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  1. Thank you for the info, we have been affected and need to buy some new things, got to love Dunelms
  2. Lovely photo taken from a nice angle. There are some really lovely buildings in Hereford.
  3. I noticed that the traffic was much lights on our way through the city then realised the traffic lights at the Edgar St junction were out of order. I agree that the traffic was moving much better and there were no queues at all, this surely has to be given a trail.
  4. This is a lovely gesture for local traders at Christmas.
  5. I think the fat cat executives have a lot to answer for. I feel so sorry for all of those people who have lost their jobs and the people that have lost out on their holidays including all the inconvenience caused.
  6. I have need the number, could of done with these guys last summer, had a huge nest in garage roof space.
  7. Love this new idea, I believe they opened this week. Hope that they are successful
  8. I am sure you can all understand how frustrated I and my fellow Polish friends feel with these shops hiding behind the Polski Sklep sign feel, what is even more frustrating is that a lot of people think this shop owners are actually Polish, I mean do they really look Polish? Their name is often the giveaway. The only Polish shop in Hereford, as far as I am aware is Edysia (red and white) at bottom of Eign Gate. I do not use any of the others.
  9. We were there yesterday afternoon and had a wonderful time, it was really hot in the sunshine. Thanks for the lovely photographs
  10. until

    Great photographs
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