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  1. I wish they would listen to Colin who has long campaigned to turn off the traffic lights, I notice other local groups are now highlighting this too which will keep the momentum going. Congratulations to Anne-Marie Probert on her win and well done to all of the other candidates who stood.
  2. Now I have a better understanding of why the measures were put in place, it makes sense after listening to this explanation. Thank you
  3. It's a business Rob so I would imagine that they did have insurance, it is probably a requirement of the lease too. And welcome to Hereford Voice forums hope to see you as one of our regulars 👍
  4. This is such a shame, the business has just got going and apparently really busy too. We ordered from here a few times and the food was lovely. Hope that they manage to survive and reopen soon.
  5. A lot of this does not make sense to me. Local retailers will loose out here and making the old bridge one way if just ridiculous
  6. Don't complain when the prices or community charges go up to cover this free period
  7. I get so frustrated with some people in the supermarket who completely ignore the arrows and try to get within a metre, I always ask them to back away.
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