It looks like Mr Hersh Omar Mohammad has managed to get a licence. I notice that the Principle licensing officer Fred Spriggs declared that he was friends with the applicant’s solicitor at start of the meeting.
  14. Good to see local businesses advertising, I have also made a note of the number in my mobile.
  15. So it this not a council wall?
  16. Good to see that the work has now been completed and at least the scaffolding has now been taken down which was there for far far too long.
  17. I am sure that they would include more parking facilities of they had the room. I would much rather see new modern homes being created than empty buildings Roger, wouldn't you?
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