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  1. Not really I had to ask both and decided not to order anything.
  2. I enjoy good food but I refuse to eat in restaurants where I am aware that they serve Halal meat. I am aware that both the Mary Gold and Mowchak restaurants serve Halal meat, which other restaurants in Hereford serve Halal?
  3. The scaffolding is still up, so is any work actually being done here?
  4. This is a tragic story RIP young man and my condolences to his family.
  5. This person has been offered alternative accommodation and refused the help but now look at this mess, they should be moved from this graveyard.
  6. I like these photographs, gives a different angle from above and shows all the crowds of people.
  7. I suggest you go and have a look at the mess being made here! More than just a quick pint in Wetherspoons too, lots of empty bottles of whiskey as well as plenty of other rubbish. I am in agreement with most of the other member in that this is a graveyard, there are many other places that a tent could be pitched, not forgetting that this person has been offered alternative council accommodation and refused all help.
  8. I had the same thoughts as Alex, there appears to be lots of open space within the store. Regardless, good luck to the new franchisee
  9. Do the owners have private parking assigned to their properties or has the road been adopted by the council?
  10. Hello Colin, I hope that you are feeling better, good luck with your op
  11. I agree entirely. Lets just keep having referendums until the remainers get the result they want, NOT
  12. Good luck to all the staff, nice people, shame the bank has closed, I have been using this bank for over 12 years, Barclays now
  13. At last hopefully that eye sore will actually become something nice.
  14. Hello Raymond, we have the same problem south of the ricer too. The people who own the houses have a duty to keep the footpaths clear of their own hedges and tree's, I agree with Denise, speak with you local councillor, name they can discuss this with the owners of the offending overgrowth directly or possible even send them a letter outlining the issues that this is causing pedestrians.
  15. Personally, I do not believe the results of the traffic analysis, I see hundreds of trucks driving through Hereford everyday. All the other towns have bypasses, Leominster, Ludlow, Shrewsbury, Ross on Wye, I think this will be the best thing to happen locally, it has taken far too long to get to this stage imo
  16. This is really good and will brighten up the area and also good for students at the art college. Well done to all of those involved in getting it off the ground.
  17. What are you on about years? They only knocked the Ship pub down last August, work was delayed for a few weeks when we had the snow (beat from the east) other than that I believe that they are more or less on schedule. Full details and the latest updates on this development can be found here
  18. Well done ragwert, nice to see good people helping out
  19. Should of been given a short sharp shock in prison too, SCUMBAGS!
  20. I cannot honestly remember the last time I actually went into a high st bank, it will not be long before they are all closed.
  21. I find it annoying that JK appears to claim the credit like he has just thought if it, when it is other peoples ideas and long running campaigns, generally a good bloke but loves his name/photo in the paper.
  22. Inquest article taken from the HT: All very sad.
  23. I thought this land was left in someones will to be used for recreational purposes, so I take it that the council hold the lease? So it is down to the council to decide what the ground is used for then? (This is good news for HFC)
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