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  1. Don't complain when the prices or community charges go up to cover this free period
  2. I get so frustrated with some people in the supermarket who completely ignore the arrows and try to get within a metre, I always ask them to back away.
  3. That is what has happened I agree, locked them up and throw away the key!
  4. Thank you for this positive news, a refreshing change from all the negative blurb on the TV and other websites
  5. Thank you for the info, we have been affected and need to buy some new things, got to love Dunelms
  6. Lovely photo taken from a nice angle. There are some really lovely buildings in Hereford.
  7. I noticed that the traffic was much lights on our way through the city then realised the traffic lights at the Edgar St junction were out of order. I agree that the traffic was moving much better and there were no queues at all, this surely has to be given a trail.
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